TCU STEM Scholars – One Year Later

(upbeat music) – Year one at TCU has taught me that I can make a
difference in this world. – I think year one has
definitely taught me how to come out of my comfort zone. – My biggest takeaway was that it’s not gonna be a cake walk the rest of these years. – When I first came here, I was a bit more shy but now that I stepped
outta my comfort zone and just tried different organizations and different things, it’s
definitely been helpful. – First year definitely taught me that it’s okay to be unsure. It’s okay to ask for help. (upbeat music) – My most memorable memory from this past year was studying abroad in Rwanda this summer. – My most memorable
moment has definitely been my study abroad trip to Panama. – I think my most memorable moment would be joining my sorority. – I went a cultural roots
study abroad program over the Summer for a month. – We created our own STEM hoopers basketball team to compete. (upbeat music) – My biggest resource has
been the STEM Scholar Program. – Being a first generation student, it is hard and my parents, they didn’t come from much so having this opportunity
was most definitely the most beneficial thing to happen to me. – I definitely think just
having several mentors, several people to go to, to talk to, has definitely been helpful
when making big decisions. – The STEM Scholar has
been my biggest resource because they just provide me a lotta insight on different things. (upbeat music) – In high school, I had this, everything was mental, oh, I have this assignment, I know I have to get that done or I have to go here. In college, it was like a rude awakening. You really have to make a calendar and put things in it to
help you stay on track. – You’re not gonna always be in the place, that has the demographics of where you grew up so you’re gonna have to learn to adjust. – The most challenging I’ve found was balancing academics
with trying to join clubs, find what I’m interested in, also making friends and socializing. – I can do anything I put my mind to and so that’s something that I had to realize my first year. Going into the second year, plan on doing the impossible.

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