Sitting in on a College Class – College Conversations

five schools I had the opportunity to
sit on at one of these classes and one of these schools who was one was it it
was Eastern Eastern University you know guys I’m Isaiah so right before school
started I had the chance to sit on a class at Eastern University I’m planning
on being a communications major so I sat in on a intro to communications class
now for me personally this is very important because for me environment is
very important what is the class dynamics like one of the one of the race
demographics like in the class so what is the overall vibe with the class is
giving now I’m not kidding like that for the school trust me it’s everything I
environment is so important that’s why it’s a great idea to sit in on the class
you can get the feel for how the professors are gonna be for how just
have them flow of the classroom is gonna go now I’m also personalize classes that
involve a lot of conversation a lot of back-and-forth between well my high
school so the teacher but it cause the professor and the students those the
classes I found the most interesting so it’s no brainer that I would like that
in college and I’m happy to say that with my visit to Eastern I definitely
got that bond between the students from the professor was a lot of communication
I had a lot of communication back and forth and it just made for a good fun
environment and I think that’s that helps me even learn classes were you
just like sitting there and the professors just writing on the board no
talking at you for like an hour and you’re like borderline falling asleep
yeah that’s not for me I like the classes where it’s energy
it’s fun it’s laughing it’s conversation and we can help each other and
those just that’s what really helps me to learn
now some people are different some people might like to the lecture style I
don’t know who you are but you’re out there somewhere I just always knew what
I didn’t like that that was part of the way I was brought up boom as far as I
could remember back in elementary school to now in high school my schools have
been small contained classes that are a lot about conversation and just speaking
in general and sharing ideas so for me I knew I wanted to go to a smaller school
and I just wanted those those small classes sizes that we can have those
conversations so about my visit to Eastern like I said before where I went
to an intro to communications class when I went there the class was actually very
small there was like two rows or this is rows of columns I don’t
know there’s like two rows with like four desks in them and they each sat
like three to four people Oh quick maths quick maths quick math it
was like 16 something like that 16 students in there and when I was in
there I felt like a welcoming environment I really enjoyed being in
there and listen to what the other students had to say they were just
sharing stores on how to communicate with each other in I found that very
interesting I didn’t share I probably should have but I didn’t share but I was
fine with listening it was and it was cool to see that there was a lot of
different races in them that’s important for me I think that’s why I never wanted
to go to an HBCU because the world is not just black people I want to
experience different races different cultures and just to just to get to know
different people I think that’s important too in college and that’s why
visiting is important because you want to know hey do I want to do I want to
see all these different types of people or do I wanna stick with what I’m used
to some people might be hard from they come out of the shell with different
types of people so they might want to just stick with what they know for me
I’m not an outgoing person but I’m not introverted and I’m just in the middle I
don’t know what they call that I can’t remember but I definitely want to meet
different different kinds of people there was black there was white there was a
few Asians there was one girl was from France
she was from France that’s that’s super cool it was like I just I wanna be able
to know didn’t people know different backgrounds just it makes you it makes
you a more intelligent and more aware person when you get to know different
people in different backgrounds and where people come from I know I’m kind
of going on a tangent kind of ranting but that’s just that’s very important to me
so that’s why sitting in on the class is super important you get to know the
environment the vibe of the class is it lectury or is it you know communications
between the students and the professor you get to know class sizes is it a huge
auditorium room with 300 other students in it or is it like 20 students in and
you get to see the different demographics of people in there these
are just all important things that I I feel will help your college experience
if you haven’t already I think you should go out there and sit on a class
for your major you haven’t decided yet sit on the class anyway all right now
you guys for watching this has been Isaiah and I’ll see you guys next time

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