Support Student Scholarships:  Scholarship Day 2014

Support Student Scholarships: Scholarship Day 2014

The great thing about Maryland is the
opportunity to surround yourself with great people. Professors who are willing to help and
take time out of their the schedule to come to the lab and let you in and give ideas on how you can improve and then just being surrounded by other smarts students. it’s great being able to just bounce ideas
off of each other and just learn more and everything that we do, whether
it’s classroom environment or extracurricular. My focus here is electrical engineering and within electrical engineering I really enjoy the radio frequency in
wireless aspect and everything The A. James Clark School of Engineering is just such a wonderful program. There’s world-renowned professors, research and great student organizations right here on
campus. It’s offered me so many opportunities that I’d never even imagined before coming here. I have a specific interest in tissue engineering so I work in a lab on campus. Tissue Engineering and Biomaterial’s
Laboratory and I take extra classes specified in tissue
engineering which just focuses on repair of bodily tissues, organ fabrication, cartilage regeneration and things like that. The plan is always changing, whether
it’s energy infrastructure, transportation systems and we always
need a better way to solve these problems and just the
whole idea of building a smarter transportation
system had always intrigued me so I decided to go with the transportation track and I’ve absolutely loved it. My family isn’t like the most well-off in terms of financial
stability so if I didn’t get scholarships I needed to
come to Maryland I probably wouldn’t have come to Maryland based on the financial aspect alone. The scholarship allows me to focus more on my studies as well as
participating clubs like robotics. In robotics club, we have to create underwater autonomous robot we get a real world experience of how people from different disciplines have
to work together in order to create this robot that we have to
enter in the competition. I’m extremely grateful to receive the scholarship. It really helps me be able to focus
on my academics, my extracurriculars. I wanted to do something
inside to help support the community Terp Thon is the largest student-run philanthropy in the state of Maryland and all proceeds benefit children’s national health systems Being able to have extra time
to get involved with Terp Thon and go to the meetings at night and go to all the fundraising events on the
weekends has been really just a blessing for me Without the financial support from the
scholarship, I don’t know if I’d be able to have the time to go to these events. Personally, the scholarship has been great
in just ensuring me that there’s people who believe in me and back me up. It’s really great to have that feeling and one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been
given is having that community of people behind me, believing in me so much
so that they’re willing to give freely. The scholorship has then a huge benefit for me and is really the reason why I’m here at
University of Maryland. It allows me to maximize my potential
at school because I can focus on classes and research
outside of class and extracurricular activities
like and engineers without borders. It’s just really been an
amazing help and I wouldn’t be here without it.

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