Scared to Go to College

Scared to Go to College

When I started college as a freshman My first instinct was… This is going to be great, I’m going to be away from home, I’m going to me dorming, it’s going to be so much fun. So, on the car ride there, I was nervous, I had butterflies in my stomach, I didn’t know what to expect. So I’m in the car, really nervous, texting my friends goodbye. I was going an hour away form my house. And I though it was the biggest deal of my life. So I’m freaking out. We pull up to the school, pull up in the parking lot and I see this huge line of people. And when we get out of the car, I asked someone… Hey, what’s this line for? And they’re like Ah, this is registration, you have to register in order to go into your dorm building. So we got in the line. Three hours later, we finally got to the front, and I told the lady there, which was an RA – a Residence Advisor and she says, uh, I Enilda Welcome to Bordine Home. And she gives my my keys and I go up the the room, and I see that my room mate is already there. I introduced myself. She introduces herself. So we are there talking and they tell us… Incoming freshman, your orientation starts in 5 minutes. So I just leave my stuff. And my Mom and my Sister and my Dad, we all go to the orientation. We are there and they start playing this game where they go around you introduce yourself, you have do a movement with your name and then you have to do the other person’s movement. After that, they were like Okay parents, you guys can go Kids, you guys can say your goodbyes. As my Mom walks me back to my dorm, and she’s saying goodbye, I’m thinking I’m going to be so happy And little did I know, I started crying She started crying, and we just hugged each other… for a good 15 minutes, crying. And then, as she got in the elevator, I kept crying, and she left. I was by myself, my room mate wasn’t there. She already knew people. I was all alone sitting in my room, no friends. It was a Friday, they told us we could go home on the weekend. So I figured, Okay so tomorrow is Saturday. I’ll go home tomorrow and come back Sunday. I go home and… it was just so much harder because coming back on Sunday was a big struggle. I was so scared to go back. And I was homesick. I go to my first class and made this friend, her name was Chelsea. From there we just hit it off. And we’ve been friends ever since. After that, the second weekend, we went out and I didn’t want to go home. My Mom asked me to come home and I was like… NOPE, I’m with my friend. So after that, I just rarely went home. I made friends and I was just having the time of my life.

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  5. This seems like a nice story but I still ain’t going to college. School is already like hell, so college may be like…hell two?

  6. Parents divorced. My mom remarried. But then she died. My biological father wants nothing to do with me. So I' m 17 My names Gaby and I will be a senior this year 2020. So excited for freedom from my stepdad.

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  8. Im not in college im in hight school and it was already hatd to get there ( well atleast for me) So i can't imagine how hard it would be in college but as usual every freshmen will get used to it like everyone else 🙂

  9. Well atleast she gets to see her family every weekend (or if she had a car, see them everyday if she wanted to). Me im in the army, im 1,913 miles away from home, ( every year and a half even further cuz i deploy) i can only see my family once, or if im lucky twice a year, i wish i was close to home just like her, where im at i feel nothing but loneliness

  10. My college starts this month and be being an extremely socially awkward person, I dont know how I'm going to deal with it and make friends smh😭

  11. My brother leaves for college in the morning tomorrow and I’m just so sad. I’m literally crying. Not only that, my brother who’s been in my room with me for 14 years (I’m 14) is switching over to his room. I don’t know if I can finish writing this. I love y’all and make sure you tell your siblings too. Sorry

  12. I'm 17 idk I'm nervous so nervous ans i never been on my own before it's scary I'm no good at interacting omg any tips to help me

  13. Storybooth: Scared to go to College.
    Other Channels: My Dad cheated on my Mom with my neighbor's cousin's dog, who is actually my birth mother.

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