Student Loans Pwned, Rates Double

Student Loans Pwned, Rates Double

student loan debt issue that continues
to get worse in fact uh… if you happy federal student loan you could add
noticed that interest rates are gonna go up
significantly so for existing federal student loans you’ll still enjoy the
three point four percent interest-rate however for all new as student loans
that the federal government grants people will have to pay six point eight
percent in interest so as you notice that the interest rate did double of the
reason why that happened is because lawmakers have not reached an agreement
by the july first deadline they’ve already taking another time off for the
july fourth a holiday and so since they can come to an
agreement sorry all new federal housing loans are going to have as significant
increase in their interest rates i wonder how much this is gonna screw the
government uh… in in terms of the interest of their actually gonna be planning to make off of the students
because trade veered basically doubling their
subsidized interest rate wool unsubsidized loans or private loan i wonder if they’ll start to become more
competitive and kids are going to be going outside of these government
lavished actually borrow that might happen out for the moment
being dino that private loans at banks not they give out loans have
significantly higher interest rates um… that like to ask that say things
like one is it that you can buy a house like the
home mortgage is like three percent yet the relaxed in loan rates except
that i don’t know i guess i think that in and i don’t even know how they come up
with the interest rate for homeless after priorities and you’re going to be
home owner is the and dont be awesome of american success but to attend a university you know in european country in a lot of
european countries like i have friends in germany who were like we don’t pay
for school so maybe don’t pay for school well everybody just they’d use lake civic duty if they
actually enlist in the military but it’s like a community military paragraph when friends so what was your
service to your country with the jet fighters that i worked in a coffee shop yet he worked at a university coffee
shop fifteen hours a week while he was going it’s going to get paid but he got
his tuition remaster that would be are can you imagine and i can imagine
battled against socialism so we should probably stay away from that it sounds way better than having a
hundred fifty thousand dollars in student loan debt bird underground i
know we have such after prioritize highlight that you brought up uh… you
know the amount of money the federal government makes because uh… last year
alone at the u_s_ government made fifty one billion dollars in interest over the student loans and and i think
it’s a little ridiculous that you’re using college students as a way to
kyunki revenue for the country the stimulus i mean it national what kind of a similar system
be if they still want it was relieved for a full year if the federal government said okay
we’re going to take the amount of money that we would have made up of this we’re
gonna really that as part of our stimulus yap yap that to me seems like more reasonable of
more reasonable way to stimulate the constant about how many people would
enroll in institutions of higher learning yeah i mean if you would actively pursue
an education and also another thing that people don’t keep in mind enough is how important the middle-class case you
thriving economy was in the people i know that the other people that go out
there and they buy the goods and services this is like the dim and part
of our economy break these are the people that spend the money and when you
have college graduates and have so much dad that they are barely making a paycheck
to pay check because they have to pay their student loan payments i mean they’re not going to be able to
contribute much to the economy’s and it’s not like the there’s much
motivation to even get a degree anymore so many kids get out of school and they
don’t have any options absolutely unemployment is by far the highest amongst a recent graduate believe it’s
around thirteen percent since a for college graduates so it’s it’s very very
bad and uh… i remember reading a story out big profiled the story uh… surgeon she had just graduated should
finish rights residency and she was successful she’s making a
lot of money but because of that debt that she acquired around ready casey she was unable to buy a home so it’s
actually impacting home sales as well yeah because these highly educated
professionals has so much debt that they don’t qualify for a homeowner our
president was not a big part of this two thousand a platform is talking about how
like hean michelle had only just recently
paid off the stand remember that it’s like a huge talking point for half and
lawyers and it took us in this long to even pay off our student loan debt and
that’s unacceptable anglo lucky he started off by lowering
their interest rate for federal load now but
obviously our lawmakers can’t come to an agreement so uh… that’s uh…
agreement has now expired but i should note that have been might
have the excuse me lawmakers might consider a
retroactive fix on july tenth so they might come back to this and they
might come to an agreement but i wouldn’t hold my breath i think this is
one of those cases where it is really important to start speaking up it’s really important for students who
i’d like historically have not been that involved in the political process to be
reaching out to their to the representatives and to be saying
something about how fox they feel like the futures

100 thoughts on “Student Loans Pwned, Rates Double

  1. Again do what you love, is what I say, I can care less… and the issues are the type of school you want to attend, and get accepted to, and if you have to aid others/family like some of us have had to do. Not a family you made but where born into… but they are many ways to have a wonderful college carrier and keep money, the government just seem to want to have endangered servants rather then capably citizen to keep our country as the Super power…

  2. oh, okay

    you can just speak reality into existence

    the xian god must hate the competition

  3. Less risk with home owning every kid in the country is trying to go to school or is being told they need to go to school.

  4. Not sure if this is mentioned in prior comments, but it makes sense for there to be a lower interest rate on a house than a student loan, because a bank can't repossess your education / degree for failure to pay up. They CAN do that do your house; less risk to the bank means lower rates for you.

  5. house interest loans are kept low so rich people can buy up properties as investments. unfortunately there is no rich group representing the interests of the students so student loans will continue to rise.

  6. Ana sounds very knowledgeable in the topic, but Cara should start taking at least an intro micro/macro econ class before saying that people should do this or that. So many things that came out her mouth makes me cringe. I'd totally hit it though 😉

  7. Fucking shit! I'm in the middle of graduate school! I completed one year, and have another year to go! You sons of mother fucking bitches couldn't have waited until I graduated to do this shit?!

    "Lawmakers have not reached an agreement by the July 1st deadline?" They didn't reach a fucking agreement by the July 1st deadline?! If the issue was Terrorizing an oil rich nation, I bet those fucking US Terrorists would've reached an agreement before the issue was even raised! Fucking America.

  8. This is true for a very select few disciplines ESPECIALLY at the undergraduate level ! Most people who go to college do not pursue a graduate or advance degree. Although it maybe important where you do your undergraduate work to go to medical school it is not important in many other fields. This is especially the case if the individual has no intention on continuing his or her education. The biggest advantage undergrads get for going to top schools is networking with top recruiters. That is it.

  9. You've been tricked by the US Government that attending college is the end all, be all. They WANT us to all go to college because thats how they make most of their profit to run the government, from student loans.

  10. The fact that anyone takes this seriously is beyond me. As you welcome more federal intervention in your lives, I hope you learn to not complain and be quietly compliant in the your dictated future. This is what you wanted, this is socialism, everybody's subsized so be happy. Keep blaming everyone else for your own decisions, cause I totally agree with you. It's my fault, its the corporation's fault, it's the devil's fault. Don't think for yourself, be a good monkey and do as we're told.

  11. Education and knowledge are power, can't have anyone who isn't rich and establishment having that opportunity!

  12. Most high-paying professions, especially the ones that can be done by unattractive people because they're intellectual professions, LEGALLY REQUIRE a college degree.

  13. Do what I did, i was born into kinda poor lower class, got my BA in 2 areas and left the country and I work without needing to repay debt and have a good paying job.

  14. The thing that I hate about this is that the rate goes up because they couldn't reach an agreement by a certain date and that's presented as if it's some kind of logical conclusion, surely inaction would result in the rate staying the same. This kind of nonsensical doublethink is the same (worse) in UK, e.g. signs saying 'lane closed to ease congestion' when they naturally caused the traffic jam in the first place; and people just nod along with it as if it makes sense and is reasonable.

  15. "resort"? did i suggest bank robbery or murder for hire?

    you bitch about having to pay back loans, you bitch about having to work. who said you should have anything handed to you for free? what entitles you to a free ride?

    you make is sound like getting a job and making your own way is a trip to the gulag

    something you socialists don't get is that somebody somewhere has to pay for things. if you want something, pay for it your own damn self.

  16. Evidence that economics is never studied by "journalists". A superficial understanding at best and they're making superficial economic arguments like they're valid.

  17. This kind of shit is why I think college isn't worth it. There are plenty of jobs that pay for a comfortable enough living without getting in debt you just have to look

  18. Time to use your college intellect and get angry about what's going on. Take a look at the sixties. Talk is cheap. Get smart get strong. You have strength in age and you have to want it. So don't complain just do it. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

  19. Yeah but Native Europeans are always looking for a exit for a new opportunities, the most immigrants Europe gets is arabs, Indians and Turks, barrely any asians (Chinese, Japanese etc..) will today go there.

  20. Europe's youth unemployment is to only make you cry alot. I really wish UK gets the hell out from EU.

  21. Since most white women go to college studying sociology, human development and gender studies, can't these women work as strippers and prostitutes on the side to
    lower their student loan debt.

  22. How does the POTUS stop them? Do you want him to assume a dictator status? Blame the GOP for this. Obama didn't cause it nor does he have any power or authority to force the GOP to be reasonable….

  23. I have only 1 subsidized loan that has a 3.4% interest rate; my other subsidized loans have 4.5, 5.6, 6.0%. And my unsubbed loan has 6.8%. I entered university in 2008. I dont understand where TYT are getting this figure of 3.4 because mine are slightly higher than that except for the one.

  24. The definition of evil is mostly screwed up. So if I'm evil cause I speak the truth, why NOT using such a name? Use of names doesn't make me a witch, nor does your name John Doe make you a stranger to your people in real life. People call everyone evil that doesn't believe in their religion or is gay or of different culture or whatever. Thats why I decided to use that name, so people know I already give zero fucks about what they think of me or my beliefs. Doesn't make me a liar.

  25. It fascinates me listening to these hypocritical females who take part in the genocide of men to speak of justice.

  26. This all has to do with the liberal experiment of "sending everyone to college and then we'll end up with a generation of Einsteins"

    "education" is not the cure for all ignorance in the world like some suggest.

  27. As soon as I get out of college and get a job, I'm going to pay all $9000 of student loan ASAP just to avoid the interest rate.

  28. i wasn't totally serious with my comment. your names fine man, was just excited about my vocabulary knowledge. i think these religious people you speak of totally missed the point of what the PEOPLE they worship as gods were trying to say, huh? especially about judgement of others. also that heaven/happiness/strength is found within oneself (individualism), not externally through a god or church(idol). find meaning within, then without, micro/macro. most just dont understand the allegory.

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  30. How do you jump from my comment to your question? The reason for sky rocketing education costs is the government backed student loan program itself, a product of an economic illiterate Congress spanning many years.

  31. My objective was met, thanks. 🙂 I just wanted you to explain your logic, as opposed to just being critical of the TYT team.

  32. Yea and that's why they'll definitely be able to have a steady growing labor force to support their ever increasing eldery population. Flawless! Soon Denmark will be nothing but 60 year olds who wouldn't be able to defend their country from bears.

  33. Welcome to the real world kiddies. Oh, how many 26 year old "children" are viewing this video? And some people ask me why I don't hire American "educated". Now if I want someone with training in placing condoms on cucumbers or to explain why it's normal for a guy to stick his dick in another guys ass…then I'll hire one of you.

  34. …when Ronald Reagan first made the University of California system not free to students by pulling their funding and REQUIRING that they charge students tuition back when he was California's governor.

  35. This coming from some pathetic fuck with a terrible, fake, alliterative name like "ADAM ARIZONA" who only created their YouTube account *TODAY*. I'm honestly stunned that your grammar is proper because you share all the characteristics and logic of one of YouTube's stupidest spammers! I mean, god damn, man! Goddamn…

  36. "… dont know two shits…"

    Uh huh. Assuming you know a few shits more than me regarding economics lets do a quick comparison between the US and Danish economic models:

    From Wiki Here are the stats for GDP per capita (per head):
    Denmark 37,700 2012 est.
    United States 49,800 2012 est.

    Here is the tax revenue as percentage of GDP:
    Denmark 49.0
    United States (all levels) 26.9

  37. Here is the average number of hours worked annually: From the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

    Denmark 1,522 hours

    United States 1, 787 hours

  38. And now for the truly depressing fact. Here is the average minimum wage:

    United States – The federal minimum wage is US$7.25 per hour. States may also set a minimum, in which case the higher of the two is controlling; some territories are exempt and have lower rates.

    Denmark – None; instead, negotiated between unions and employer associations; the average minimum wage for all private and public sector collective bargaining agreements was 109 kroner ($19) per hour.

  39. Voting (From Wiki):

    US – single member district plurarity on a two party platform

    Denmark – proportional representation on a multi-party platform

  40. And now for the truly depressing fact. Here is the average minimum wage (From Wiki):

    United States – The federal minimum wage is US$7.25 per hour. States may also set a minimum, in which case the higher of the two is controlling; some territories are exempt and have lower rates.

    Denmark – None; instead, negotiated between unions and employer associations; the average minimum wage for all private and public sector collective bargaining agreements was 109 kroner ($19) per hour.

  41. So far, compared to those losers in Denmark, America has a lower tax rate, larger GDP, works more hours per week, and yet the majority of our workers are paid 12 dollars less per hour. So riddle me this Batman: Exactly how many paint chips must a pregnant woman chew in order to give birth to someone who believes the American economic model is superior to the Danish one? Please take the time to get all your economic shits into a nice neat pile and analyze it thoroughly before responding.

  42. >> lower tax rate is good, denmark has much less regulations
    >> higher gdp per capita by 10k$ and higher growth of it is too
    >> 1-2 hours is not significantly more
    >> a majority of our workers are unskilled idiots who either studied liberal arts or did not at all, they deserve the pay they can get.

    Any economist except paul krugman (who stated the internet would be useless like the fax machine by 2005) agrees.

  43. Both of those show that the us is significantly better off economically. You do realkze that bigger gdp = better right? And that lower taxes = bigger gdp growth.
    Singapore, hong kong, and south korea are the models to follow, high gdp per capita ppp, high economic growth rates, next to no debt, very low government regulation, no safety net. Look how well they perform.

  44. ">> lower tax rate is good…"

    Denmark has a higher tax rate.

    ">> higher gdp per capita…"

    Is something clearly not demonstrated by wage averages in the US.

    ">> 1-2 hours is not significantly more"

    That's not the point. The point is working longer has not resulted in higher wages. This means in order for workers to spend more they'd have to borrow more. Basic economic theory states that if productivity rises, marginal product and real wage should follow. That's not the case here.

  45. ">> a majority of our workers…"
    You can thank outsourcing and student debt for that:
    Outsourcing –
    Student Debt –

    "Any economist except paul krugman…"

    Slandering one economist won't change basic economic laws. Workers can't spend money they aren't making. The US model is a failure.

  46. "…bigger gdp = better right?…"

    That's like saying eating more food means more energy for the body. Ever heard of obesity? You're using inductive reasoning. Try DEDUCTIVE reasoning. The US has a larger GDP per capita, lower taxes, and works more hours compared to Denmark, yet our workers continue to make and SPEND less real money. As for Korea:

    US vs SK – Tax Revenue, GDP, & Income Inequality Metrics:

    South Korea 26.8…30,722…31.1

    US 26.9…49,922…45

  47. Are you fucking serious? What economist in their right mind thinks that people working longer hours for less money doesn't make a difference how an economy will function compared to other economies?

  48. Fuuuuck. You can't just point and click this shit. You have to apply income inequality metrics to determine medium worker earnings per REAL working person.

    Compare Figures A to Figure F


    Using the slightest modicum of logic, you don't even need these tables. Higher GDP, less taxes, and working more hours resulting in LESS money should be enough. Your mother's umbilical cord must have been an exhaust pipe. Try to fail less.

  49. Wage average means taking the sun population. Overall us is much better upu are just complaining about street sweepers not being as well off as scientists.

  50. Are you retarded? Higher gdp is always better.
    As for korea, why dont you show government as percent of gdp?
    You literally ignored my best two examples which completely shit on DENMARK in terms of ECONOMIC GROWTH AND PPP per capita (singapore and hong kong). South Korea does the SAME, it has a FIVE PERCENT GROWTH RATE and in FIVE YEARS IT
    Also nice try ignoring government as percent of gdp and not revenues.

  51. In net, economic output and raw economic wealth always outplays inequality. One of the reasons the US has longer working hours is because 9% of its population is not unemployed unlike denmark.

  52. Too bad "exploiting" them makes their nation and living conditions much better than it ever has been and has transformed their economy into a middle income one from being riddled with poverty.

    Outsourcing is good. Every single person a H1B would agree.

  53. Its good for the international economy. Outsourcing is good it creates jobs overseas that cannot be done by americans.

  54. Nope. it is just that oursourcing helps the international economy and does in fact help people more than it hurts.

  55. fuck that, just don't go to college it's a fucking ripoff. Considering we got the internet. make close to 100k a year as a freelance programmer. Thx god for my clients. Fuck

  56. This is such a stupid conversation. Mortgage rates are lower because if you don't pay your loan the bank can take your house. God both hosts are such dumb asses.

  57. i found a site that will pay off your student loans for all the students that want to pay off their loans FAST! and using money you never knew existed. Contact me for more details..

  58. These girls need to do some research on the state of Germany and the entire E.U. for that matter. Their about to crash, just like us. Too much demand was created by federal loans that banks would refuse to lend to irresponsible 18 yr olds. College has been successfully subsidized and run into the ground by government

  59. Yes but if the interest rate was decreased and more people enrolled into college the price for college would rise considerable. 

  60. whoever this other woman is a moron! no one gives a shit about your friend bs'ing you in germany.. thanks for that, why not bring up certain parts of the middle east where they dont pay for school at all? why not bring up canada or why not bring up any where else your friends told you about… who cares what your friend told you! thanks for opening your mouth and sounding like an angry uninformed teenager… the other main chick still got it going on 😀

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