Sex Education: Season 2 | Trailer 2 | Netflix

Sex Education: Season 2 | Trailer 2 | Netflix

I really like Ola.
She really likes me.
We are going to have sex. You’re going to have
sex tonight! Yeah! Can you calm down? No more clinic, no more drama.Now everything’s fine.The heart wants what it wants.Sometimes you’re just
with the wrong person.
Do you guys know each other?I think you should tell him
how you feel.
What have you got to lose?Otis. What? What?

100 thoughts on “Sex Education: Season 2 | Trailer 2 | Netflix

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  2. lol I love how people actually subscribe to netflix when the shows are available to torrent…new shows take like 1 hour before they're available to torrent

  3. Not really a spoiler. We honestly don’t know if they’ll end up together. That writing is too predictable. I can honestly see it ending with him turning her down.

  4. Im only here for Otis and Ola. I mean if you have to get them a ship name, their name will remain the same, either Otis or Ola 🙂 that's a sign from the universe (or i'm just desperate cause parts of me still sense that Maeve and Otis are getting together and my ship is getting wrecked)

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