Republican Congressman: Student Loans Slippery Slope to Holocaust

Republican Congressman: Student Loans Slippery Slope to Holocaust

david jackson and she asked anti the
package dot com please support the david patent related having a member of david
happened dot com slash membership pennies a day it’s not a great benefits
and it goes straight to supporting the david packard shelf uh… republican congressman roscoe
bartlett from maryland says that federal student loans are
really just the slippery slope that could lead to all the way down and that slope must be
dent’s everest size slope to a holocaust very very strange common folks listen to
what he had to say interesting stuff the ideas not great apologize in advance it is not good news of certainly nor because tomorrow who is not in the car there are more the start of the wrong here is result while we’re thing income from talking
about student loans to you know you’re ignoring the
constitution to how many germans uh… live in our country to the holocaust very strange and plastic it’s all relevant because we
all know luis if it’s a legitimate holocaust the
female body can just shut down the entire student loan and that’s it that’s
the end of it enough to worry about it anymore apparently you can shut down the gas
chamber to yeah it’s just the whole thing down if
it’s not legitimate this could just be like civility or
something like that on the other thing is federal spending on
education is constitutional perry amidst a brilliant if everyone engaged and in his insanity it is constitutional and all that well i think there’s a room with a not
only is a constitutional if he really thought it was unconstitutional you can file a complaint you consumed
with the government and if it really is unconstitutionally
will go to the supreme court were an appeals court actually be ruled
unconstitutional india by all those liberal supreme court let’s leaders away site uh… bartlett and house republicans
still voted to eliminate pell grants for more than a million students the
republican party has promised to undo the student loan reform signed into law
by president obama what’s a better example of stimulative
spending than at education for people who will bend go on to be more
productive in their lives earn more money pay more taxes allow the u_s_ to
better compete worldwide that sounds really horrible let’s give tax cuts are
leading indicators to be inventors creators say neolithic tax cuts the rich
people instead directed that’ll work but for the vacuum
trickle-down it’ll trickle-down to the from the bank too in their same bank accounts big trickle more like a into their own account yan upward rocket
is it’s like a reverse gravity trickle bitches stays right there band actually zero gravity you exactly

28 thoughts on “Republican Congressman: Student Loans Slippery Slope to Holocaust

  1. He signed the 1994 "contract with America" that included term limits.

    Remember all those flag protection bills in the late 1990s?

    That was him….

  2. Look you people on the left, just don't get the concept of a slippery slopes. Why just the other day, I saw a video regarding gay marriage and in the comments someone wanted to marry his chair. See, we go from traditional marriage, to gay marriage to dogs, cats, pigs and sheep to inanimate objects in a matter of about a year since it was legalized in some states. If you can't see how we can go from student loans to genocide in a mere blink of an eye, then I'm afraid nothing will get through.

  3. These people are a threat to child development, and yet they are holding positions of power in this nation. It very depressing.

  4. The only thing that makes me happy is that someday the earth will be destroyed, wiping out all human knowledge, and with that all memory of the GOP will be gone from this universe and hopefully all alternate earths.

  5. First off. What part of your Constitution grants the Federal Government the power to give student loans?
    I've read it and I can't recall anything granting them this authority.

    Too much easy money pushed into student loans does drive up education cost, just look over the past 20 years, and leaves students with more debt but won't cause a holocaust. You need to make the people hungry before that can happen.

  6. I hate that people do not realize the constitution is a living document that changes with every case and legal decision rendered. It's called legal precedent. The constitution may be the original document and the over riding authority on many issues, but it was written by men who knew society and technology and history would evolve over time and that the body of laws built on the constitution would become very much larger than the original few pages. It was written to be flexible and to evolve.

  7. OMG, you're right. And from baby boys, come young boys, who become tormentors of priests. STOP baby boys. Will this never end.

  8. Ah, of course the Commerce Clause. Makes sense.

    In the 40s FDR used that clause to force farmers to destroy their own crops to raise food prices, while people were going hungry. Wickard vs Filburn was the case. It didn't matter if you were growing it for your own use or selling it to your neighbour you could only grow so much else you had to burn the excess.

    Thanks for the clairification.

  9. How do these weirdos get elected? By the weirdos that believe the same as him. I didn't say think the same as him. I said believe the same. Believe or Think it's an option today.

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