Shin Yongjae – If I Leave | Immortal Songs 2 | REACTION

Shin Yongjae – If I Leave | Immortal Songs 2 | REACTION

Hello, I am Max, I am Sujy, we hope you are having a fantastic day Happy ‘National Korean Liberation Day’ we made a reaction to that song ‘If I leave’
all week… so today it is ‘Shin Yongjae’ turn We have reacted to him twice, but both time he was with ‘Yoo Min Soo’ on Immortal Songs 2 the two songs were ‘Fate’ and ‘Please’ we react to him on his own for the first time today the song ‘If I leave’, as you all know, is very important for Korea ‘Queen Min’ was brutally murdered and then Japanese control Korea until the end of World War two actually, they’re still fighting over ‘trade war’ but it is another story let’s listen to ‘Shin Yongjae’ version let’s get started I always love that nice intro oh nice, a unique version of the song oh, it’s quicker with the violin – yes, it seems powerful it’s a very nice unique arrangement nice they have subtitle again, the small finger is up – yes, his finger like this… soft voice unique interpretation Wow, I like this I did not expect to like him that much because when we reacted to him with ‘Yoon Min Soo’ he was not as good … I was not noticing him that much but here I notice him a lot of course like you said at the beginning he likes to sing with his finger like this my finger is broken on both side, it is genetic I’m born with the finger like this like his mother it is a very unique interpretation we love different interpretation because we have reacted to that song a lot – yes I really like this Yes, it is another version, thank god soft that’s a good version of the song everything ‘this song makes people cry’ Just one thing… when he sings he cut the words with his voice it’s like a doctor who is doing an operation on the patient he is very precise… I do not know how to explain that… maybe you understand a little what I just said, hahaha oh… interesting the music is impressive where is the guitar player? what the… WOW Wow, nice work with the camera see you next time was it ‘Lee Sun Hee’ that we saw… – yes, I think so very good interpretation I thought it was gonna be more like a ballad but it was kind of R&B, blues-rock with like a little bit of anger it’s hard to explain the style of this interpretation he’s almost rapping… this is why when I paused earlier I said that he was ‘cutting’ the words I was like… hmm… there is a little Rapping, R&B vibe to the interpretation I’m surprised because it’s a unique arrangement and I expected something much more ‘normal’ he’s giving me all the originality that we’re looking for when we react to a song like that it is the first time that we react to him when he sings alone yes, this is a very good point I feel like this is so different from
every version of ‘If I Leave’ that we have reacted to. it’s a modern version of the song… Is it a good thing or a bad thing that he interprets this way? his version does not make me think about the Music video ‘OST’ with Queen Min I think he can sing this version if they remake the OST or try to modernize the story so you are not getting the emotion from him that you get from ‘Sumi Jo’ from the music video I still have the emotions but the music and the way he sings that song is so different I did not think about the Palace, The Princess, the Hanbok dress what were you thinking about? I was thinking about a similar story but told in 2019, with different clothes I know what you mean, he made a modern version of the song I’m thinking about this… we have reacted to a lot of singers singing that song Forestella, Song Sohee, Sumi Jo, etc, they all sing in a traditional style Shin Yongjae style is not traditional music, it’s Pop-R&B, Blues, Contemporary he interprets the song in a modern way because it is his style I think that he did a really good job at not interpreting the song in a ballad style when you think about this… ‘Fate’ and ‘Please’ with Yoon Min Soo, had the same kind of energy and explosiveness I think he’s just being himself I really like this interpretation, very unique, unexpected It was so exciting during the whole performance waiting to see what he was gonna do next, it was really exciting I do not know why we wanted so long to react to him alone I am glad we did – oh my god, how many days in a row have we reacted to ‘If I Leave’ recommend us more from him please subscribe and go check our many playlists thank you for watching, thank you, and see you next time, bye

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  2. 신용재-노래 잘하는 가수 한국 사람이면 젊은 사람들에게 인기있는 가수임 max님 sujy님 음악을 듣는 자세가 참 보기 좋네요 하여튼 잘보고 갑니다 좋은 시간 보내세요^^*

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    가수들이 부른 나 가거든은
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    가끔은 따라도 부르는 듯~

  4. Shin Youngjae is actually part of the group 4Men, and they did a couple of epic Immortal Songs performances as well. Yoon Minsu is their CEO if you didn't know; and he's part of the legendary group Vibe. What is most impressive about Shin Youngjae is that he's very young and he's always had this sentimentality and depth to his voice.. if I rmb right, he's not even served army yet, which means he's still under 30.

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