Shinayla Bond ’19

Hi my name is Shinayla Bond but most
people know me as Nayla. I’m a senior year 2019, I’m a Psychology major, and I’m a
Student Life Office Associate. My typical day shift for this position is
I come in, I clean the office, I check emails and I answer phone calls, I set up
meetings, I plan events, I work on a lot of projects such as creating
tri-folds or coming up with a budget for the events are gonna have for the
students they’re coming in during the summer. My favorite thing about this
job… the candy. Okay my favorite part is eating the candy and also sharing it, I
love to share it so that’s just how I am. But I really like all the summer
programs that we get to create, that’s really fun. Having dance-offs and a lot
of new faces come in here, so it’s really awesome getting to meet new people and
having them see how awesome Berea College really is. The biggest takeaway
from working with Student Life is that you can make such a huge impact on other
people’s lives just by letting them know that you’re there for them, you know, that
you want them to become more engaged in the activities and the events that there
are on campus, so building that community up with other people is really
comforting and it helps people in ways you didn’t even know you could help. Working here at the college having this program really is awesome. It has helped
me in so many different ways to become more professional, more organized and
responsible, and it has helped me to realize my strengths and weaknesses and
I think Berea College has done a really good job of preparing me for the world
outside of college.

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