SAS Scholarship – Wholi

SAS Scholarship – Wholi

Hi, Malena and Jessica.
Your job is to prepare a meal. You’re having… -Ew…
-Ew! Wholi is a company that makes tasty, nutritious
food made from insects. Our eating habits impact the environment. Especially when looking
at our sources of protein. Welcome to Meyers Madhus. -This is for you.
-Thanks.Hi, Malena and Jessica.One of Wholi’s biggest challenges is to
make large amounts of people understand that insects also can provide
a lovely food experience. Claus is a huge inspiration because
he is a great chef, almost world-renowned. I would like to pose you a task. I’d like you to cook a meal for some of the
most picky and conventional food critics. Go say hello to them. -Got it? Are you ready?
-Yeah, I think so. -Great. Have fun.
-Thank you. Okay… When I saw that it was kids around
the table, I thought on one hand that it would be fun, but also
that they might be hard to win over. You’re the country’s toughest food critics. Yes! -Are you hungry?
-Yes! -Are you ready for your meal?
-Yes! You’re having… insects! -Ew…
-Ew! I was like, “What?” Why are we having insects? -Are you excited?
-No. You’re having pizza and ice cream
where they’re fried with salt and sugar, so they’ll taste delicious. -We can give it a try.
-You do it then. We’re going to cook some delicious
pizzas for you now. Are you excited? Yes! It think it will go over well. All the kids will want to try it
and find it interesting. The pizzas are finally ready. Here’s our pizza a la grasshopper. One with meal worms.
That’s tasty. -Would you like some pizza?
-Yes. I’m going to grab a slice of this. -What do worms taste like?
-Like worms. They’re not dangerous. Three, two, one, cheers. -Doesn’t it taste like pork rinds.
-There, swallowed it! They’re full of protein,
so you’ll grow big muscles! They’re crunchy. Biting it crunches. I like vegetables the best. It tickles in my throat. -Why are you picking the worms off?
-I wasn’t. It’s cool that they wanted to try it. We expected as much. That we’d
be able to convince them to try it. It was nice speaking to them one-on-one. If one of them was a bit wary,
you could talk them into trying. Once they tried it, it wasn’t a problem. Bye! We’re thankful for SAS Scholarship
and having Claus Meyer as a mentor. It was a pretty cool challenge he gave us. It has given us even more inspiration
to spread the word about insects and have more people give it a try.

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