Student Loans & For Profit Colleges

Student Loans & For Profit Colleges

bottom accelerator with we have a crisis
in education the average american the average graduate from college right now is uh…
leaving school with twenty four thousand dollars
in student loans thirty years ago it was typically close
to zero in fact thirty five years ago forty years ago university california
was free and most mostly colleges land-grant colleges were
virtually free and that twenty four thousand dollars
can quickly belong to a hundred thousand or more he had seventeen eighteen-year-old
signing documents with words like default forbearance uninterested not not
even understand what they are causative overt university just alas ten years has doubled this is a crisis business uh… this note from this one
in nineteen ninety two i signed papers taken out when it does not one of which
i received fourteen thousand because they the bank to go points but now i os seventy seven thousand a
woman on the phone still and one of my mother’s day to every time she has left
at our house and pay them a seventy seven thousand my mom is ninety with
stage four lymphoma over two surviving daughters on the healthy one were you go with this kyle olson is with the education action
group dot org is the website is the founder and c_e_o_ of regular preserved appearance or just rather on
five stains and uh… produced a documentary film
titled kids are cars now welcome to the program i think for having me pleased to have it i didn’t see anything on your site about
who funds education action group were to get money from uh… we don’t really stepped were
private organization we don’t take any taxpayer dollars on my damn business armor if the the essence of what i’m seeing on your
website is that you on a bus stop unions in education noun that in fact your your home page
says basically it’s it’s all about labor instead of education i’m curious we had unions in education every bit as much as today in fact
arguably even more in the forties and fifties and sixties
to seventies but our education system was working
just fine and we weren’t we were producing the world’s best university
graduates hands and in college was essentially free award howell how could you happy make the leap unless you just dedicated union-bashing that unions have anything to do with the
crisis in education right now well what we’re seeing a therapist school districts in states are looking
at making budget reductions in cuts is that collective bargaining has been a
big problem for many school districts around the country chuck and i like when
scott walker to four hundred million dollars out of the state budget by giving in tax
cuts to millionaires in billionaires and then went to the schools and said okay
we want to take we gotta pay back the sport a million
dollars who i think some money back from you and the same thing happened with
john casick in ohio he took a the amount of money that be took out of the budget by giving tax cuts to minors indonesia’s
about equal to what he was asking for from working people same thing in michigan richard snyder
same thing in florida three scott same thing in pennsylvania even worse in
pennsylvania with chris christy hold eight hundred million eight hundred
twenty million dollars out of the budget out of school budget and give it a
for-profit corporations and then cut public schools by eight
hundred million dollars and of course with those cuts they’re going to say the
teachers he i work for a lot stats we’re talking about what we’re talking about is uh… uh… looking at the way to school districts
are spending our dollars taxpayer dollars for example in the state was
constantly bring that up uh… or our organization has been
looking at health insurance uh… policies and entities within the state
of wisconsin and there’s one uh… a corporation called w_p_a_ trust which is hugely expensive and it has a real grip uh… at the
collective bargaining table uh… while they’re negotiating these different
uh… contract it so what we’re saying is why don’t you
look at the way that you’re spending dollars figure out if that’s the most
efficient use of dollars and if not figure out what you can do and i think
that’s what it that’s what governor walkers talking about he’s not asking for people to know he’s
not he’s lying to us how the line he’s he’s saying that he’s got a
financial crisis when one has crisis was created by giving tax cuts to
millionaires and billionaires look at the math i have looked at the map and and that
wisconsin is a good example where you’d you had a state budget that was billions of dollars in the red then why
did he do it for a million dollar tax cut the millionaires in billionaires that i don’t know workbook a sign of
education and and and and and then the flip side
of that is a tragic four million dollars out of education assistant programs but what do with regards to education specifically
what he has been talking about is collective bargaining reform at the
state level yell and scream my personal work place i don’t understand why you’re
opposed you know unions are our democratic institutions you they did the the workers elect the
people who represent them and the workers vote on every piece of
every issue that gets presented their employers that’s democracy that’s that’s like you know small d_
democracy sa partisan her political that’s
democracy why are you opposed to democracy in the workplace in lecture just been a representing the
oligarchy slowed the the cope with it typed kinds of groups to whether the
walmart kinda groups who don’t want to have uh… any kind of the democracy in the workplace they want
the workplace run liking them soon and screw the workers problem now though
is that many uh… workers don’t have that option
they do now in wisconsin but implicitly michigan where i live and all hi ellen pennsylvania many other
states uh… being a member of the michigan
education association is a condition of employment and if they choose not to be
a member of the michigan education association they still have to pay approximately
eighty percent of the fees uh… toward union for their collective
bargaining that’s because they are the beneficiaries of the contracts that the
national education association negotiates well there and i find it
amazing that that they that they let people you know not be members only pay eighty
percent of the night you frankly i’d be in favor of a close shop where he was
you idiot if fifty percent of the workers fifty one percent of the workers
say we want to union that you know we have two markers in the
united states majority rules in those kinds of things and a fifty one percent worker said i
want to union he got a union everybody’s either in the or out and if they’re out
they don’t work there they have a choice not to work there that’s your choice so
their choice instead of working in a public school their choices to get out and go
someplace self right if they hate c_n_n_ at much then go to work a m m profil
school well we have so a lot of teachers we
hear from a lot of teachers who are like working in their public school day like
working with kids um… but they don’t like having the
over yay or the mea or any other union coming into their
pockets picking two out of their paycheck uh… to bendigo
shooting good health benefits and good wages on their behalf you know without unions we wouldn’t have
weekends without onions we wouldn’t have a forty
hour work week without unions we wouldn’t have but in the workplace safety rules without unions we would not have you
know that you wouldn’t you would even have pension system the will fluid metab
brother altho we wouldn’t have employer-sponsored health insurance
without unions i don’t get why you guys get unions what we see in public schools every
single day is that collective bargaining agreements
leaves to red budgets and what we also see we just issued
another sun news release about this today upto ten year protects that teachers is every single uh… a hot what is the
what is the percentage of teachers at her bed it’s very very small but the reality is ten-year protects ineffective burned out
bad teacher tenure also protects brilliant teachers who want to go who want to try it one of the innovative
who want to work outside the box who want to push the boundaries and that’s why it was created any right
there are some bad teachers their projects but a protector a heck of a lot of more
good teachers and through the congress on university level here and and and
people who are doing brilliant research i mean you know that that’s a bit look
at look at the innovations in america so many of them came out of tenured
professors that led to a correct besides so why attack that again good
because it’s associate with unions ’cause unions fought for china ten-year
i have no problem with tenure in higher education because you’re exactly right
periods there is more of the freedom to teach
what professors wanted teach but when it comes to k_-twelve the
curriculum is pretty well defined by the school board or the state and a and teachers ito to live with the
math uh… those parameters antarctic fifteen-year has no place for
people level ten fifty then you can negotiate it away i mean that’s the the
the union leader democratic leasing yasir they’ll say no we’re not willing
to work in those conditions that negotiated for free calls education actions that uh…
workers who are so complex without my husband picked up

21 thoughts on “Student Loans & For Profit Colleges

  1. Thank you Thom for standing up for the common man in this country,

  2. I disagree with you on one thing here Thom, majority rules, minority drools is not democracy. 51% for a blanket program is NOT democracy, and WE are NOT a democracy, we are a democratic republic. Parliament has a better system, in which the percentage of people voting for a party directly relates to the degree at which the party has power.

  3. I dont think you should have to be part of a union legally, here in the UK most join out of social pressure. Non union members may benefit but people who do not vote in political elections still get to benefit.

  4. @SoCalAries Thanks for pointing out some truth. We are are not a Democracy, but a Republic. The problem with Democracy is that a majority controlling the other 49% is mob rule. The majority shouldn't bully the minority by force. This causes more problems than not.

  5. @ggadguy
    USA is a democratic republic! And have been so since the days of Thomas Jefferson!

    The problem is the corruption in a de facto two-party dictatorship. Your options isn't that different from the commies in Russia before 1989!

  6. @bohemianwriter1 Here's a little history on what Benjamin Franklin said after the Constitutional Convention.


  7. @ggadguy
    So what's your point?
    Democratic elections are unconstitutional?

    Your system is still not far from commie Russia of the 80's! Both parties are mostly owned by the oligarchs….

  8. @bohemianwriter1 My point is that we were not even a Democratic Republic. We were just a Republic. There was no mention of Democracy in our founding documents. As far as an Oligarchy, I'm not for it. I'm totally against it. I'm more for a Constitutional Republic.

  9. @ggadguy You're confusing a pure democracy with what is a contemporary usage of the term democracy. Besides, the two types of government are not mutually exclusive and that's evident with our country. A good example is with US senators; previously voters didn’t elect them but now we do. This is a type of representative democracy with a document outlining the powers of the government-a constitutional republic as you say.

  10. Dear Kyle Olson, why is Education Action Group ashamed of who their sponsors are? Is it rather that the sponsors fear the angry outcry, if people actually knew who to oppose? Let the truth out of the your dark box. But Olson, you did give me one idea. Let's tenor teachers in the lower schools, so like profs, they are free to be innovative & not subject to ridiculous political posturing from school brds far removed from the actual experience of teaching.

  11. I wish Thom would just say "government backed student loans aren't working"

    But I don't expect a socialist to admit to it.

  12. Unions have done nothing but marginalize the teaching "profession." Yes, unions have provided health benefits for teachers (which the teachers would've received anyway), but they've also protected unqualified teachers who do nothing in the classroom. A startling number of "teachers" stroll blithely into their classrooms everyday, put on a DVD, then go behind their desks to read the newspaper (while collecting a $70k-a-year salary)? You can thank unions for this level of sloth.

  13. sounds like the welfare argument revamped – though i will say unions now are a shell of what they once were.

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