51 thoughts on “School choice advocate explains the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act

  1. Pfffttt… send your kids to Catholic school. Superior education focusing on those thing a kid will actually need and use, like math and science and reading.

  2. It will allow parents to move their kids away from lefties teacher. I think she is fighting Trump because he is cutting funds to Higher education.

  3. School choice is the only way to improve our school system. Right now we're just settling for someone else's standards.

  4. So if all the GOOD schools are no longer taking students then the kids who are late enrolling or moved are stuck with sh*t schools, that's about what it boils down to.
    And what about bussing.

  5. I'll have to say. DoD schools were great for my oldest and youngest. My middle went to catholic school. All three of them are very bright.

  6. I'm all for school choice! It is time for school districts and school zones to let the students and parents choose where to go!

  7. This is so needed. Many of our schools are unsafe for different reasons, in addition to some being poorly run, etc. Having the choice of where one's children attends school (including parochial/Christian schools) is well within Constitutional parameters of separation of Church and State. It is because the individual making the choice, not the institution, nor the government.

  8. Everything the federal government touches become much more expensive and much less effective…build the wall, maintain the armed services, then end

  9. What is not under the influence of interest groups? The perfect is the enemy of the good. Get a wedge, woman, get a wedge.

  10. WHAT??? Give parents an opportunity not to send their kids to a propaganda indoctrination SJW public school?!?
    That’s never going to happen!!!

  11. I live in Long Beach, CA. We have school of choice, and it’s great. All the smart kids, with dedicated parents, end up together in a couple of schools. By high school, we have “small learning communities”, same story.

    We also do not have busing. Nor do you get to change your school by moving. Once enrolled, it’s your school.

    I love school of choice. My kid received a fantastic education because of it.

  12. the new high school diploma is a participation trophy, specifically made gor minorities because they cannot keep up… pretty unfair to the rest of us

  13. Honest Question Please:

    Why is it statistically proven that whities are more worldwide-decent than any other races?

    I’m not saying every whitey… I mean statistically.

    Some of our states and countries recognize Brought up Beaten and Abused Pit Bull Dogs as dangerous and they ban them… yet we allow in to our communities the humans with similar dangerous traits.

    Oh, and if anyone on the left wants to disagree with me go ahead… I hear relentlessly on and on how people’s dogs are closer than people.

    Just sayin’

  14. Ex-teacher here. I could just hug her. Get some competition in there, get RID of tenure, and keep instructors based on merit. I cannot tell you the damage being done daily to our students AKA future in public education…

  15. More and more people are homeschooling partially as a result of this. More over… more people are homeschooling, so there children can have a better education. Freedom scholarship is a big nothing burger and does not gift a better education. Quit the reverse.

  16. If you want public schools, get someone else to pay for them. Did anyone ever consider that taxpayers send their children to Catholic schools and they shouldn't be forced to pay for someone else's kiddies? Plus I must pay my own tuition for continuing my education beyond college, etc. So making acts, bills, etc is unjust. Get benefactors, get a 2nd job (I did).

  17. Schooling is a choice and must not be mandatory. Parents decide. Grade school and even high school should be more guided by parents. College might need standards because of the higher level of learning.

  18. yep. Let's flood private schools with inner city trash that can't read, write and no clue how to act. That way NONE of the schools in America will teach.

  19. It's crazy when they say I don't want kids to be able to go to schools where they will learn better and be enriched.

    In reality they just don't want normal kids in their kid's fancy schools.

  20. Everybody relax. I think all schools should be placed in the free market BUT this is a good first step at getting there. One step at a time folks.

  21. Indoctrination is already happening in every educational institution through wack job socialist "teachers". It's a crime that is taking place on the youth all over. Instead of teaching neutral fact based truths, they youth are being brain washed by insane people who shouldn't be allowed to "teach".

  22. I think what Betsy D is proposing is wonderful & MUCH needed! The public schools are not working for so many children. God bless the Trump administration. I homeschool mine and my daughter is special needs. Families like us needs all the help we can get!

  23. Why can't we all just get along, and raise our children Maoist and gender-dysphroric? You Christians are such meanies! I hate you!! Waaaaaahhh!!! 😛

  24. School choice is not the solution. Just abolish government indoctrination. It s another of their new wotld organizations that r just an abberation

  25. special needs class rooms, some are mean to the children and most can learn, but the teachers do not have training and don't try to teach them, and they just cook the books.it's a shame.there isn't anyone checking on the children.

  26. I think Ms. Pullman should get together with the S.O.E. and collaborate to find the best way to implement the new Act.

  27. I send my kids to a Christian school k-8 then homeschool. We teach Latin to get a jump for college. None of the schools around can keep up with our kids education. Public socialism is a miserable failure.

  28. Public schools have become Leftist propaganda indoctrination centers. Why give your children over to that? Shut down the Federal Dpt. of Education and give that responsibility BACK to the States and local districts, where it belongs!

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