Scholarship – Spotlight’s Word of the Day

Scholarship – Spotlight’s Word of the Day

Hi, I’m Liz Waid bringing you Spotlight’s
Word of the Day. Today’s word is scholarship. This word comes from today’s program, “Taking
the TOEFL”. The word scholarship is a noun. It means: an amount of money given by a school
to a student to pay for the student’s education. Here’s scholarship in a sentence from today’s
program: “He won a scholarship of money to study engineering.” In the comments below, try using the word
scholarship in your own sentence. And join us next time for another Spotlight
Word of the Day.

One thought on “Scholarship – Spotlight’s Word of the Day

  1. I want to get a scholarship to complete my study in Computer. I know that getting a scholarship isn't that easy, but I will do my best to prepare myself.

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