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bad we’re back if and Richard Valerie up
and she’s taken a vacation which is backed with us let’s get them yes five from the hill for my good
friend Laura welcome to the show hey how you doing great good get lesson
I gotta tell you the fans missed you laurin the Faina it’s crazy it’s busy
the things that happened I K i wish i can text explain how crazy it
gets and it’s hard to explain so what is happening this week are on
the hill with 365 well I mean obviously congress is going
to be going out for five weeks on till September 9 %uh so they’re
rushing to get stuff done republicans I think that another appeal Obamacare I know that’s shocking to
everybody if it was time number or did he was really only forty-one exactly and
it’s up to like $38 million dollars to taxpayer money
wasted on that %uh you did see you course the um the student loan deal that happen and I’ve been paying
particular attention to pick out clothes loan situation as it pertains to
historically black colleges and universities but it’s not just something that pertains to
historically black colleges this four hundred thousand kids black-white everybody in there who are
affected by you know that particular change and the congressional black caucus is
demanding that the that the white house change the
creditworthiness stand as to what they were before the change in now the house and kids were back not so
long enough to go before we go into the party to this report I wonder who are
listening who don’t understand so what used to be the case was a lot of time because students by
themselves are not credit worthy enough to fly right all entire tuition so families are
parents would take out loans are you gonna call Parent PLUS loans
that he backed by the government but they didn’t require such a high threshold the
creditworthiness correct right annex thanks for explaining all that the the
creditworthiness threshold apparently what happened was that the actual
language is still the same but they are small stringent in terms of
their evaluation of up the credit a people’s parents and so as a result
though that yesterday you know that that sort of heightened degree astringency if
that’s what you were 100,000 up people who would have gone to
school students young people in Ghana school were are denied loans and yeah I don’t
know how you are you but you wanna do this at a time when we
you know what we’re were competing a worldwide with
everybody else are great talks about how important education is separate saw we had a a major economic
downturn in this country and then you make it harder for people
to go to school and the administration’s argument quite frankly i think is very strange it says we want
to keep people from incurring a lot of debt and of course
that sounds cool at first but you know when people I’ll invest in their kids
education they understand what they’re getting
into you know i mean they understand that loan has some risk to it so I’m not
really understanding why the administration’s doing this oh that’s
interesting point but why if the administration trying to do
everything to sort of stick it to the middle class when it comes to getting a
quality education especially for african-american in
minority families who this might be their first generation of sending
exactly right exactly right and I think that it’s
frankly I think because who’s happy on the other and bankers I many I think it’s about banks one night when
I think about it some sort of corporate giants because who would be happy that somebody didn’t follow that they
didn’t have to take someone on that was a risky loans bankers and I think
unfortunately that’s what it is it’s a money in politics moment its I think a
very unfortunate one now we feel obviously a lot of groups or
have question the question relationship between the US
Department of Education and Sallie Mae on we’ve seen the United students the
United Student Association question why this little soco’s shi and is it is
the US Department occasion or the students or the poor Sally Mac I think CBC’s
asking the same question that yeah pretty much and I got so you know this
is one of those issues that it’s not just gonna be about the black
caucus or white this or black bad this is something that
is universally talking middle class in America you’re talking white working-class
families and of course you talk talking black what we’re talking about is
americans trying to get their kids the education anything that’s the ticket are into the middle class in the upper
middle class and everybody understands that in this country no matter who you are what call you are
so this is really kind of a devastating issued by Frank it is now we have a
couple of the we have just a couple seconds left but is another bill that
was introduced and we’re keeping the dream alive her on the show I am i
keeping the dream alive shirt on at the American during special two-hour show I
death all there is a bill that was introduced
to start over in just in that you can give it to us in 10 15
maybe 20 seconds ago those introduce to arm stop rogue racial profiling after
the Trayvon Martin Richards a min decision %um basically it it requires a federal
cops told racially profile and it sets them up for training and certain grants
from the Department Department justice to police forces the
train a you know against and educating on
racial profiling on for their offices I love it i think is something we’ve got
to do especially because you’ve got to find a way to fix this problem we know
the just a proper probably black retards against remember this is a step in the
right direction right exactly right exactly right well I gotta tell you I think we’ve gotta
make more steps in the right direction congress in recess for the month so all
the hot air will now lead Washington I still have Lord here and shopkeepers
into and what’s going on Lauren Big much being on the show we
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