surprising my old high school (teachers, choir, students!)

– So I’m back in my high
school, it’s very bizarre I am gonna be here tomorrow speaking at something that they
call Be Excellent Day. It’s a day every single year
that they have where they have speakers come and talk
about the importance of being a good person and
trying to do good in the world and bringing that into the
community that is our hometown of Okemos, and I’m really excited
it should be a lot of fun. So let’s go explore. (uplifting music) So we just got to Okemos High
School and we are headed to Someko which is the choir
that I was in back in the day. And it’s tradition that alumni
whenever they’re in town that used to be in Someko,
they’d come to Someko class when it’s in session and bring them donuts. So I got a whole bunch of donuts for them. (singing) (Tyler laughs) Hi. – [Teacher] Well hello! – I don’t mean to interrupt,
wait keep going, keep going. (choir singing) I brought donuts for everyone,
so if anybody wants donuts that’s what you’re supposed to do. Well it’s a Someko tradition
that alumni have to bring donuts to current Someko people, so eat your, or you don’t
have to do whatever you want. Oh my god, look at, rabid. (upbeat music) Am I allowed to come in here? Are you sure? Do you have my book? Hello how are you? – [Woman] Hi I’m great and yourself? – I’m doing well! So this was our yearbook, I
was yearbook editor and chief back in the day and even
from the very first page. I wrote every single bit of it. If you can’t tell I’m a control freak! Oh there I am, this is
homecoming, beautiful hair. Look at me! Here I am in a wig, this
is me in Canterbury Tales, I was the pardoner. The senior picture was an ordeal. I had to have two days of photo shoots, five outfits each day,
and one hour each day, at the end of each day with my dog in the pictures just so I had options. The second day was a hair cut,
the first day was hair long. The final picture that
we decided on was this. So parents would buy an ad
space at the end of the book to like say congrats and stuff. So my parents bought this ad and it said, “To our little ham, even
when you were little “you were the center of attention. “We love you very much and know that “your future holds great things. “Love Mom and Dad” So we’re about to go
and visit Mrs. Samlock, who was my social studies teacher, I don’t know what class, but I loved her. At the time I didn’t know if
she hated me or if she loved me but I guess she likes me, we’ll see. (knocking) Oh hey! – [Mrs. Samlock] How are you? – It’s good to see you! I just wanted to say hi. – Hi, you bought me a
flower, it’s so nice. – I did and they’re maroon and stuff. Oh we’re cute. – [Mrs. Samlock] Oh my gosh
you didn’t know if I liked you? – A hundred percent, I was like. – That’s because I have
resting bitch face. – No everyone in the office was like that’s just her sense of humor,
and I’m like I get that now. So now we’re going to see Ms. Freeman, who was one of my
favorite english teachers. Hi! – [Mrs. Freeman] Hi Tyler! – You have not changed a bit. Hello, how are you? – Oh I’m so happy, I really didn’t guess, I thought it was gonna be Ellen and you were bringing Ellen. – Ellen? These are for you. – I love them, oh my gosh,
everyone, this is Tyler. – Hi hello, hi. – Oh wait Tyler, oh wait. – Hey fellow students. Oh you want me to actually be present. I cannot believe people
have their phones in class. Mrs. Freeman is the best so
you guys should appreciate her. I had her 13 years ago,
that’s as old as you all are. I got to go I’m so old. Hello. So we’re about to go
eat lunch with the GSA and the drama club, my people. Hello, oh my God there’s pizza? Drama club, and choir, and the
GSA were just what I needed like having them and having
the people that were there was just important and I
hope that you make that place safe for the people that
need it because I don’t know if you realize just how
much like a hello can change somebody’s life, it changes
people so I hope that you continue that that is an Okemos tradition. That’s all. – I just started coming out as trans and your content has just
helped me so much so thank you. – That’s so sweet, thank you. – No I’m serious. – Thank you no, it is so good to meet you. – You too. – So I’m about to go on
stage, I’m a little nervous the last time I was on stage was for like a musical 10 years ago. And my teachers, my yearbook teacher and my english teacher from way back in the day are moderating it. So, I’m excited to see them. (applauding) Hello everyone. – [Audience] Hi. (laughs) When I was in your shoes
my biggest stressor was, I knew I was gonna have
to pay for everything. I was working full time and so I was like there is no world where I
am going to be able to pay for this without being
like neck deep in debt. I hope that if there’s one
thing that maybe I can do, is that I might be able
to alleviate a little bit of that stress so I am
setting up a scholarship for graduating seniors
here at Okemas High School. The name of the scholarship is The Tyler Oakley Make A
Difference Scholarship. And my challenge to you
is, what are you doing, or what do you want to do once you leave these doors to make a difference? I am gonna be giving that scholarship to one person every year and I hope that that helps alleviate
a little bit of stress. That’s all. (applauding) So I’m back at my high
school where I graduated 10 years ago and look who I found. (screaming) We did it that was so fun. And these two, my teachers
from back in the day, I loved it, thank you. – You were amazing.
– Yes, thank you. – Okay, calm down. So now we’re going to the pep assembly. I’m a little nervous,
we’ll see what happens. (upbeat music) So we’re about to sing
the National Anthem. ♪ For the land of the free ♪ ♪ And the home of the brave ♪ – So we’re here at the pep assembly. Apparently there’s a game going on and I have to win something. My team looks very strong, nimble, fast, I think we got this on lock. (techno music) (cheering) – [Announcer] And the
winner is, Tyler Oakley. – Okay, so that was my
day at Okemos High School. I had the best time
hanging out with students and faculty and my old teachers and seeing my old choir
and getting to hang out with the drama club and the GSA and it was just a really
incredible experience. I don’t think many people get a chance to come back to their high school period. I hope that they all
enjoyed it as much as I did. I had the best time, I am so
grateful to be from Okemas, and to be able to come back, that’s all. I loved this, I loved today, that’s all. Okay, bye.

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