Scholarslip: A documentary about the student debt crisis

Scholarslip: A documentary about the student debt crisis

Student loans the crushing debt The cost of a college education is rapidly rising, far more than the cost of inflation more than even the cost of healthcare, but I don’t hear a peep about it in the media The policy of student loans is a total failure, I mean a trillion dollars of debt? The colleges need to justify what it is they’re doing with our tuition dollars and our taxpayer dollars It is becoming more and more and more expensive to go to college. You are seeing the potential of an economically lost generation. And the average debt for a college senior right now is over twenty five thousand dollars. It’s time for congress to stand for the rights of student loan borrowers. Because in the United States of America, no one should go broke because they chose to go to college. I was sitting and waiting for my AP psych test and I was freaking out everybody’s super nervous My phone rings and I’m like, “Oh it’s my dad, he’s totally going to make me feel better.” He’s says, “Where do you want your stuff it’s in the back of my truck” and I said “What do you mean?” And he said, “Well Josie” (my stepmom) “told me to pick you or her so where do you want your stuff?” And I was like “Oh. OK, I feel like crap now.” So I was thinking, “What am I going to do?” It was always like you’re going to college no matter what, even if you have to scrape gum off the ground you’re going to college. So what I decided I’m going to go to a 4-year university, I want to go a big school. It wasn’t until later I realized, “Oh my gosh I’m paying for this.” I have a two thousand dollar loan, a four thousand dollar loan a three thousand dollar loan and then the eighteen thousand dollar loan. And then I have a school direct plus that’s like two thousand dollars. Federal loans I think since the late seventies you haven’t ever been able to declare bankruptcy. That’s across the board on federal loans. But until 2005 you could declare bankruptcy on private loans. The moment that they put the bankruptcy protection in, schools had no incentive to keep tuition low they started to go sky-rocketing out of control because they were backed by the federal government and they would always get their money, no matter what. It’s different than any other debt that we have, you can discharge your credit card debt your home loans, your medical debt; you cannot get rid of your student debt. It sticks with you forever. I would like to see tuition freezes until we can figure out where –you know really open up the budgets– and see where money is going. If you paid more teachers to have smaller classes, people would learn so much more and the teachers would care more. So they have plenty of money but it’s just not to subsidize the cost of education for students. I don’t think the students want it Every school wants to compete with each other to be the most prestigious, the most beautiful school, when in fact students just want a simple education for as cheap as possible. If you’ve got three classes and it’s four hundred students each I’m sure you’re not like, “Oh let me go through everbody’s test.” But if you just put something into it, you know, put in what we put in. We really care about our grades so for you to just push us to the side well then why am I even here? Does the money that students put in to their tuition, do they actually get it back? If you look at tuition between 1979 and 2010, it’s increased 175 percent in private colleges and 220 percent in public universities and colleges. The only problem is the ratio of professors to students has stayed the same at 7 per 100 However the number of administrators has increased from 3 to a hundred to 6 to a hundred. So it appears that a lot of this extra money that students pay for tuition is not going into the classroom to improve their education but is going for administrators. Several years ago I was holding up hearing approval to build a fitness center at Northern Arizona University, because they were going to charge the students three or four hundred dollars a year to pay for the fitness center. A gym. Like a spa on campus. And I said, “You know what? You want to build your fitness center then charge a fee for those who want to use it and have that pay for the fitness center. Don’t make every student on the campus pay this.” And the administrators tell me, “Well we have to be competitive. We don’t have a fitness center we can’t get all these extra students.” I said, “Why do you want all these extra students? So you can build more buildings and come here looking for more money and increase tuition more to pay for them?” It’s all money all the time. I feel like– it sounds weird– but if you want to get an education money shouldn’t be a part of it. We would probably have a better campus not because it’s beautiful but because we’ve got smart people. You shouldn’t worry about how it looks, you should worry about if it’s actually doing what it’s supposed to. We’re trying to grow both the west and polytechnic campus because there’s the opportunity for growth on those two campuses with the expansion of residence halls and the new residence halls and the new rec center. You see my financial aid you look at it with your own eyes. You see how much I’m coming from, how much I make, how much I don’t make and how much is in my bank account. You literally have the paper in front of you and you ask a kid who doesn’t have a job who has a thousand dollars in her bank account that’s in her savings and like two dollars in my checking account and they say, “OK so we want you to pay thirty-six thousand a year.” My loans will continue to grow faster than any salary or wage ever can. It has cost me my family, it has cost me my friends, it has cost me two potential marriages, and of course I’ve shied away from having children because I simply can’t afford it. I currently make eight dollars and fifty cents an hour as a cashier at Ace Hardware. I’ll be forty-five thousand dollars in debt by the time I graduate. I am freshly enraged about the state of our education system in the United States. I just called the U.S. Department of Education regarding my bill that I pay on every month and I have been for the last decade. After I graduate, I think I will have about forty-thousand dollars in debt. Facing turning sixty-two and knowing I have another thirty years to pay on my student loans is daunting. My goal you could say right now is to hopefully graduate with two degrees in psychology and global health, get an MBA with emphasis in hospital management. I’m an administrative intern for Maricopa Integrated Health System. I learn things like payroll scheduling, scheduling protocol, working with patients, meeting doctors– things like that. I kind of get a feel for exactly I want to do. “Thank you so much.” Selling tickets over here I work for the athletic department at Arizona State University
“If you want to buy a ticket I can sell you a ticket over here” I manage five houses and I also make sure that groceries and all day to day plans are met. When I was actually left alone, it was a big shock. My first semester I kind of cried a lot. Not just because they were gone but because there was so much pressure on me. Every morning I had to wash my own clothes make my own food, do pretty much everything by myself. Alone. I think of myself as a Dad. They are my children, because every single week I am responsible for every single thing that happens inside this house and outside this house. I have to make sure that my sister gets her books that she needs for her assignments. So that they are done every single week. I want to be an important person someday. I want to make some kind of a change.
My parents always wanted me to be a doctor they always wanted me to have a big degree. They always wanted me to be the best person I can possibly be. When I think about it in my situation right now, it’s really hard to focus on always school, school, school. Even though it’s a really important thing.
I’m working, I’m studying I need to get good grades. You need to have a good G.P.A. when you get out of undergrad because it’s important in your job field. Graduation rates are highest at the highest income levels. So regardless of your aptitude, if your family is making a hundred and fifty thousand dollars and above in family income, your chances of graduating at the undergraduate level– seventy-five percent. If you’re under thirty thousand dollars it’s twenty-five. Just to be honest, I would not be able to do anything if it wasn’t for the scholarship. It’s my lifeline right now. It means everything to me. If someone hears my story, one of my teachers hears my story and she says “Why are you in class? You should be out working or something.” Study and get A’s. You want to get a great job? Leave college with a G.P.A. that’s high. I don’t know what the answer is I don’t want to deny anybody the right to go to college, but I think everybody should understand what they’re getting into and what they’re going to leave with. It’s not the dream that college was in the 1960’s when I went to college when it was a true ticket to prosperity. Things have changed. My loans me have caused me to have to fight every single day to be able to pay my bills. If I didn’t have that student loan, I would be able to go out in search for a new job.
I think we need to listen to the millions because we need to be heard. I don’t think it’s fair that education is placed on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to being recognized as something that everyone needs. They haven’t been able to help me in any way. I looked into their hardship plans and their disability deferment plans and for one reason or another I was always ineligible and that begs the question: If someone with brain cancer is ineligible for the hardship program then who the hell is eligible for the hardship program? I’ll definitely be over a hundred thousand dollars in debt by the time I graduate so I’ll be paying that off for the rest of my life. When I was a junior, my mom got diagnosed with cancer. Junior year I’d be going to school and I would drive to Mayo Clinic after school to spend time with my mom, that’s just what my daily routine was. So then my senior year came… OK. So you know those nightmares you used to have of, well I always had them, of both my parents dying? That was the biggest nightmare that I’d ever have and that my mom would die too that was the scariest thing for me to go through. Before I graduated– it was April 29th– I had my whole family out there and she had gone through a couple surgeries, emergency surgeries, because she had internal bleeding from one of her biopsies. So my whole family flew out there and everybody got to say their goodbyes and my sister and I were there in the room when she took her last breath. I wanted her to go knowing that I could achieve what I wanted and that I was going to be OK. That’s just what I kept repeating to her, “I’m going to be fine. You need to be OK.” I had to pack up in a few days and put it in storage, everything. And that’s when I was living in the dorms that was the hardest time because I didn’t have anywhere to go. I didn’t have any place to call home. I didn’t have parents. It was all bad. And that was the first time I was like, “You know I need to get a job I need to be able to support myself. I’m never ever going to put my family through what I was put through when it comes to finances. I’m making my life now. This is my life and I just need to do it. I didn’t question can I not make it through school? Can I not finish? Do I have to go work? It was just second nature, I needed to just do it. And I need to come out of it on top and be an inspiration to those that have no idea. In reality I work thirty two plus hours a week at one location, one store, you know, one job. I started as a sales associate, then a keyholder then a floor supervisor, now I’m assistant manager. So I’ve worked my way up but that’s pretty much the top that I can get. So balancing the thirty hours of work that I do, over thirty hours, and then my fifteen hours of credit-hours that I’m in school, I am always just staying up late at night at two o’clock in the morning, pulling all nighters. I am an intern for marketing for ASU athletics so I do the football and basketball games, which is so fun. I do on-site promotions making sure that all of our corporate sponsors who have booths set up or onsites set up that everything is going OK. I’m willing to look at it as, I’m willing to sacrifice this time in my life to school, to work, for happiness in a couple years. Everyday I think about money. When I wake up it’s about money. It’s just stressful, I get paid on Friday and I’m living on forty dollars for the next couple of days, which is, substantial. I’m going to make it through, but I don’t want to feel like that anymore. I want to be able to know that I’m going to have a career that’s going to give me something other than living paycheck to paycheck. It’s just one after another of something I have to pay and it’s hard. You may have to work, you may have to take out loans, you may have to accelerate your program of study. The federal government only allows x number of dollars to go to students in federal assistance or grant assistance. Those are the rules. It’s increasingly seeming that students who went to school are actually in more trouble than students that didn’t because they don’t have that hundred thousand debt on their back when they graduate. My education is just something that I have to do. It’s something that needs to happen. I don’t think that I’ve ever hesitated and been like me dropping out of school– well I’m going to have to start paying my loans back, so why not just stay in school? Pell grants. Student loans. What these have done is they’ve allowed college administrators to jack up the tuition. It’s a very simple process. If these loans weren’t being subsidized at dirt cheap prices, and if students weren’t getting all these grants, then the administrators wouldn’t be able to charge ridiculous rates for tuition they’d have to be competitive and charge lower rates. The bottom line is, throughout the United States, there has been an erosion of state support for higher education at public colleges and universities and that oweness that responsibility has shifted to students. Three years ago when we look at that the state’s budget cuts about two-hundred and sixty-five million of those budget cuts came in higher education. I feel like it’s almost like a company it’s almost like a business. You’re education has turned into business rather than being– you know, you should be looked up to because you’re going to school and you’re doing the right thing.
And I almost feel like I’m getting punished with these bills and with these late fees and everything that comes. Half of the stuff that adds up to your tuition I have no idea where it goes, you know what it adds up to technology fee, what does that even mean? Schools have become degree factories and not academia places of higher education where great minds come together to talk. It shouldn’t be like a company, it shouldn’t be like I’m a machine, it shouldn’t be like I’m just everybody else, it should be more personal it should be more hands-on. Why are you not helping me? Why aren’t you helping the other around me? When it comes down to it, I can do it, but those people that really can’t, there’s people in worse situations than I’m in and they’re in school. But why won’t you even talk to us? Why won’t you even have the dignity to sit with me one on one and tell me the truth and tell me the answers and tell me why this why that. If it’s out of their control then so be it and there’s nothing that we can be angry for, but we don’t know that because we haven’t heard anything. It’s not the same system it was ten, twenty years ago that a lot of people remember.
We’re coming out now in so much debt that it’s difficult to fathom. I can hardly afford to live on my annual salary and pay back my student loan debt. Education may have set my mind free, but my student loan debts have shackled me for life. I earned this and right now, all it is, is a piece of paper. It’s not getting me any jobs or anything. They need to realize that this is crushing the “American dream” for people and it’s going to hurt. We have no idea what the effect of so many student debtors will be ten years from now on the American economy and that’s what I’m afraid of. So when you go out there with your degree, because everybody else has a degree, you get less money or instead of being a barrister with your law degree, you are a barista at Starbucks. That’s the way it goes. And that’s the reality of the situation. As a country, what do we value in education and how does that help us be a better society? Be a better society for this state, this country and actually the world. They could take away everything, my room, my hair, shave my head I don’t care, but you can’t take away my education. Education is the one thing they can never take away. They can cut off your leg, your arm but they can’t take away your education. If we want to be successful, I think that we need to have educated young men and women to run this country.

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  1. Alicia's dad is unbelievable. What a horrible thing to do to your child. Karma honey. Don't you worry about that jerk. I would never speak to him again.

  2. I put myself thru College 4 times. I paid my tuition myself. It hasn't gotten me any further in my life. You know what did, the Military. I have a decent salary and a pension now. Better off than most people out there right now.

  3. I feel like we need to change the culture if the system remains the same, it should be normal to take 2-3 years off to work after high school. I just graduated and my parents, school, everyone told me to go to a state school, and going to community college was not that good etc. so I took out loans following the advice of people I trusted.

  4. Capitalism in this country is so strong that they will make profit virtually from anything they can imagine. Name 1 thing in the US that is truly not "for-profit". If you refer to "non-profit" declared organizations, you have not been around for too long.

  5. There is always a balance between passion and salary. Find something you enjoy that pays over 50k a year. We all don't need to be software engineers, and tbh high-level fields have a way of weeding out those who don't enjoy it or at least put in serious perspiration. On the flipside, stop getting useless degrees. Inspiration and perspiration must be balanced. I'm lucky to enjoy my work as much as I do for what I make honestly

  6. If the guy hiring has a college education he will want you to have one too, because if he didn't he implies it isn't worth anything. Most learning happens on the job. Get people with potential and have internal mentor programs.

  7. Skip college go to a trade school and learn a trade. Right now there is a shortage of tradesmen. Decent start out pay and with hard work and dedication easy to get wage increases. Work for a few years to get experience and then start your own business like I did. I average about 50000 a year after expenses and taxes. Live below your means and ignore the "Jones". I started in construction when I was 20. Started my own siding company at 29. I am now 54 and have a net worth of over 1 million. I say this not to brag but to show that it can still be done with hard work. I average 60-70 hours a week. DEDICATION is a top value to success. I realize that young people have it harder today than I did at the same age (because of the government and the New World Order) but with hard work determination and perseverance I think it is still possible. Just don't count on the government to help you because they could careless. COUNT ONLY ON YOURSELF. Good luck and best wishes.

  8. The US government needs to get the hell out of the lending business. They should have never lent people money anyways. Anytime the government gets involved with anything they always F it up. But they need to forgive all private or federal student debt now or the economy will collapse, just like the housing market did in 2008.

  9. The government created this crisis to create a generation of slaves that will never be able to pay back their student loan debt. These students received "crap shoot" educations that will not land them decent paying jobs. Now the government "Big Brother" is going to offer an indecent proposal to those who can't repay their debt. Work for us and we will forgive your debt. Facing a lifetime of debt the offer will seem like a no brainer. Teachers already receive similar offers to keep them in indentured servitude to the state for specific amounts of time. Slavery never died they just convince us that because they offer something for our servitude were are not slaves, we are employed.

  10. Obama said nobody should go broke because they chose to go to college. Why, people go broke for all kind of other money making schemes, what's so different about college. I'm an old man and retired so maybe this ain't revelant now, but I used to think I was stupid and everybody else was smarter than me. I quit school in the 10th grade and went to work on a construction job in the next county; went to the army at 19 and when I got out I went back to construction. I became a carpenter and did well; I never really made all that much money, but I never spent much. I built my house and two more houses later which I rent out now. The house I live in I mortgaged, but the mortgage was paid off when I was 35. The other houses I built specifically for a retirement income so I built them as I went along and when I retired they were paid for. As I think back on it I've never had that much debt and now I'm thinking maybe I wasn't as dumb as I thought I was. Perhaps college ain't really that important.

  11. 1. Try to find out really early what you want to do in life.
    2. If you are lucky and can answer that question at least roughly while still in high school use your time to make a smart plan depending your interests and talents: Use vocational training. Use community colleges. Consider going abroad to study in country without or at least low tuition fees. If that option really is one for you, learn the foreign language of the country you have in mind.
    3. If you are unluckily, do not just go to college right after graduating from high school because everyone else does. Take your time to find out about your aims without going into debt.

  12. After watching this video I have become angry with my country I was born and raised in. America is rigged to benefit the rich and richer. Everyone else is screwed. The banks, colleges, politicians, lobbyists and corporate executives are all in cahoots with each other. They don't care about anyone and dont really care about America. They have sold us out and have made living in America stressful, difficult and an eroding quality of life. It's capitalism unchecked. This is Immoral!

  13. Options to Cut College Costs

    The whole “student debt” thing seems to me to be self-inflicted, based on my own experience with our children. Here are some ways to avoid debt:

    1. Community college. Typically, two years can be done at community college while living at home if the student chooses transferable courses.

    2. State universities. They cost less for in-state students than others. And again, if there’s one nearby, the student can live at home.

    3. National Guard. You’ll get college assistance and a part-time job during the year. Your initial enlistment training will be done by the time you start college if you enlist during or after your junior year of high school. And if you later decide on a military career, you'll have four years' longevity credit for pay purposes.

    4. My brother went to medical school by being an Army doctor afterward. My younger son and I got our master’s degrees while on active duty, being ordered to advanced degree programs where we got full pay and allowances for about a year-and-a-half each.

    Others may have other ideas.

  14. America's biggest error is that they assume that education equals college. College is barely delivering, and they charge a ridiculous amount of money. Start listening to successful people and stop reading propaganda banners.

  15. Trolls ARE (MEDIA/ARTS/Elite In) Encou raged to Protect the System, 'Cultivate' it, & now 'Censor' it/ IT now 'they' are being 'Sussed' out & at last 'Vulne rable
    Probably also some 'Vegas' Table Losers & Debtors (other Offenses Taken Into Banking Enhanced Consideration for later use presumably?) of a 'Morally Bankrupt' KIND to shield Major League Media/Political (finance) Comp-Trollers.

    Mind Your 'Language' with which ever you are well 'Versed'….the Inbetweeners who always 'Brag' of never 'Doing' College but are 'Street Wise' anyways presumably.
    Any asshole can 'Set-up' a Dumbo' especially if the 'Folks' are in 'House'
    Know Your Sham(e)……… if applicable?

    If the 'Stars' are your source of 'Wisdom' then this Planet is not for you….some saw Foliage also before forming 'Global' Understanding……thanks for throwing everyone not on your 'Bus' under the Bloody thing & using someone else to do your 'Job' to accomplish this Goal/Gaol

    Anti Matter……..wipe your Feet before you Leave Guys.

  16. This is the most predatory lending practice ever but the STUDENTS are being totally stupid. All of them can take some online courses and community college while working THEN only complete college at a state school for a degree that is paying good and in demand. Else they are just being idiots. They act entitled. They could be working and going to school. It is looked at like just FREE money. A lot of people just go to school FOR the free money!!!

  17. I didn’t go to college. I have an income of $125k and a net worth of $600k. If I went to college I’d probably have a negative net worth. Thank God I saw through the BS as I sat through my first week and realized the teachers were leftist, dropped all my classes, got refunded all my money and went out and got a janitorial job. Now I’m an office manager for the same company.

  18. My experience in Community College. I was working full time, I went to school Monday – Thursday, nights, 6-10 pm.. for 3 years… year round, Spring, summer and fall semester. I got my AA/AS degree, and 3 career certificates in Electro/Mechanical Design Drafting, CAD, manufacturing process. My pay went from $8.50 per hour, to $22.00 per hour. BOOM.. 2 1/2 times pay increase with a 2 year COMMUNITY COLLEGE DEGREE…
    There are 3 main paths through Community College.
    1. Transfer to a 4 year university. >>> YOU MUST TAKE ALL TRANSFER UNITS <<< talk to a school counselor, at that Community College.
    2. A 2 year degree is what you want for your career advancement. talk to a school counselor, pickup a few Career Certificates too.
    3. You just want a Career Certificate<<< talk to a school counselor, see what is available. Different schools have different specialties.

  19. Did you read; John Taylor gatto book's especially the main one is the underground history of American Education

  20. 1420 SAT, top 10%, 6 days a week, year around including summers, 5.5 years, Graduate with a BS in Petroleum Engineering. Pay off that $150K debt in 2 years.Can't build a bridge to Mars or a ten foot shaft to Hell, with a degree in German polka music.I have worked for 11 different employers, 5 times , I was told, if you pass testing and interview, We will hire you and send the others home.My daughter has a friend, who loves dance. She went to a fine arts high school (took dance).She is as dumb as a box of hammers, Maybe 80-85 IQShe is going to take Dance in college. the line she says has been said to me, a 100rds of times."I want to do something I love" , What happen to" I want a job that pays well".

  21. Most students don't rack up 80-100K debt with nothing to show for it. What were they thinking? 40K loans, 50-60K job after graduation. Totally doable. Do a documentary showing all those students doing it right. It really isn't that hard.

  22. This is why I chose to drop out my first year of college and start a trucking business. I make the same as a lswyer and I dont need a 4 year degree.

  23. Boo hoo.Like you're the only ones who are struggling to make ends meet.. …or have a family tragedy..
    You can go to your local food pantry or DHS Office if necessary..

  24. It cracks me up how our political leaders act all tough now and want to take action to put an end to this. However the smart people know that they allowed this type of predatory loaning to begin in the first place just like with the mortgage boom 15 years ago.

  25. Gerardo, Everything you said you wanted to learn you could do on the job, volunteering, and/or interning, etc.not a $50,000-$100,000 loan debt because scholarships come and go and sometimes they’re just a come on and a lie.

  26. It's like the government; the administration keeps growing, the actual workforce keeps shrinking, and everyone is being told what the problem is and refusing to choose the obvious solution. If you take out a loan that you cannot afford to pay back, why would you take out more money on a gamble that it would be a good investment? Most loans are a liability anyway. These stories sound like less of a societal problem and more like a disconnect between expectation and reality.

  27. This student loan debt trap is a travesty and totally F**KED up! Another way that our government is helping to destroy what was once, a huge and prosperous middle class…

  28. Maybe the government should close down some schools. Universities are running in a capitalist system when they should be delivering in a socialist system.

  29. The biggest problem here is that many companies requires some college education for REGULAR office jobs where actually there is no need to have more than a secondary education degree. For so-called STEM jobs this is understandable but for the rest of jobs like customer services, sales, F&A positions, and all those data input jobs requiring college degree is truly ridiculous.

  30. the father of the first girl. I wish I knew who he was, I would love to spit in his face and if he has any manly backbone I wish he took a swing at me, it would be the last one he ever tried on anyone.. What a POS, picking some slut (because only a slut would even contemplate saying this to a father) over his own daughter. Then again this slut knew she married a wimp.

  31. Start taxing universities, and they'll start cutting corners and paying Presidents and Coaches less. Why does a coach need 15-20 million to coach a kid's game at the university level? Why does a university President need even more? Pay professors less. They barely work anyway. They sure as crap don't need tenured jobs with 6-figures a year. And in this day and age all "general education" classes can be done on the Internet with textbooks that are downloaded and the kid can live at home and work.

  32. College for women? I can understand. But men truly have the option of a skilled trade school. Carpentry, electrician, HVAC tech, plumbing, welding etc…I did auto tech for 18 months. I earned $16/hr right out of school in 1998. I am now 46 and i earn six figures a year, and i can add at least 50k more if I worked the OT like I should. I worked at all manner of repair shops. And I am now at my local BMW dealer to finish my career. I'm not against college, but something truly has to be done.

  33. I graduated college in '85. I was fortunate that tuition was reasonable. My daughter is considering the military now. I will help her somewhat, but I cannot afford these tuition rates. insane.

  34. How did America get so Fu$ked up? Medical cost, College cost, Everything is about the $$$. Pay more get less.

  35. I went to a junior college, worked full time and got my A.A. with no debt. Later, I transferred to an upper-division state university and lived frugally in the dorm with a part-time job, finally getting my B.S. in Physics with no debt. I then went into a graduate physics program at a state university and worked as a teaching assistant, getting my M.S. in Physics with no debt. What I didn't do is buy iPhones and MacBook Pros, buy clothes and eat out at restaurants.

  36. Why do grown children expect their parents to pay for their educations once they leave home? I left home at 17 years of age,worked my way through undergrad, slept on a couch in an overcrowded and dilapidated house, didn’t own a car. I did everything I could to reduce my reliance on student loan debt. I earned great grades and then went to graduate school funded mostly by scholarship. I paid back my loans within 3 years of graduating with my doctorate. It can be done.

  37. What do you expect when you take tens of thousands of student loans to go to an OUT OF STATE UNIVERSITY and major in music or f#%$cking history!!!!

    Dumb ass Americans, I was an INTERNATIONAL student and we had to pay out of pocket to attend an American university! If we can do it why can't YOU that is supposed to be from the 1st world country!

    Stop this student loans nonsense and WORK to make money and pay cash!!!!!!


  38. Why don't people work full-time and study part-time? Why don't people stay with parents during college? You can save so much. It will take them longer to get their degree but they will be debt-free.Most of them are doing low-wage jobs after graduating anyway. Unless they get a degree in STEM field, they are not going to start with a six figure salary.

  39. This kids are way off thinking that an education will get you ahead in the world or in this country. The worlds richest and most powerful never went to college or dropped out.

    Me, I received 2 full scholarships due to my grades and test scores, graduated a year early as well…and if I knew then what I knew now, I would've never stepped foot in College, even though it was free.

    When I started working in the industry that I am in, I was barely making $3000 in the middle of the economic depression of 2007. I slowly worked my way up and with 5 years, I was making 6 figures. I know own my companies and make well into 7 figures, all while dropping out of College.

  40. Don't take these students lightly, as they are voters and voting themselves a check from the US Treasury sounds very good. Student loans will bankrupt America.

  41. ‪Why doesnt the US government forgive the accumulating interest on all existing private & govt college loans and let borrowers just pay off the original principals on their loans? Obviously our govt has done nothing except create some incipid repayment consolidation loans that prolong this debt on the graduates who cant find good paying jobs.‬
    ‪ UNECESSARY FOREIGN AID could B diverted 2 help subsidize colleges & universities with tools 2 effectively teach curriculums emphasizing science, technology, business or medicine (not fine or liberal arts social studies,law,sports).‬
    ‪ ‬COLLEGE ACCESS must be determined by grades, test scores and actual knowledge NOT social, sport, or economic factors.
    TUITIONS need to be vigorously controlled by aligning them with lower costs of equivalent programs in other countries.
    ‪ All future college loan interest should also B capped permanently @ 2% with no compounding. ‬
    ‪ We need smart, educated, proactive people – they are the antidote to a stupid government.‬

  42. I got really lucky. I was born in Finland and here education is free (except you have to buy books in high school & college + computer).
    But I have to say that self education is better than education in school. For example I have educated myself about finances (investing, assets, budgeting), productivity and common psychology.
    And I have learned that you can make multiple sources of income (passive and active) without a degree. But if you are going to college, use that time to get to know yourself a little better and get to know people who you can learn from.

  43. So this girl was naive enough to not know how student loans work, but shes qualified enough to discuss national student loan policy? Haha okay

  44. In Spanish speaking countries college is $20 per month I know because
    I'm a legal immigrant in usa I went to community college and then went to university in my country

  45. Universities are for-profit organisations with shareholders. They have maximised this industry because there is little government control.

  46. 6:50 oh cry me a river…. she is complaining… about her own obligation… you took out the debt… i have 50k in debt but im not complaining about it…. you know why…. because i picked a degree IT that i already have job offers for in the next six months that will give me a job for 60k a year… which if you live cheap and with in your means you can get out.. in 4-5 years.. easy as pie…

  47. How is. anybody going to feel sorry for these idiots? They did this to themselves by willfully enslaving themselves to this massive debt load. I say don't forgive a penny of their debt!

  48. Fuck them. They want me to pay for their college education? Fuck you. I will demand a cut from your paycheck every two weeks for the first 20 years of your employment once you’ve graduated. How’s that plan, asshole?

  49. The student loan debt is not the only crisis.  When you add child support payments on top then problem is worst.  With  both programs you cannot discharge in bankruptcy. Why is the government imposing this restriction on our future population.

  50. let's be honest does anyone really want any of these retards doing brain surgery on them? if colleges would go back to only letting people who have earned their way there in things would be better. not everyone should go to college. originally being educated meant being literate so you can make decisions now it means college sheesh

  51. I'm a student with debt, but seeing these students grieve is heartbreaking. We need corporate America to stop taking advantage of our generation & frankly, all generations. We need to protest this predatory behavior of colleges, universities, financial institutions, and administrators. I once asked my school what my fees go towards, and everyone I asked said the same thing: "refer to the college catalog."

  52. The HIGHEST paid college professors in the best colleges in the US is OVER $10 million dollars a year. THATs ridiculous

  53. My pay went from $8 per hour to $22 per hour in 2 years, on a COMMUNITY COLLEGE DEGREE… >>>> ZERO SCHOOL DEBT $$$$ I worked full time days, and went to night school. I got my employer to pay my minimal college tuition, books and fees… 100% paid by my employer.
    Im betting most of those students are getting degrees that are totally WORTHLESS… Humanities, PolySci, Art History, Ethnic Studies, Marketing,  
    The World needs STUPID people with college degrees… to work at Walmart, Starbucks, and others…
    EXPERIENCE, is what you get, when you dont get what you want…. ALL of these kids just got experience…

  54. All I hear are sob stories…. “ I decided to go to a 4 year university and a big school”… well that’s your problem. More of parenting issue than student loan problem.

  55. College is nothing more than just a scam. Unless you're doing a major that has a demand in the real world like engineering, medical, chemistry, biology, law. I have no regrets dropping out of college. It wasn't for me and besides I was doing a worthless major that had no demand.

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