Roma Education Fund’s 2013 Slovak Scholarship Gala in Nitra

It’s much easier for those people who actually know which area of the labour market they want to succeed in, compared to those who don’t.
My aim is to introduce opportunities that lead to better employment and adaptation on the labour market.
One of these is to go into further education and get higher qualifications.
We do not study purely to gain university degrees, we should actually study what fulfills us and what we enjoy.
If we are doing something that we enjoy, we will be willing to go beyond our possibilities and duties.
New opportunities will open because we are searching.
The Scholarship Program at REF has been around for 10 years.
We are trying to build a network of graduate students but the action must come from you and former REF scholarship holders.
Often, the family wins.
I personally knew fellow students who had to leave exactly for this reason.
They were very good, fantastic people and I felt really sorry for them because there simply wasn’t enough money.
But we’re all happy here today, as we were lucky enough to be granted scholarships, since it is just impossible to study without money.
And it’s not about having that title in front of your name.
It’s important to be satisfied with your life and to feel equal.
I have my own family now and I’m doing my distance learning at the University of Janos Selye in Komarno.
I believe that one day I’ll become a teacher of young children. Thanks once more.
I come from a Roma family and study here in Nitra, at the Faculty of Economics and Management.
As a Roma, I’d like to show the majority that we are skillful, want to be educated and are able to prove something too.
I’m glad that there are so many other Roma students here as well.
You give me the strength to study, just to know that I’m not alone,
that we can get to know each other like this and that we can make good relationships and support each other.
I know a lot of Roma students and I am convinced that if a Roma wants to achieve something and works on it,
well, then they can be amongst the best.
I will be very happy if upon completing your studies and having gained all the knowledge,
skills and information, you will return to your Roma communities and start working for the benefit of all of us, the Roma. We need this.

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