Student w/ Ron Paul Vs Federal Loans

Student w/ Ron Paul Vs Federal Loans

so i came across a student video uh…
on youtube she talks about how ron paul wants to get rid of federal student
loans and she is completely in favor of it she explains why in the studio let’s
watch and then i mean explain to you why she’s wrong gonzalez and meet the press this weekend
talking about how he becomes president cult and federal student loans this jury activates the hockey powell
wall street crowd the things that the government should just pay for
everyone’s education but before you freak out looked into the reasoning
behind it college costs are much beacause schools
that the government will start dissidence insulating than tens of
thousands of dollars a year eliminating federal student loans would
force schools to step back and let them determine the trade situation schools would have to stay competitive
jewish interests which would be a bright enough of this whole business it is and
the taxpayers who are not fighting the balances are unable to pay back the if
that also just because the by the government
of the others too doesn’t necessarily mean that private
loans when study about will to those who really need it down loans are also totally on constitutional
when someone gets a loan from the government that’s essentially other
people’s money it’s not moral or legal to take money away from one person’s
alone it is coming up even if there’s something that people think everyone is
entitled to such as education but education is not an entitlement as a
service their cause in expenses associated education that we simply
cannot ignore the federal government doesn’t feel it
is the way to help people get an education in season and i think
capitalize on the young people who think that college as their only option this is something that reality college
isn’t right for everyone but despite this the government handing out free
money makes people feel compelled to go into higher education even that’s not
what they really want to do all right so in that video she makes
eric several points some of them are actually good point some of them are
backwards for she goes on to talk about it i want
you protesters who says that that they expect government to pay for education let me tell you something um… these
arts obviously government loans these are loans that students have to
pay back they are not loans that will be for a god-given basically uh… at what
you call it uh… these are not loans that they can get
rid of as soon as they filed for bankruptcy regardless of whether or not
they file for bankruptcy these students will have to pay back these loans so there is virtually no worry about
whether it’s a private loan or federal and there’s no worry about whether or
not these students will pay back these loans because they have to get their
wages will be garnished they will pay back the loans and they
will pay back the interest as well trips i guess the fact of the whole in point of uh… affect there’s gonna be paying for
your loans in fact there is good for your defaulted credit car loans in favor
of it uh… your car alone when you get
repossessed of the year that thirty thousand dollar
car repose you couldn’t they belong that you got approved for uh… so i’m paying for your call but no matter if you agree with that
means it’s i mean leg things you can have points without come without making
things up yet there are several things in that
video that were made up and she talks about the how the
government just once to capitalize off of young people that’s not true either
let me tell you the reasoning behind a federal student loans the obama administration wanted to make
it he’s here for students to get federal student loans because of the fact that they’re taking
out these private loans that are very high in interest okay so
they’re going to banks like chase and bank of america they’re taking out these
private loans and they have very high interest of a obama administration said
look let’s at least offer these loans to the students that have lower interest so
at least they’re not you know when they are able to pay off their loans they
don’t have to pay the majority of their payments adjust paying off the interest
alone right so if you wanna station is trying to help now the whole question of
whether or not we should make loans as accessible as they are i a i’d actually agree with her and rob
hall in the sense because i don’t think it should be as easy is it is for
students to take out loans i don’t think that and making loans available and
educating every single student once again educated is going to help our
economy i think that we need jobs that’s the
most important things we are a video of ron paul on meet the press and he’s
talking about why he wants to give it a federal student loans business like show that video and i did
talk to you about a bald-faced lie he’s staying in that video and they
talked about that a little bit let’s watch you have a lot of support among young
people that are uh… they’re borrowing to pay for college at record levels would you abolish all federal student
aid invention even my program doesn’t do it is a transition and asked for better
or today hands because there’s no story to do
this and just think of all this willingness to want to helps every
student and get a college education so there is trillion dollars in debt we
don’t have a job form mccauley of education has gone down so it’s a failed
program i went to school when we had none of those i couldn’t work my way
through college in medical school because it wasn’t so expensive so when
you’re out there you print money cosco sop in the areas that the government
gets involved in education medical care and housing so it’s artificial distorts
the economy okay so in that video he talks about
tuition inflation which is a huge problem and and there’s so many misconceptions
when it comes to jewish inflation government loans okay from government
student loans do not cause tuition inflation if you think it does and you
have old hard proof like you have the proof you have the right now please send it to
me because i’m dying to read it ok i’ve been researching this up and hours and
it is not true here’s what causes tuition to be so
expensive and we’ve talked about this before it’s because you had
administrators you have this bureaucracy within the college campuses and they
have to pay for it at the same time all of these uh…
government subsidies that go into these colleges and universities are being
packed so they simply do not have the funds necessary to pay all of these
professors all of the staffers all of these people that work within the college and university so
when they do they look to the students and they asked the students to pay more
for their tuition which is a wrong i’ve spent time and time again the system is
broken we need to find a way to fix it right but getting rid of student loans is not without magically make tuition
costs go down that doesn’t make any sense at all and that is a lot of what
these federal student loans do invaded poor students the access to low interest
loans so they can pursue higher education should they want to do that ok
and to get rid of that and force students to go to private banks and
private companies and take out loans with high-interest that doesn’t make sense there have been there for them to do it
every time there’s a miserable out there who built with ron paul’s positions on things it’s a
simplification government it’s not shutting down government and take a lot
of farce fear the federal government and then you have a complicated private
sector so you have uh… you know a government that has no
power and nothing to do it and nothing really no access for americans to get to the workforce into dealing with a
complicated privacy for the same things you complain about the government doing
the people exactly what allowed a private companies and banks in the far actually
do into people’s sold its stake is pushing the blame on someone else tenant
you’re forced into only one direction or nurses to the people who primary armor
in that we people are you trying to high-interest loans and engagement did
drop off of your heart doesn’t grow like that then grades just because you all these poor students did not want to get in federal loans
anymore i’m not gonna talk to me police event happen yeah that’s never
gonna happen and learn from our fall has some really
interesting policy ideas i well the fact that he wants to uh… cut defense spending i love the
launch of sidi reich in afghanistan so for me ron paul’s a mixed bag great
comes the federal student loan issue he loses me a little bit

100 thoughts on “Student w/ Ron Paul Vs Federal Loans

  1. @theymightbe1984
    I'm determined to make you Obama apologists think.Youve got to quit the denial & admit that just b/c Obama is a complete Wall St sellout (v=u5KrJE4X7A4), & failed w/virtually every campaign promise, does not mean everyone is that bad & we cant do better.Obama was trash b4 he was elected (voted for the Patriot Act, etc), & became even worse after.I dont care who it is, an honest man is 1000X better than a sellout liar starting wars.If you study more youll find RP's 99% right

  2. @luvs2play1 didnt ppl paid for this rodas already? i mean, some company made profit from building this rodas for sure…. why should ppl pay again?

  3. @orchoose Roads can be paid for different ways. Most roads these days are paid for out of a general transportation fund. However another way (the way that makes the most sense) is to build the road out of a reserve fund that the state or locality has then "pay" for it …ie repay the reserve fund…with tolls on that road. That way taxpayers that do not travel the road do not have to pay for it's construction.

  4. @RosenKrantz666 I couldn't help but notice that you raged at me, then removed your comment. Hmm. You should work on your anger issues. Perhaps pick up a book while you're at it.

  5. @crowman1979
    Banks normally wouldn't loan out to students. they do because the loans are garunteed by the Federal Goverment.

  6. @Sp0ilTheFun

    Actually it is. about 50% of Students depend on Federal Aid whether their government backed private student loans. or straight financial aid. Take that away and Colleges loose half of their customers.
    again this basic supply and demand. cut them off colleges are goining to half to cut departments in half and eventually prices. Just because University are non-profit does not meant the laws of economics don't apply to them.

  7. @luvs2play1 I don't drive yet my taxes fund roads, so they aren't distinct uses of funds. Are you talking about privatizing all roads? That's the only way what you're saying can be consistent. If you are talking about privatizing roads, then what I said before still stands. Your argument becomes that the only just way to fund roads is through private, voluntary means, not taxation. The argument is against taxation, which is an argument against the state, which is an Anarchist argument.

  8. College should be FREE (Through taxes) just like K through High-School.
    College is necessary to get a job in todays world and should be Considered STANDARD EDUCATION just like High School. Chemical Engineering, Trade Schools like Plumbing, whatever, should be covered.
    Private Schools will always be there as an option, like Private High-Schools.

    I don't agree with EVERYTHING he believes in, BUT, Ron Paul still NEEDS to be President at this moment in time when we're heading for an Orwellian WW3.

  9. College was very affordable back when the gov did not try to help everybody. Now we have high speed technology, automation, the internet… costs should be going down. End of story

  10. US should have gov. run 100% tuition free colleges like so many other countries.
    What will happen if they do. Students will compete against each other just to get in, elite students will be rewarded regardless of their financial situation, the companies will know where to find the future talents.
    Ever heard of IIT?
    In US, only wealthy family can send the kids to get higher education then the kids with no brain will waste their time partying(ie, W. Bush)
    Future is doomed.

  11. @Mestilf22 The only liar here is you. If you can't support your position then shut your face. We don't need fucked up imbeciles like you adding more noise to the internet.

  12. lol libertarians are fucking stupid, i'm sorry, market economics is not the answer to every problem in the world. There are some things where it isn't expedient to make it a profit making machine; healthcare and education are the most prominent examples. The most annoying thing about libertarians is that you can provide numerous examples of countries that have regulations and social programs but then they just change the argument and throw a bunch of bullshit in it. Australia and Germany, etc.

  13. Highly amused by Ana's attempt to call out Ron Paul for lying… and then fails to produce any evidence whatsoever beyond "I've been researching it up and down". Am I watching Fox News?

  14. They say Ron Paul is oversimplifying the situation in his solutions, and then they proceed to straw man and oversimplify his policies.

  15. So…she doesn't understand how loans OR college costs work? I see. Oh well, good to see Conservabot 2000 is in working order. Next task: make it sound less like it's reading a script.

  16. Republican ideology :punish poor public schools for under-performing by underfunding them, make college harder to get into, allow the "free market" to drive up costs, eliminate affordable school loans, put students further in debt, give the rich more money, keep the poor where they are, screw the middle class, lower the workers' wages, give his boss a tax cut, get rid of their pension, don't allow them access to unions to address any of this, and then make them work until they die. Disgusting.

  17. 'They have to pay for it' They dont have to pay anyone who doesnt teach, its called supply and demand the colleges will do what they are paid to do and no more. Right now college follows the government gravy train because thats the money supply, reduce that and it increases the power of students demands

  18. @muetter I completely agree with you. We need more people like us in politics but the problem is….well you know what the problem is.

  19. She needs to get rid of that "Vally Girl" accent. It gets really old really quickly. She acts like the solution to overpriced colleges is so simple. Taking away an option for students to pay for higher education is just going to result in fewer people getting degrees. I'm not so sure that if federal loans were abolished that colleges would feel the need to lower their tuitions.

  20. @Sp0ilTheFun
    My sister has worked in College admissions offices. They base their tuition on the amount of federally backed student loans and federal financial aid they reseive.

    Make public universities free (Cut departments if you have to)
    end federal involvment in college consumption

    Supply and demand will solve the rest

  21. Of course tax payers will pay the bill in the end, ppl aren't going to be able to pay back their loans in time at some point, as the economy gets worse. When that point comes, expect more subsidies and bail outs to universities so the colleges can continue to operate.

  22. @Eizara We don't need a bunch of ppl with 4 year degrees. We need ppl who get specific skill sets that can be learned and applied in a lot quicker than 4 years. We need more manufacturing, less service sector and office jobs.

  23. Anna admits that the bureaucracy the state requires of schools is a reason for the cost going up, but thinks guaranteeing loans doesn't contribute. Guess what, they both do. The amount of money the federal gov't dumps into higher education has increased at the same rate the cost has increased.

  24. @Eizara it's market based. Imagine the gov giving everybody an easy loan to buy an iPad. Suddenly, people realize they don't have to work hard to get it so everybody rushes to buy one. IPads run out, they need to produce more and in the meantime they raise prices so they don't run out as fast => solution: get more loans. It's a cycle trapped in a downward spiral

  25. @Ipso80

    GREAT POINT, I wouldn't say Anna has NO idea how the free market works…but she certainly missed your point!!

  26. i dont think abolishing student loans will help that much. I dont think that good uni's are going to lower their rates. There are enough people who are rich enough to pay the tuition so the uni's probably will lower the entrance criteria as long as you can pay tuition. Money is needed for research that gets the papers and thus the uni ranking and survival. In the long run it will bite them in the ass but thats like 15yrs of mediocrity. Smart people who are poor are also a necessity for the fut..

  27. In response to the young woman on the right in the video: imagine if all home loans ceased as of tomorrow. Do you think home prices would fall? Absolutely. Similarly, if all car loans ceased tomorrow, would overall car prices drop? Absolutely. It's no different for tuition rates. We can argue about whether that is a net positive or not, but the prices would certainly fall in the short term.

  28. Universities have large overhead charges because they grew too big with the federal guarantee, and now they can't cope because of state budget cuts. This creates the vicious cycle of tuition hikes. The only way that tuition would go down if federal loans are eliminated is if private loans are forbidden or heavily regulated. Otherwise, you'd have tuition staying where it is as Universities would know that the PRIVATE market will pay for students (with higher interest).

  29. Heck, there's a limit for federal loans and its pretty much the COA. If federal loans are eliminated and there's only private loans, the COA could skyrocket just so private banks make more money.

    The only upside of keeping private loans in the market in the event that tuition isn't lowered is that more people will work to pay for college. Unfortunately they'll never be able to afford it if tuition doesn't go down. Nor will they ever be able to find a job. They'll have to join the military…

  30. …more people in the military means more war and debt for the American people.

    The key is to eliminate student loans across the board, so universities can't suck young people dry and be forced to cut bureaucrats. Students can pay for college by working on campus (see Berea College). Have students work as staff and reward them with experience, tuition, and a small stipend. Seems like a win-win to me.

  31. When you compete to get into a university, you're not only competing against fellow Americans but also against foreign students who would love to pay 200% tuition in cash. If there is no government aid, American students are screwed.

  32. I know someone who graduated from college recently, and she is now $40,000 in debt from student loans. I am pretty sure universities with hundreds and thousands of students don't need $40,000 per student to pay for their property tax, and to pay their teachers and for the rest of their little bureaucracy. They no that they're getting that money, so they may as well make more money.

  33. 5:47, her comments are so retarded and not hard-sourced that I don't even want to argue. What do you think caused that inflation? The printing of FIAT. We need to return to Austrian economics.

  34. I'm still in high school with a limited understanding economics, but here's my point. If the government backs out of the whole process in giving out loans, wouldn't that give the private sector a big opportunity, banks, to focus on student loans? There will be more competition amongst these banks. Moreover, giving students a wider range of choices in place they could borrow money from with better attractive rates than federal loans.

    If I’m wrong in the points I’m making, please do so 😉

  35. That's why in the UK, student loans come from the govnt. to avoid high interest rates with banks. But then there is a graduate loan for persons who want to do graduate/post graduate courses, but the interest is paid by a govnt agency until you are finish with your course.

  36. TYTUniversity, shame on you. The government student loans are contracted to other companies to make money off of students. The government and that private company each get their cut.

    If someone defaults on loans or credit cards, the tax payer doesn't have to pay it back, because it is not from the government so get your comparisons straight.

    Student loans are so high, that there is a huge possibility no student will pay back their enormous loans and the tax payers may end up payin for it.

  37. Federal student loans shouldn't have interest, If the Obama administration did this out of the kindness of their own hearts they wouldn't be asking for any interest period. The government isn't a banking industry so why did it act like one? In the UK they put in place a small increase in taxation when you get a salary that is above average national wage after your education to pay for it so students don't even have to worry about the cost until they actually earn and can afford to pay for it.

  38. Their is nothing in the constitution that gives the power to the federal government to give loans for college. If that is what you want amend the constitution.

  39. College debt is a way to get people to by in the the system. If you half to pay it back no matter what you are a slave to that debt. Many thing happen to people over their life that may case them not to be able to pay, and the tax payer will have to pick up the tab. They may die, get sick, or disabled and never make enough many to pay anything back loan. My end up on the streets with substance abuse problem not making any money. We pay high interest rates when other defaults.

  40. The money feeds the system, less money will cause college to have to become more efficient and that will drive down cost so student can pay for college out of pocket. If a bake, sates or the colleges want to give loans that is fine. The current system has no accountability on the colleges, some student never finish or never get jobs in their field of study and are stuck with a bill for a useless education. It is also a way of employers pushing cost back to the workers.

  41. @derekhachey "necessity for capital" = profit. You need to leave your banking book at home, if the interest represented inflation fine I can handle that, but that just isn't the case.

  42. with a Ron Paul economy the pay check that is getting eaten with taxes you would actually be able to save and put it away for the kids.

  43. you know, banks tried to give everybody a credit card, im sure it was good intention and not compound interest and the broken fractional reserve policy. both gov't and wallstreet are both at fault.

    tyt is a front like fox and rest of the presstitutes.

  44. he doesnt want to cut defense spending, its military spending that he wants to cut. this whole keynesian thought post ww2 that wars stimulate the economy is a fallacy. what restored US economy post ww2 was the fact that our military was cut by 60% and taxes lowered by 30%. Also the reason our SS is getting drained is mainly cuz they use it to pay for these endless wars. foreign policy = economic policy and true economic freedom (and not crony capitalism) = individual freedom.

  45. Has anyone ever fundamentally though of: Why should education be about competition? Should'nt nurturing student creativity be a priority since if they are doing something they like, they'll have the means to compete anyway.

  46. Getting rid of federal student loans won't magically make tuition go down?
    Government student loans don't cause tuition inflation?

    It must just be my imagination that if you have too much of something in circulation (students) that the cost of the service would go up because they know the flow of students with loans will be readily available.

    Alot like how when there is too much paper money in circulation (inflation) the price of EVERYTHING goes up.

  47. Does this woman even know what supply and demand is? If the government hands out subsidized loans it allows more people to be able to pay for inflated college costs. When you artificially increase the demand for a certain good or service the natural and obvious consequence is an increase in prices, that's what inflation is all about! You don't need to do research about it, you just need to be able to understand the most basic principle of economics, supply and demand. Ron Paul 2012.

  48. Finland is the highest in education and they dont competition. They promote creativity. If you have children learning about something that they enjoy, they'll want to go further in depth into it. Its a qsuedo form of democratic education.
    The competition aspect will simply be a product of them having a vast amount of knowledge in the subject of their liking, which is better in my opinion. I'd rather higher someone who was passionate about their job rather than just reciting what he's forced to.

  49. If enforcing good study habits is what your suggesting, thats fine. Other top "competitive" countries like South Korea normally have 8-4pm schedules but students normally eat dinner and go back too studying afterwards till 8pm.
    BTW, democratic are already in certain parts of this country. In fact, they even have a website you can go to and look up each particular school.
    democraticeducation (.) org / index (.) php / library / category / C57 /
    Remove parenthesis and spaces.

  50. Its not a matter of kids working hard, rather than me just presenting that the differences within each successful educational system. One promotes student creativity and fosters it through giving students a better degree of independence and access to the necessary materials, while another promotes critical thinking, dedicated study habits (which is probably present in former as well), and longer school hours.
    The concept is that if they wanna learn something, they'll do whatever it takes.

  51. eliminating financial aid would work in the long run. Schools and banks will do whatever they have to do to lower tuition and the interest rate, not because they care about the students, but simply because they need to maintain demand.

  52. for a country to remain competitive it needs to prepare people to do the jobs in the global market, the more knowledge workers a country has the more high paying jobs come to that country. higher earnings = higher GDP= higher economic well-being.

  53. on the other hand what would be the quality of education received by the students if the colleges are getting less funding. currently 60% of the professors teaching STEM are not even qualify to do so. the best solution in every problem is when people can come together to fix the problem.

  54. I love how Ana claims she's studied this "Up and down!!!", but fails at basic economics. The bloated bureaucracy that we pay for exists because there's no reason for them to change. There is no competition. Universities do not compete for the vast majority of students. When you don't have to compete, you can set any price you want. So Ana, I would love to know why University prices keep going up no matter what the market is doing? Did you research that up and down? =D

  55. I agree with the girl that we should get rid of federal student loans. But instead the government should provide college education tuition free. That would mean more students would have access and more people would have degrees. That would create a more educated population more well prepared for the post-industrial job market. I just don't understand why some people like this girl think education is a luxury. Education is an essential need that everyone should be provided with.

  56. Having an artificially low Interest rate causes a price manipulation that we ALL pay for.

    Also I respectfully disagree with Ana here. There wouldn't be an administration in schools if it wasn't for their bloated and artificial budgets. Also not all students qualify for these aides. Yet they still pay for them. Its immoral!

  57. The same thing happened when women starting entering the work force in greater and greater numbers and we started having dual income families. Dual income families had more income and could spend more on things like housing. Over time this added income was one factor in housing price increases.

  58. I do believe in some government aid or loans for tuition but it would limited to students that performed at a high-level academically, were below certain level in income and were seeking degrees in fields were the US has shortages. Part of the problem is that kids have came to the conclusion that having a degree is a ticket to success. They don't look at if the degree is in demand and don't seem take college serious, just pass get through it.


  60. ron paulites are crazy fanatics,they see only what they want to see and what their messiah ron says,just ignore them and they will grow up.ron paul is the oldest mamber of his own party and thet says something.

  61. If a young person, that owns nothing, buys a car and defaults. Goodbye car! If they only own a diploma, default on a student loan and has no source of income, what happens. They are forced in to the rat race and chase the money to pay back the student loan. They cannot spend time traveling or do their part to make the world a better place by volunteering or something. Primary and Secondary education in the United States needs to be over hauled.

  62. This woman gives me a headache. Expecting 100k from a bartending sociology grad even if they "have" to is a dream. Before that happens many will have long gone into the welfare program and be a further liability to the public purse. She stops and says "they're taking away subsidies, increasing costs", well, when gov dishes out these loans they lose liquidity and replace it by printing money if no tax hikes. This causes overall inflation and subsidy losses are deferred to students (>tuition)

  63. This is such bullshit….most people I know like me make between $800 and $1500 a month. When one has to pay apt rent, car and insurance, high gas, phone bill, gas and electricity plus whatever is the remainder has to be divided between food and college with high interest – that's literarly paycheck to paycheck living. Then having to worry that each paycheck is being transferred properly so as to avoid hidden overcharge fees by banks – this is something our parents didn't have to go thru. WE DO!

  64. So this is my point – either fix this screwed up country by putting people back to work regardless of college education or not. Those that have to pay college back should earn more and high taxes state to state should cease. In my case up to twenty five percent is witheld each paycheck when that money could easily be used to pay back loans. I'm getting real close to throw my citizenship away because I'm tired of being taken advantage of and swimming in senseless debt most of which not of my doin

  65. What are these two talking about? Everyone pays back these loans? How is there trillion dollar debt? We are headed for big trouble as the facts become too big to ignore. The money is not there and we cannot supply everyone's education and other things that they need!

  66. One thing: Money.

    What is Money, what is based on? When banks and the federal government hands you "money" its not anyone's money, its printed money – plain and simple. In addition, everyone is far more concerned about this welfare nonsense rather than the military industrial complex and these massive pork barrel projects that the democrats and republicans seem to love sucking c*ck for.

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  68. It's all about spreading love and peace not BINDING people to Loans of "Credit." Not even loans of Money, if this is how they lend it out to us then let people Click a button of "credit" like they do for us and give it back to them. The Current system is set up to keep people in the LOOP working to keep the financial system going, meanwhile the people who create the money can exploit it to their every need. Other options should be available if a person doesn't have the money to pay it back.

  69. The problem is that many issues are to complex for news reporters to be able to understand the situation fully and give a fair and reasoned opinion.

  70. TYT Girls argument against aid increasing the price of tuition was complete bullshit. Think about what she is saying and do some research and im sure you will agree. Stupid comeback if I ever heard one lol, although she was partially right. She just failed to refute the original point. Worst part is 279 people actually believe everything she says

  71. if the government is offering loans they shouldnt be accumulating any interest, that is a socialist maneuver that doesnt offer the solution that our educational system needs

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