Secret Signs That You Are Being Bullied

Secret Signs That You Are Being Bullied

The federal government has been collecting
data on school bullying in America since 2005 and according to statistics reported by the
National Center for Educational Statistics, in 2016 more than one out of every five students
reported being bullied. When someone intentionally bullies another
person they use force or threat to intimidate or aggressively dominate that person. And kids who bully are using their power to
try and control or harm others. But is it always obvious when you are being
bullied? That’s what we’ll be looking at today
as we research bullying in this episode of The Infographics Show: What Are 10 Signs That
You Are Being Bullied? Rates of bullying vary massively across studies,
ranging from 9% to as high as 98%. According to, the National Bullying
Prevention Centre, who analyzed 80 studies for both bullying others and being bullied
among students aged between 12 and 18 years old, the average stands at 35% for traditional
bullying involvement and 15% for cyber-bullying involvement. We’ve looked at government websites and
what psychology experts are saying to create this list of 10 signs that will alert you
to the fact you’re being bullied. 10. Physical assault – Punching, hitting, or
striking is one of the most obvious signs of bullying. The person may physically harm you with their
own hands or an object, and it could be once or a number of times, with the harm increasing
in severity with each incident. To avoid being noticed by parents or supervisors
a bully may also inflict injuries in places that are hard to detect, such as digging or
pinching your sides to cause bruises. A bully may try and laugh off the abuse but
if someone is physically harming you, it is no laughing matter. 9. Group pressure – Group pressure is a common
tactic for a bully. The bully may act in a discriminatory manner
by talking down to you in front of others. They may deliberately try and treat you differently
to the rest of the group and try to humiliate you. A bully will also try to bring people onto
their side to increase bullying power and put more pressure on the person being bullied. 8. Invading your personal space – Bullies will
often try and be subtle about how they impose their power over you and one way to do this
is by invading your personal space. If you are trying to work in the library at
school, the bully may pull up a chair and sit very close to you, acting as if this behavior
is normal. But what the bully is actually trying to do
is scare you without using physical assault. This bullying behavior often escalates to
physical attacks later. 7. Verbal abuse – A bully will often scream
and shout directly at you, so as to focus aggression in your direction. The bully may yell insults at you or put you
down in the presence of others. Though the effect on the victim is less obvious,
verbal abuse can be as damaging as physical abuse as it can lead to mental and emotional
damage. It is important to be aware if the bully is
causing you psychological discomfort through hurtful words. 6. Discrimination – A bully may draw on discrimination
to attack you. It can be race, religion, disability, LGBTQIA
status, gender presentation, size, ethnicity or even something as simple as hair color. To the bully it does not matter what it is,
what is important is that they can use it as a tactic to make you feel isolated and
unsafe. Even if you don’t fall into any of these
categories, a bully may still find ways to make you feel uncomfortable by picking on
other parts of your appearance or behavior. 5. Undermining your capability – A bully will
often try to exercise their power over you by creating situations where you will fail. In a school setting they may try to get you
in trouble with the teacher and cause you to suffer academic setbacks. They will do this as a way to limit your progress
or to prevent you from succeeding. They may also highlight failures that do not
exist to try and marginalize you from others and reduce your confidence and make you more
susceptible to being bullied. 4. Understand your own reactions – Sometimes
you may not be sure if someone’s behavior is bullying but you can always see the effects
in other ways. Your body may respond to bullying in physical
ways by you becoming ill due to mental trauma or stress. People who are under stress become nauseous
or anxious, and when in the presence of the bully your heartbeat will speed up, and you
can even experience panic attacks. You may also feel these symptoms before any
bullying has taken place. For example, the night before school you may
feel physically ill at the thought of having to see the bully. These are all psychosomatic reactions to bullying
and will only go away when you deal with the bullying. 3. Gain the opinion of a friend – If you believe
you are being bullied, it’s always good to confide in a friend you trust. An outside perspective on a situation can
help you to be 100% sure with what’s going on. Ask your school friend if they notice how
the person is acting towards you and whether it looks like bullying. It can even be a good idea to ask that friend
to be with you when you know the bully is going to be in the same classroom or near
you in the playground. They will be able to help see if you are being
bullied and also act as a witness if you report the behavior. 2. Spreading rumors – Some people spread rumors
as a way to intimidate others and gain popularity with other kids. But spreading rumors is a type of bullying,
as it’s a way to turn people against someone. These rumors could be word of mouth or online
using social media. Unfortunately when other people see this kind
of thing happening they don’t always speak up, so you need trusted friends who will warn
you about any untrue stories that are being passed around about you. If you hear a story, it’s always good to
speak up. Bullying is like pollution and affects everyone
in the environment. 1. Cyber bullying – Cyber bullying has come
around since we have all become more digitally connected. It has given bullies a new way to pick on
others by using technology, including hardware such as computers and smartphones, and software
such as social media applications, instant messaging, texts, websites and other online
platforms. In many ways cyberbullying can be more dangerous
as it can happen at anytime. You need to be aware of abusive texts, emails
or posts; images or videos that undermine you, or sometimes bullies even imitating a
person online by using their login or copying their identity. That’s 10 signs you might be being bullied
and we certainly hope that it helps. If you feel you are being bullied then it’s
always best to speak to a parent, friend or teacher. Do you have other ways that people bully others
that we didn’t mention? Let us know by commenting in the notes. Also be sure to check out our other video,
US Teachers vs. UK Teachers – How Do They Compare? Hours & Salary Comparison. We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of The
Infographics Show, and as always please remember to like, share and subscribe.

100 thoughts on “Secret Signs That You Are Being Bullied

  1. To beat a bully by using a word that hurt him so much . And fight back to who is a dominan and use this word like not educated and if have friend or group this is my advise is called a help by teacher.

  2. Did you just realize you're being bullied? Those who have experienced bullying – how did you put an end to it?

  3. I was physically bullied in year 1,2 and 3

    I get bullied now in year 6

    It seems like
    9,7,6,5,4,3,2 kinda not much

    I’m not too sure if it is bullying and I don’t wanna tell anybody cause the bully has a friend who was once in trouble and her mum was gonna go to the school and punch the person who tolds Mum and my parents wanna live bruh

  4. I feel sorry for my bully because she's a nerd so she might have been bulllied also one of her freind is only bullying me because she's best freinds with my main bully
    I'm bullied by verbal abuse because my bully calls me a noodle or skinny and every time I'm near them they go away saying eww look at that noodle get away or he'll turn us into one of his minion also I'm the smartest in my class I hope I'm the only person who is being bullied in my school

  5. I don’t really want to say that I’m bullied but I can relate to almost all of these… people in my class always say I’m short and hits me because I’m small and can’t hit them back. I don’t know why because I can’t do something about my height.

  6. Someone in my class always says mean things to me like, he called my a crybaby and he says that I cry about everything… I’m just really sensitive

  7. My school here in the Philippines (San Beda College Alabang) have a LOT of bullies. They need to get their own issues worked out… but it's no use because I live in this shithole country I'm born in

  8. How do I fight back against this? I get picked on because im short by most of the class and I can't do anything about it right now. I'm scared if I'll get bullied more in secondary school

  9. I bully him he bully's me people think we like each other maybe but we wouldn't be friends until it's settled

  10. I don’t any friends (or not in my School at least) so no one Can really help, and i’ve been trying to drop hints to my mom but she dosn’t notice:(

  11. I remember when I got bullied by this kid when I was in 1st grade and he would say mean things and one day he called me names and tackle him on to ice and pin him and almost threw a punch at him and the outside monitors had to stop it and he stopped bullying me and now we are best friends

  12. 5:17
    Me : "Pfft, yea, like I care"
    (I can find other friends who are better than them and who will accept who I am. but usually friends come by themselves so not a problem with it. Done.)

  13. I bully someone in Verbal Abuse and Others and he always walks away with a sad face or almost cry’s while I laugh he always want to fight back but I always win I so proud of it I will never stop I say horrible things to him that always hurts him and I almost got into a fight with him and I won. His friends always comfort him but I never stop.We we’re friends but that’s over for us. I’m so proud of myself!

  14. I clicked on this video because I wasn't sure if this girl's behavior is bullying. It would make a lot more sense if you could see it physically or in person. The biggest example that brought me to this conclusion was my recent choir concert.
    There are several different choirs at my high school, and for this concert, the 8th graders joined us. They were currently singing and the other choirs were waiting outside for them to be done. People at my school never seem to shut the 🤐 up. So one of the older boys told everyone to shhhhh and quiet down and they listened. Some time passed and the talking continued. This time, I tried to calm everyone down by trying to make them be quiet. And the girl who I was talking about said "No one's gonna listen to you" that was almost quoted. She said it in a negative attitude too.

    And it's not just her. I feel discriminated by my grade (and most of my school) just because I'm annoying to them. Most of them act nice, but when teachers let them pick their partners, it's almost as if I've turned invisible. I'm rarely ever asked by someone else to be in their group. So much so that I will constantly ask the teacher to work on the assignment alone. I never mean to be annoying, it's just a coincidence that I'm a smart kid with a younger, funnier outlook on life.

    I've tried not talking for days but I never last more than a few hours at a time.
    I can't keep a diet for more than a day
    I try to keep fit but I'm a YouTube- oholic.
    I've tried standing up for myself but whenever I do, the person almost always reacts with confusion. Like they didn't do anything!

    I'm lucky enough to have a perfect family who are still happily married and support me in everything, and I have three friends with similar issues they I can laugh with, but I'm still not happy.

    I've gotten advice before, but I don't know what else to do!

    Is this bullying? Or am I overthinking things. I'd love to hear advice. I'm gonna need it 😊

  15. I'm damaged.
    I can never be okay….
    I've been discriminated from all my friends..
    I want it stop! I can't take it…

  16. Someone bullied me in school and when i told the teacher she said i am the bully because he knew i was gonna tell the teacher so he lied and said to the teacher that i'm bad and say bad words all the same even tho he did it more often than me and what he did to me was throwing stuff on me and stealing my stuff and lose them and roast me all the time now he hates me for some reason

  17. Help me please I got bullied today there's this girl who hates me and she talks about me being lesbian when I'm not and 1 of my teachers know but I don't know if I want to tell my mom because I'm scared ☹️😕😔

  18. I was cyber bullied a few months ago and i become friends with them and my friends hater also hated on me to and i still remember those and my ex also started bullying me after the breakup….to the bullies that read this the stuff that your doing to people will stay with that person forever they wont forget all the stuff you did to them even if you just say "your stupid" i surely wont forget those incidents and many others wont be aware of what your do or say it can impact many others to not just that person

  19. I don't know if it's bullying but people just talk behind my back Chuck stuff at me give me dirty looks spread rumours about me FOR NO REASON!?????!?!!?!??

  20. When there is good there will be always bad don't fight them as winning fight them with words even if you were alone just be peaceful because fighting will not so you anything
    You're welcome

  21. I think This is not even a serious Kind of bullying but…I have a classmate who always wanted to be the top, In everything. And if someone gets in her way in any circumstance. She'll find a way to humiliate Him/Her To lower down His/Her Spirit. and eventually giving up, I was put in that place. If she finds any mistake I Made, She'll point it out To other students. And eventually, laugh at me. As simple as Mismatched shoes, Or being in a Different kind of school. (I was Enrolled in a Private school, 6 years. Till I Hopped in Highschool and Then I was placed in a Public one.) Actually, She has a horrible attitude. Befriending other students, and eventually turning her back In them. Talking trash behind Other student's back. Or just simply telling them In their faces. I'm not the only one feeling this kind of way towards her, Half of my classmates do. They just can't stand Up and tell on her. My mother Is a high place teacher at Our school, She's my closest best friend, I always tell her about this Kind of events. It just happened twice, But Today. It changed into thrice. While typing this, I feel kinda depressed. Bullying can cause Depression and Insecurity! I didn't tell my mother yet. But I planned sooner or later.

  22. Idk if im being bullied or not Im mean im a nice dude and Idk if people are using me or making fun or people just treating me like garbage I also have to grind with school with my grades not where I want to be but Im a smart person but most mondays through thursdays I get home by 6:00 and on fridays 5:00 for after school help when I get home I start doing my hobbies something I know I like and I have a good time doing it with friends I know are friends and that hobbie can open a door that I can start that anyone can start bullied or not I know what I like and what I want to do in the future. Simply all you have to believe.😃

  23. there's this guy who bullies me secretly like for example, when we are both the ones left in room he would do something like calling me names, pull my hair 🙎

  24. I'd been verbal abused for 7-8 years as a joke, they even shove 2 fingers up my a-…. Again, they did this on purpose as a joke.

  25. I get bullied by people that i don’t even know were just in the same school and I haven’t done anything bad to them

  26. Well can anybody answer this questions I really don’t know if she is a bully =/ well I have this friends and this other friend friend number 1 always gets mad at me she looks at me and gives me a smirk then she starts tellling friend number 2 friend 1 never ever gets mad at friend2 also well sometimes she can be mad at me. Today at school well my crush was saying y’all can be weird sometimes and they started to laugh and just joke around then crush said to me I feel bad for you do you feel bad for yourself and then I said no totally not sarcastically because I was joking and they always joke and mess around then friend2 stepped back and said are you ashamed of us then she told friend3 and friend3 told me that friend2 said we weren’t friends then at lunch we talked about it the whole time so I dunno who’s the bully and who’s a fake friend and stuff (btw it’s hard to act my self around them)

  27. I'm being bullied by a kid who is bigger than me. He is pushing me , hitting me because I'm skinny. Once I asked him: Why aren't you hitting someone your size or bigger, and then he said: Why would I? I just walked away, and everyday in the school I have to experience this. I'm not sure what to do, because if I tell this to my teacher , bully would probably beat me up after the school.

  28. In my school I only had one bully and everyone was fine with me but in the the middle of the year all the boys and most of the girls say things behind my back and in front of me my bully turned the whole class against me

  29. I’m being bullied by 2 people Two boys called Ahad and Aaron and I suffer from depression yet I’m in year 6

  30. I don’t know what to do, because I might be getting bullied by who I thought was my childhood best friend. We spent years together in primary school, but when when we moved to secondary school, things changed. He became more moody and depressing towards me, I shrugged it off, thinking it was just a phase or something. But it continued, and it turned into hitting me, in front of friends so I couldn’t really say anything or make a scene. One day after coming home with a large bruise, I didn’t sit next to him on the bus as I was furious at him for giving me bruises on multiple occasions. He spammed me on snapchat, asking me why I did not sit with him on the bus, and then I unfriended him. Next day comes round I sit away from him again. He doesn’t turn up to my friends usual hangout and instead heads to the library. I shrug that off and think he might have to study or something, lunch rolls around and before I know it I’m frantically being asked by other students WHY DID YOU BLOCK HIM?! HE DID NOTHING WRONG!! I was being made out to be the bad friend! And so, I covered it up saying I accidentally unfriended him, and sat with my sister to help me study. It continues and I don’t know what to do, if I speak up, I’ll sound like the bad one. Please help… 😞

    Edit: also, is he bullying me?! I need to know because it’s harming my mental state…

  31. My big brother that is 12 years older than me continues to bully me. He is in his 30's now. I'm lost because I'm quiet. He made me mentally and emotionally damaged. He is always negative with me but then buy food for me or food he cant eat, he gives to me

  32. I am always getting bullied in school all the girls are mean to me and the teachers don't believe me when I say I am being bullied

  33. My friend is bullying me. She also brags about herself all the time and puts me down. She is mean to me about the food I eat and like.

  34. People stare at me like I'm a alien is that considered bullying??also my friend told my other friend that I didn't want to play with her and she said I said "I don't really want to play ___ ,I want to play with them because look at what there playing!!!" And they started to gang up on me even though my friend knows I didn't say that!!

  35. I’m a kid but I keep on being a bullied and I don’t even care about them anymore and there was a teacher yelled words at me in front of the whole class and the teacher made me go outside ant didn’t give me the test I was crying and in my mind I was crazy

  36. Im getting bullied, cyberbullied and verbal bullying and my teacher shouts at me because the person who bullies me is the teachers favorite person

  37. I feel like I'm being bullied at school but every time I tell my parents they just say that I'm always wrong and people should hate me

  38. I have no bully cuz from day one in school I knock out anyone who dares to do anything mean to me
    Ps:thy get scared of me all year long

  39. I have Tourette Syndrome and I’ve been bullied for a very long time but it never got this bad until recently. I’m glad I have my friends to be there for me and to stand up for me. I’ve had to take a pair of scissors away from one of my friends because she was overhearing someone talking horrible about me. We told the teacher after that. The teachers don’t always do anything, but at least I have friends I trust that help me through school, whether it be with my disability, or with the bullying.

  40. How about when u thought ur fri just making fun of u but then u realize they never thought u were friend and now i know they were bullied me !!!

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