Student Loans : How to Get a Student Loan for a Private Pilot’s License

So, you believe you can fly. I’m Cheri Ashwood.
I’m a guidance counselor and today I’m going to tell you how to get a student loan for
your private pilot’s license. You’re going to pay roughly anywhere between $6,000 to
$10,000 to get training to obtain a private pilot’s license. This may be paid by the hour
if you choose to go to a flight club or a private instructor for training. There are
some technical schools that also offer associate degrees and, through these institutions, you’ll
be eligible for any scholarship or financial aid that the school offers as well as federal
loans. And some examples are Broward College or a college in Texas that has what would
be called an aviation technologist’s license. To get student loans outside of the federal
government, you can solicit private organizations. I’m sure there are flying organizations that
would want to lend you money. A private loan would also be a good idea or a part time job,
saving money to help pay for your private pilot’s license. I’m Cheri Ashwood. I’m a
guidance counselor and your future starts today.

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