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Hi guys, welcome to Karl Taylor Education
live tonight. Now as many of you would have seen from our schedule we were
expecting the very talented Rachel Smith in here in the studio tonight. Rachel is
a celebrity portrait fashion photographer I had to have a chat with
Rachel, know Rachel already but I had a chat with the last week about this and
obviously given the current situation we had to postpone this show. Rachel will be
back with us at some point when we all get through this current situation so
those of you that were keen to see Rachel and Rachel’s work and ask her
some questions don’t worry she will be coming along in the future. Now what I
wanted to do tonight, we are operating this evening on a very skeleton staff
all keeping safe distance, I have Emma here who’s taken over Ben’s job because
Ben is working from home and I’ve got Georgie here taking the questions so if
you want to ask any questions tonight whatever it may be photography related
then Georgie can relay those through. What I wanted to do tonight was take the
opportunity to talk to you our members and our community of photographers and
explain what we’re gonna have going on because obviously, you know, we hope
you’re all doing well we hope you’re all doing okay this is obviously strange
times, difficult times for all of us, very testing very challenging also for many
businesses as well. Now most of us as you know whether it be you in the UK or
parts of the USA or Europe, Italy, Spain etc etc… most of us are now in a lockdown
process meaning that we’re not allowed to leave our homes and only essential
travel is allowed etc, etc, but that doesn’t mean to say that we cannot
all be together especially live online with our regular live workshops and
regular live shows, however, due to circumstances as you can appreciate
there has to be some modifications to our schedule and to the way we operate
so I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about that with you tonight because
we’ve decided to focus on you guys, focus on the situation and really start to
think about how we can make this better for you because if we are all locked
down in our home then we’re kind of restricted obviously to what we can do
photographically what we how we can be creative and how we can keep that
process flowing so we’ve come up with some great ideas that I think is going
to keep everyone positive, keep everyone active and keep everyone busy, so I’ll
come unto that in in a second. First of all I want to give you assurances about
our service overall, our general platform is going to run and function as normal
so all of our courses all of our videos and everything will still be in place
just access through your normal login and your normal route and we have plenty
of courses in the pipeline many many courses in the pipeline that’ll cover us
for many months going forwards anyway those are all in the sort of editing
pipeline and editing process and Ben is working from home now he set up his
video editing station at home so he’s busy working on those daily and we will
be delivering new courses just as regularly as we were previously. It’s
only our live shows that are going to have a little bit of a modification and
a slight change of service but I’m going to explain to you what those changes are
now. Now if we take a look at our current live show page, you all know how to
access that cuz you’re on the live show now but we’ve got our ‘Live Show’ button
there and you can see our ‘Previous Live Show’, ‘Next Live Show’ which is the one
that we’re on and the ‘Coming Soon Live Show’ and then we have a schedule running
down here, now let’s just take a look at this schedule obviously we have the one
light lipstick challenge one that we’ve just completed
here on this one. The magazine chat show website critique is still going to go
ahead so we are going to go ahead with the web magazine website critique
regardless whether we’re going to be running that from here in the studio or
whether I’ll be running that at home we don’t know yet, but we have set up our
situation so that we can work from home as well, I can broadcast live from home
that may be more of a webcam style broadcast with me having the ability to
screen share my computer which means I can do website critiques, I can do
post-production work there are many other things I’ll talk about a few of
those in a minute and we may still have the functionality that I may be allowed
to come here into the studio to broadcast as well but either way whether
it’s at home broadcasting from my home or broadcasting from here we will still
be distributing and creating live shows. So let’s just jump back to the schedule
there and take a look, so the website critique show will still be going ahead
and we’ll be looking at a number of members websites and work and I will be
critiquing those websites and that critique is going to be very much more
based around not so much the photography as such but about websites in general,
about how to structure your website, how to format your website, how to make sure
your website is as clear as possible and as understandable as legible as possible
so that your clients will basically understand what you’re offering and
understand what you do. I’ll be looking at various template options, I’ll be
looking at design options, I’ll be looking at category structure, your menus
and how I believe is the best way to create and structure your website for it
to be most effective depending on what service you’re trying to offer. Now if we
continue looking at the shows here we have a members critique show on animals
and macrophotography, that show we’ll be going ahead
as normal based on the fact that that’s a show that I can run from home no
problem at all. Couple of the other shows here, this show
on polarizing studio light and why is a more complex show that’s a show that
needs to be run here in the studio as a photography shoot bit of more of
elaborate setup, we’re not 100% sure yet if we can run that show – if we can’t run
that show we’re going to replace it with one of the other many show ideas that
we’ve got listed here which I’m going to come to shortly. The next show after that
is the 28th of May which is a LIVE workshop on post-production techniques
now that show was post-production so that basically would have been a screen
show screen sharing, showing you techniques on post-production and doing
that live and taking your questions live and letting you know what I’m doing and
answering your questions or you know all dedicated post-production so that show
no problem at all I can run that from home right from my laptop run it with a
webcam should be quite fun actually doing it from home… may even see my kids
or cat pop up now and again in the background, which obviously I’ll try and
avoid to you know avoid distractions in the background, and the next one after
that 11th of June, so we’re moving on hopefully things would have calmed down
by then, we’ll see where we are, we don’t know but the focus stacking lipstick
shoot I think we’ll be able to implement. We have questions obviously on the June
Live guest show and the car photography workshop show as well may be in question
but we don’t know that’s too far ahead for us to call at this time. But let’s
focus on what we will be doing, let’s focus on how we’re going to be keeping
you guys entertained. Now what we’re actually going to be doing is we are
going to up the amount of live shows for you guys because we know and we
appreciate that this is a difficult time we’re stuck in lockdown many of you are
going to be stuck at home working from home or getting bored basically being at
home and just watching Netflix all the time or whatever else it is that you’re
going to do so we feel that it’s absolutely necessary to encourage you to
be creative and keep that creative process going so we’ve had a couple of
ideas and one of the ideas is going to be a weekly photography challenge. Now
that might sound quite strange if you’re thinking you’re going to be locked down
in your home but we’ve specifically designed the weekly photography
challenge to suit the home environment and we’ve got a number of photography
challenges that we’re going to ask each week, the first one’s going to be tonight,
and then we’d like you to try to undertake the challenge and submit, send
your images into us and then we will critique the work from the challenges on
the live broadcast either from home or here or whatever the situation is. Now
we’re going to make these challenges manageable but we’re going to make them
fun as well so we’ve got a number of ideas, all sorts of objects and different
scenarios whether it’s photographing friends, family, self-portraits, various
things – the first weekly challenge that we’d like you to look at is ‘Pets or Pot
Plants’. Now, what does that mean? Well pets or pot plants, we figured most people
have a pet, cat, dog, budgie, goldfish, who knows… we’d like to see the best pet shot
that you can come up with. The most creative pet shots that we can look at
we can basically critique in a week’s time, also if you don’t have a pet, it’s
more than likely you have a pot plant as a friend or a plant or a vase of flowers,
or something similar, maybe a cactus so it’s pet or pot plant is our first
weekly photography challenge. Now there is no requirement or deadline for you to
submit the images we want to run them weekly we are going to put a new
photography challenge forwards each week and we’d like you to try and
approach the challenge undertake the challenge and submit the images into us.
If you don’t have the time because we know obviously this is difficult time
some of us got to work from home some of us got lots of other
things to do as well but if you don’t have the time to undertake the challenge
don’t worry you can still enjoy the critique on everyone else that submitted
images or you can even submit the image later and we’ll try and fit it into one
of the other critique shows that we’re gonna be running so basically we’re
going to be running a lot more live shows as I say whether it’s from home on
my webcam, screen sharing, or here we’re gonna be running a lot more live shows
and they’re gonna be focused on you and the fact that many of us are gonna be in
lockdown. So the weekly photography challenge is
one and that first one ‘pet or pot plants’ so we’d love to see your images and what
you can come up with from that now what I would think we’re gonna do as well as
try to give you a little bit of guidance on these so obviously pet photography
has a broad range, broad scope, you know whether it’s a cat, or whether it’s a dog,
whether you do a full animal portrait, whether you try and light the cat by the
window, or the dog, or whatever, or whether it’s a budgie or a close-up abstract on
a goldfish through the bowl, you can be as creative as you like.
Okay you can use home studio lighting if you’ve got it in your home or if you
don’t use natural light we’ve all got windows in the house so we can use
natural light as well you can think about ways you can light you can use
mirrors, reflectors, white card for reflectors, try to be as creative as
possible and it will really test your photography skills and hopefully allow
you to release a little bit of creative energy during this difficult time and
then we can also all enjoy the images that are submitted and critique them and
go through them and see who’s been the most successful with the challenge and
who knows maybe at the end of this lockdown period. We might even decide,
well you know what, there should be some prizes or something deserved to those
of you that have kept up the weekly challenges, so we’ll look at that as well.
Now other live shows that we’re going to run more regularly in this lockdown
period are post-production live shows because it’s very easy for me to
undertake post-production live shows and we may run some post-production live
shows where we get you to send in images and I’ll choose one or two images and
then I might do post-production work on your image or I might take a raw file of
one of my images and give you a very clear walkthrough on all the stages of
post-production and we would love to hear your feedback on what you’d like to
see whether you’d like to see more commercial product photography retouches
or beauty retouches etc etc, so you give us the feedback on that as well. Now, how
can you give us feedback, I’m going to come back to some more ideas on some of
the other live shows, but how can you give us feedback? One place that we’d
really like you to make use of is our Facebook members’ group, I’m just going to
jump over to the page – here’s our Facebook members group now this is only
accessible for members now a lot of our members go in here they share their
images within our Facebook group it’s a great little community place for our
members to share images and show their images on test shots that they’ve done
from our education models, you can see many images there that you might
recognize are similar to some of the education models and some beautiful work
gets submitted in there and our members critique each other’s work in the
members Facebook group and it’s a great opportunity for you guys to start
communicating with each other, talking with each other and really get that
sense of community rolling out there given the current situation I think
that’s really important and it’ll be really helpful for everyone. So how do
you access the members group? Well it’s at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KarlTaylorEducationMembers/ and I think Georgie is going to post something in the chat role
now so that you can see how you access but we will be sending out emails, you’re
going to be getting our regular weekly and two weekly emails where we will
mention the Facebook members’ group. You can get in there, request access, you have
to apply to join and then you’ll we check your membership and then I believe you
then get accepted into the group. Is that how it works Emma? Kind of similar to
that, that’s how it works.. so make use of that education members
group because we’ll be able to do further things in there and you guys
can all communicate with each other we’ve got members obviously from all
over the world we’ve got members from India, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand,
America, everywhere, all over the world. If you can all come together and globally
we can all communicate together as a community of photographers that would be
fantastic and we’d really really appreciate that as well so let’s make
use of that group as well. Now what other live shows can we come up with? So I’ve
spoken about the live, the weekly photography challenges, that’s one
area we’re going to look at and those will be followed up with critique shows,
live critique shows looking at the work that people have done from the actual
photography challenges. I just mentioned there as well about post-production ones
where we might invite you to send images in but additionally we’re going to look
at lighting walkthroughs – this is another one that I can run very easily and what
it will be is we will simply I’ll just jump over to my own website here a
second, but we will look at various images, and maybe not ones from the
education platform because obviously you’ve already had the opportunity to to
see those and how they’re done but we might look at various images and various
images from other photographers and what I want to do, what I want to try and do is
take the opportunity during this period to teach you hopefully or help us all
learn how to observe and understand lighting breakdowns by looking at the
image because when you understand lighting and you understand photography
really well, you really start to get this sense of the lighting that was used to
create a mood or effect in an image and I can essentially look at pretty much
any photographer’s work, especially if it’s the raw file obviously if it’s the
complete if it’s very retouched it’s it’s more difficult because the lighting
has been changed but with most RAW files or lightly retouch files, I can look at
the image and I can pretty much describe to you the
lighting setup that’s been created. So one of the other live shows we’re going
to do is lighting walkthroughs we’re gonna take images from different
photographers photographers friends of mine colleagues professional
photographers other photographers my own work and we’re going to do a lighting
breakdown walkthrough where I’m going to teach you how to recognize certain
aspects of the lighting in the shot now why is this important well I think it’s
one of the most important learning aspects for photographers because if you
can look at another photographer’s work and you can break it down visually and
understand how the lighting was achieved how the image was accomplished and learn
that just from looking at an image then that’s really helpful for you and your
own development as a photographer. Because whenever there is an image that
you really like the style of, or you like the mood, if you can look at it and go
right I know that used a beauty dish there, it used a strip box there, it used
a little kick light here, rim lighting there, if you can understand whether it’s
a fresnel box light or all those type of elements, just from looking at the image,
then that can really teach you what you might want to do with your own
work if you want to develop an image of a similar style, so that’s really
important, that’s another area we’re going to be doing is recognizing
lighting and using lighting walkthroughs as another live show. Now remember all of
these live shows will also still contain our live chat role and Q&A feature so
whether I’m working at home or whether we’re working from the studio regardless
of that I can have chat roll open and even without the team I’ll be able to
broadcast and offer you some live shows as well with the Q&A. Website critiques is
one that I think we can bring up a couple of times we obviously have one in
the schedule as I already pointed out but I think it’s a great opportunity to
do more of those, especially in this lockdown period, many of us photographers
have got your own websites many of you are operating commercially or
professionally, some of you just doing it as a hobby, but we can still look at your
websites we can critique your websites and when we come out the other side of
this thing, which we will, when we all come out on the other side of this thing,
everyone’s gonna be getting right back on it, getting busy, getting the economy
going again, getting back stuck into things and it’d be the perfect time now
to basically have a look at our businesses, have a look at our business
model, have a look at our websites, have a look at the way we present ourselves, so
that we can hit the ground running when we come out the other side in this – so
that’s going to be another important fact. Now, business I mentioned business
there that’s another show that we’re going to do live, I’m going to do some
business advice Q & A. Now that business advice can only be drawn from what I
know about business. I’ve obviously been operating as a commercial photographer
for 25 years we also run the education platform so I’ve run a couple of
businesses and still running a couple of successful businesses, so I can give you
the advice that I can offer from my experience about how to market yourself,
how to approach clients, how to promote yourself various marketing techniques
and I’m happy to take your questions on that. We obviously have the business
course within the website but if there’s further information you want we’re going
to look at doing some live Q&A business advice shows as well. So that gives you a
kind of overview of some of the things that we can do during this lockdown
period now obviously things are going to be a little bit different as I said the
schedule is going to have to change a little bit some of the more elaborate
live shows where I need four or five staff here and assistants, given social
distancing and the lockdown thing we may not be able to operate those but we will
still be delivering you high value, good quality content and we will be doing it
even more regularly than we currently do to try and help you guys through this
period and remember we will have our Q&A sessions there as always. So hopefully
that gives you some confidence in knowing what we’ve got coming up and it
will encourage you to participate, not only in the weekly challenges and give
you something creative to do there but also to participate in the in our own
Facebook members group and start communicating with fellow members,
like-minded photographers around the world, and you know just have a good
general chitchat in there as well. So, how will you know about what we’ve got
coming up and what we’re going to be doing? Well stay tuned to our social
media I will be putting out lots of broadcasts on social media explaining
what we’ve got going on what the weekly photography challenge is and obviously, as
members, you get our weekly or bi-weekly emails anyway so keep a lookout for
those – we’ll keep you updated on what’s going on which live shows we’re going to
broadcast that week some of them may be more drop of a hat last-minute notice
depending on how things are going but we’ll try to keep a schedule running
here for you and we’ll keep you updated on social media and on the emails as
well – but listen, guys, this is difficult times, challenging times and very strange
times as you know, but we want to continue to deliver the very best
service and help you through this period so that we can all enjoy it, make the
most of it and come out the other side together. I’m Karl Taylor, thanks very
much for watching, we’ll be in touch soon, you guys take care!

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