47 thoughts on “Secrets About the Law of Attraction and Manifesting (That You May Not Know!) Powerful Info!

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  2. This is a good video of course but in some of your previous videos your channel emphasized imaging. Here is where I dont clearly understand. As an example suppose I want a certain type of car okay. Now I can image seeing its hood and partially its dashboard. The thing is I cannot really see myself driving the car unless if someone is filming me driving it. What do you suggest.

  3. Hlo this video really helps me a lot.but can u say any other process other than visualisation.because it's not working for me,

  4. Everytime you eat something or drinking something especially Water just imagine your desire going to manifest and swallow it…and say thank you happy manifestation 😍😍

  5. Your videos are very informative and awesome but a bit difficult to understand the theory, message.. though you try to simply it but sometimes I don't understand..I have to watch 2-3 times..

  6. Another great upload. Thank you so much. I honestly can’t tell you how wonderful your channel is. I’ve been using LOA for a year, and it’s amazing. It’s also amazing that just by changing my thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions, how much power I have. I started a business a few years ago and it wasn’t doing well, I was doing everything that I was supposed to do . Working pretty much the whole day, 7 days a week ,etc. I never even knew about LOA- but for some reason one of your uploads came up in my ‘ recommendeds’ on YouTube. I watched it , then started learning more about LOA and started meditating. And for some reason it wasn’t hard. It actually seemed natural and familiar to me- when I stopped resisting and let the Universe lead and inspire me and then act upon that , it seemed effortless, my business started to grow and succeed. I let the Universe lead me , kept an open mind and started getting ideas , inspirations , and noticing opportunities and making decisions that I wouldn’t have before because I had blinders on and was afraid to do things outside my comfort zone. Now I’m succeeding and it seems effortless. I’ve also used LOA in other areas of my life as well, and it’s all improved. Manifesting is getting easier as well. Sorry this comment is so long. But I had to let you know your uploads help a lot. And let others know this DOES work, and that they don’t necessarily have to follow everything to the letter, just take what resonates then let the Universe guide and inspire you. ❤️

  7. Hey Dr. Connor,
    I will play this again, and again. This lesson is life changing and I'm wide open and soaking up your Divine wisdom like a dry sponge. You are my sage and I thank you got choosing to be the amazing beautiful kind generous person you are. Peace and blessings, my friend

  8. Very inspiring and self-uplifting ! It just takes awareness or presence of mind to do it consistently . Coupled with genuine and unwavering belief on what one would like to achieve and enjoy in life, things manifest accordingly as we desire.Thank you very much for this upload and more success to you and your company / group !

  9. The beginning of life is outside your comfort zone,let your spirit drive you and your soul guide you, think with your heart and let your brain follow.

  10. This lady's voice, I just L❤VE to hear it!! I've been listening to these videos to improve my life and well being and she makes it more desirable to listen to. Thanks Your Youniverse!! 😍😍❤❤

  11. Thank you. Good foundation to LOA practice. 1. With risk comes great rewards. 2. Manifesting intentionally is your birthright. 3. Be authentic and see your manifestations take off. 4. Be ok with wanting. 5. Your personal identity is key to all of your experiences.

  12. But, the problem is that I don't know what I want. I don't know how to figure out what I want. Can you please tell me how do I find my desire?

  13. I am now happy, loving and thankful I attract large sums of money effortlessly with my perfect beautiful partner and child as we build our dream home and boat easily and quickly while we travel the world safely. Yes it is done.

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