Student Loans for People with Bad Credit

Student Loans for People with Bad Credit

Hi I am Peter O’Grady
Today I would like to talk to you about Student Loans. I think what we have to look at here is why these
loans are available in the first place and can i apply for one of these unsecured loans if i have
bad credit? These unsecured loans are government funded
and are for higher educational graduates within the UK. Why are these available? Well Students are being asked to pay for their own tuition fees, normally at a cost of approximately £3000 per annum,
funding is difficult for most people let alone students, so for a student to go to university and pay out of their
own pocket can be very demanding on any savings they have or even their parents.
The government have set up these schemes to make it affordable for students to carry on their higher education
and achieve their goals and ambitions. So what is involved in getting funding for a graduate? When a graduate knows they have been accepted for a University, they can apply to the student loans company, when the unsecured loan has been accepted, the student can expect to receive the funds in three payments spread across the year into their bank account when the university has confirmed that the student is attending
the course, because this is a government funded scheme all unsecured loans should even be accepted for people with
bad credit. When are these unsecured loans payable back to the government? In simple terms these unsecured loans
are payable back to the government once the student has started employment or self employment and they start earning a gross income in excess of £15,000 per annum, the amount they pay back will be determined by actually how much they earn. Your employer can arrange for you to have your student loan repaid via their PAYE scheme, which will be deducted directly
from your salary and paid to HMRC on your behalf, they will show on your pay slip as proof of payment.
If you are self employed you will be responsible for calculating and paying your student loan repayments through your self assessment directly through HMRC. As always it is advisable to speak to a professional expert
when making any financial decisions. So speak to a professional when seeking any unsecured loan advice to ensure you get the best possible unsecured loan solution for your personal circumstances. To get help today complete our online form at
and you will be put in contact with an unsecured loan expert, who can answer any questions you have and take you
through all the options to ensure you find the best unsecured loan solution.

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