Student Loan Interest Rate Hike Fight In Congress

so the republicans in congress right now
are fighting to make sure that this legislation that would keep student loan
interest low uh… does ic expire so to make a long
story short what they’re doing is back in two thousand seven there was
legislation passed that would keep federally subsidized loans at low
interest rates it would only be three point four percent however that
legislation is set to expire and as a result that interest rate will double to
six point eight percent so that increase the tuition uh… or the debt for many
students up to four thousand dollars so it’s very disastrous now what’s amazing
is as part of appall ryan’s budget this would expire this legislation would
expire students would have to pay way more in their student loan debt even
wind up ilana cases these students are defaulting on their student loan debt
and by the way another thing that would expire something known as the repeal
income based repayment program what allow students to pay like payments for their loans that are
proportional to the amount of money they’re making paul ryan doesn’t like
that uh… even if you’re not making any
money it’s clear that you have to find a way to pierced it’s amazing uh… these
are the ethics of police in these parts of these budget plans and
things don’t actually generate the common actual you know useful ways considered
but the point is the target something out of its legacy were cut it would
cutting wood cutting in old still side little pieces dollars they didn’t have to say they’re
doing something but it’s always written to people that are just like cast-offs
the north of you worry about personal commerce to the actually paying
attention to these intricate details of my budget and his mobile five so they
could still be they could still come off looking as if they’re doing something an
end it’s basically expendable sections of people like other students practice
you know just press outhouses if you can be blind because they just go
straight through and say well who cares if you don’t make any money do you just pay from where he doesn’t
have to make any sense just take from people who don’t have and then we can
say were doing something it was like this but what they should never have a chance
to expire as they i doubt that alexis is set for years before they go over lease
will have a span of saying we did something then once that’s that is over we get our act like we will need to do
something in the first place in the school people it’s it’s it it’s are that the level of planning
tutsi room people’s lives is stalin no i absolutely and that you see a time
and time again the republican party constantly taking on the most vulnerable
the people who don’t have the money okay they don’t have the necessities in
order to pay for certain kinds of services or pay off their soon love that
i think this whole rib are income base for payment program is the most common
sense program that you can possibly happen to have expect how does it make
any sense a totally right about that if you’re not have the money to pay your
loans then why are you supposed to do it you
have to proportional payments like you can’t
just alright i’m making five dollars an hour or whatever six seventy five an
hour and i have a hundred fifty thousand a
scene lol thats well i’m not making enough money so why don’t i don’t
prostitute myself on a street corner admitting that i can pay who had been
arrested the do the reverse of that will be which
is what they would fight against this okay i can walk into a job cell will
work a dunkin donuts i have stab what i’ve been i went to law school whatever i have two
hundred fifty thousand dollars a school loans pullback in guelph is if you pay me
hundred thousand dollars a year therefore because it may be some rule
the some government this some legislation put in broken does have to pay me when i read
the menu that they gave me so i can make something of malone’s is screwing over
where ever you want to get serious do care about jobs because when i can
what job i could get i’m forced to pay what i has simply
don’t have wonder force because they were they said
they don’t have all bloody fuckin murder here’s what i would like to see i would
like to see republicans shut their mouths actually creates jobs and i say hey look
there are these jobs available to college students who want a work right if patted his axle in economy where
these students have great opportunities to make money in paint author steven
monday then okay that i can understand republicans making these arguments that
they’re not making any sense at all right n if this kind of legislation expires i
can tell you how disappointed ability this the most common sense legislation
if i were democrat i would be putting the republican party on blast for this
it’s a part of the rest of the setup women i hate this also conspiratorial
but then it goes into the reasons why they
don’t want young voters in the city coming up that
masters there certainly aspects of society we
don’t want to know what’s going on indeed keep them subdued keeping quiet
keep induced keep them out of the whole realm of the
of of the discussion taken back things like this they don’t want the right
people men with long when it comes when it comes to him as it isn’t the doesn’t suit their

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