10 thoughts on “Teen Charged With Felony Aggravated Battery In Coconut Creek High School Fight

  1. "Hes Fine" if I was that kids brother I would have kept my mouth shut and sued the pants off the guy that did the body slamming, his family, and the school for letting the fight happen right in front of the main office and not doing anything about it.

  2. This is the degradation of society brought by the left to destroy the country.
    The Democratic party and the globalist is the KKK that makes this all possible. They thrive on yesterdays chaos brought to fruition in today.
    That idiot needs his head crushed like his opponent. Treat others as they treat you.

  3. I do not support this foolishness, but it appeared to be a fair one on one fight and dude just got the worst end of it and now wants to play the victim role. Both students should be disciplined.

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