Scholarship Recipient Nicole Werner,  Photographic Technology

Scholarship Recipient Nicole Werner, Photographic Technology

>>What brought me to DCTC the first time was
the reputation of the school and the location, then I left to go to hair school, and
I owned my own business for a long time and then also worked in salons and then
about four years ago I experienced the death of a parent and then a few months
later the death of a sibling. Those two things combined kind of made it seem
like life is really short and that I just wanted to go back to my passion which is photography. I’d been doing hair and makeup for
a long time and I was done with it, and never was done with photography. So receiving a scholarship made it
possible for me to keep coming here, I’m a mother of two small children, I know that
doing this for myself is also doing it for her and for my son, and having the homework load and
the class load and then going home to take care of them does not leave much time for working. And my husband works seasonally, so without
the scholarships I definitely would not be able to continue. When I found out that I got the scholarships I
was first of all shocked, and it kind of felt like a won a gameshow or something. But it was very touching and humbling and
I don’t know it was kind of emotional. If I ever got to meet one of the donors, I
would probably be a little bit speechless because the generosity of people
like them is what makes it possible for people like me to do this. And I would probably want to introduce them to
my kids and say this is who you’re helping, too. And just a huge thank you. [ Music ]

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