TERMINATOR: DARK FATE – Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks T-800 Carl’s Wife + Family

TERMINATOR: DARK FATE – Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks T-800 Carl’s Wife + Family

You’re watching TheTerminatorFans.com Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the promotional
trail for Terminator: Dark Fate and he sat down for an interview with Inquirer.net to
discuss his T-800 character ‘Carl’ in the new movie. Arnold mentioned that his love of decorating
had carried over onto his character, and spoke of the fact that his ad-libbing of certain
lines had made it into the theatrical cut of the movie. He said: “I work with decorators well and we go out
and pick materials. Those are my lines [in the movie], by the way, just notes written
in the script, about the polka dots [on the drapes] and all of this stuff. It just happens
to be that they left those lines in the movie, because they wanted to have more of me in
the movie than they originally thought.” It also appears that ‘Carl’ has had parenting
exprience… Inquirer stated that: “As Carl, Arnold is a completely domesticated
man with a wife (Alicia Borrachero) and a son that he helped raise from the get-go,
including changing diapers “without complaining.” Arnold also filled in some information regarding
his character’s backstory, family-life and marital status. He said: “It’s a good characteristic-to be a listener,
not just a talker, so it’s something you have to learn. And to understand women and
all that stuff. So, Carl was saying, this is why she (Carl’s wife) is with him, because
he causes no trouble, and he has learned how to be a good partner.
Even though they didn’t have a physical relationship, as it was made clear when Linda
pointed out that I weighed 400 pounds of metal (laughs) and I would be a little too heavy
for most women in any case.” What do think? Does ‘Carl’ having a wife and raising a baby
take you out of the movie? Do you think a family is all the T-800 was
missing from its character arc? Or, would you have preferred Arnold Schwarzenneger
to have been the villain in T:DF? We’ll put any relevant links in the description
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81 thoughts on “TERMINATOR: DARK FATE – Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks T-800 Carl’s Wife + Family

  1. We wanted something different and here it is. No complaints. He's an INFILTRATOR unit. This is what they are capable of. Plus, everyone complains about every movie being the same, WALA!!!! this is great and different. Cant wait to see where it goes.

  2. So the Terminator that Kills John ends up having a family? Lmao wtf is this and why would Sarah let him live that long.. so dumb.

  3. Cameron said that Dark Fate has captured that tone of the first 2 movies lol. A wife and kid ? I can see The Terminator from 1984 doing that after the factory scene if it completed it's mission lol.

  4. It is very intriguing yet, I assumed the story has already convoluted so much because there is so much plot and story to tell with Sarah Connor / REV-9 / Mackenzie Davis / John Connor / New Timeline.

    I do think this kind of philosophy needs its own movie, not putting this theme onto a multiple plot and story.

    I bought Genisys if it focused on this theme 100% rather than using more and more time travel. I imagined it will be an indie film like the Joker movie.

  5. Carl being a family man sounds a very interesting concept. What does happen to a Terminator that has fulfilled its primary objective but is stuck in the present day? What does it do? Where does it go to?

  6. Carl apparently has a family these days. Pretty interesting concept I'd say. Although I predicted this.

  7. Carl is a Terminator. He has a family. Robot Chicken does Terminator or maybe it's Family Guy; Dark Fate edition. It definitely needs to be a hard R. Not for the film because I can't take the kids because I will be sat there going WTF he's got a business WTF he's married, WTF he's bringing up a KId WTF Dogs like him. I mean WTF………

  8. Well that's what he claimed originally. He claimed to be a evil terminator like from first movie again. But bring on October 28th as it's in cinemas here in Australia then and I'm going to watch it first day at 10am first showing

  9. Makes no sense to have a wife but it's a Hollywood movie – they don't always makes sense . They just did that bc of the public's interest in paying to see Arnold Schwarzenegger on screen in that role . But really they yet again screwed up TDF due to lack of respect for story precedent and the fans . After all we made it the blockbuster it has become by rewarding good storytelling and great great casting of actors with our dollars . I'll probably go see it once , only bc of Arnold and Linda Hamilton on the big screen together again .

  10. I'll reserve judgement until I see the film but this doesn't sound good. I know the T800 developed over the course of the T2 film but this feels too much of a stretch. What appealed was a character that looked human but was clearly not human. By making the character act human it removes the edginess and threat, turning the ultimate killing machine into a glorified Teddy Ruxpin.

  11. This makes no sense ,carl is a different T -800 without a chip reset , unless they explain it that his chip was reset somehow. He blows JC away and turns humanish without trying to preserve Skynet's existence which is what it's been trying to do since T1. Every terminator is Skynet, so after completing a mission a terminator just goes stupid? This makes no since! He has to be using tactical deception, if not , this movie is bullshit!

  12. It CERTAINLY doesnt take me out of it. Especially since Sarah explains how he was an ideal father figure for John at the end of T2!

  13. Lmao… it sounds crazy. It really does. We'll see how this all plays out very soon… Wow. This can be brilliant or be really, really bad

  14. It's a terminator, it infiltrates, didn't James Cameron say that this terminator develops a conscience?. The chip is in learning mode so it is continually learning from it's actions, learning right from wrong,. This idea of Carl being married is taken from the Sarah Connor Chronicles, it's got Josh Friedman written all over it. I still think this is an interesting idea. Carl being married will likely be a sub plot and unlikely to be the main focus of the movie so let's not dwell on it too much.

  15. I remember a Robot Chicken skit, where Uncle Bob is convinced by John and Sarah to stay with them, and he becomes his stepfather. It's hilarious 😂 😂

  16. "Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until…. your drapes match your carpeting!!!"

  17. I think it makes him or efficient at completing objectives. Being a learning machine being able to have good listening skills shows true character growth

  18. Could we possibly see that Carl's family a brutally murdered by the REV9 and now Carl feels sympathy for what he did to John and in fact sets out for revenge too? I can kinda see how this might play out which is not entirely a bad angle.

  19. Carl (72) always felt he was born in the wrong body. God put him in a hyperalloy combat chassis with a one-track mind for murder. But deep down he always knew he loved interior decoration. Since he transitioned, he’s never looked back.

  20. The only way to save this movie is to have the Carl T-800 glitch out and resume it's default programming and shoot all these dumb fucks. Wtf is this bullshit it has a wife and raised a son. Wtf!?! This is complete fucken trash.

  21. The photo of Carl with his family was in the preview on August 29th. The one where the Rev 9 was walking around the trashed cabin. Not sure why anyone is surprised or pissed off now.

  22. They should have called Arnold’s character, Uncle Bob. Having a Terminator become a domesticated husband and father is the dumbest and weirdest inconceivably concept ever in the Terminator universe period. This movie is going to suck!

  23. I think I will hide in a hole and reappear once all the backlash from this release is over. I am excited to see it but massively worried I am going to rolling my eyes a lot. If it’s shite then it ended at T2 for me. Watch T1 then imagine the same T800 marrying and having a family wtf!!!

  24. I thought for long hours about this crazy terminator that has a family and I can conclude that "Carl" is not a Terminator. I can explain: Skynet or Legion controlled for the resistence in the future, sent back in time in 1998 a human (Arnold), the same appearence of the first two terminators movies, and than, will kills John Connor. This human lives and has your family. Now, it´s a good opportunity to explain in this movie how Skynet send back in time a terminator with skin, and how to make, or how to development a terminator that appears a human. We love war between terminators, love violence, but, a director need to explain the development of the T-800 model with skin. We know that the T-800 model in the Terminator 1 is different than the Terminator 2. So, how the resistence sent back this model? They need to make a movie to explain it for us.

  25. So supposedly Cameron came up with the idea of the terminator having a family. Maybe this franchise is beyond saving if the person who created it clearly lost it and came up with such a retarded idea. Just think about the character Arnold portrayed in the first movie and what he is portraying now… This turd will match Genisys in the cringe department. Linda Hamilton will probably make it slightly better overall but still a travesty.

  26. Carl is obedient, he listens, he is strong, he doesn't want sex… Is this the wet dream of a feminazi? This is pure nonsens. Don't woman too have sexual needs? So what? She is keeping Carl as an obedient husband and has a manstress (male mistress) on the side? Is this what an ideal feminist relationship is? Is it even possible to shove more feminism garbage into one scene?

  27. I've always wondered if something like that would work. T-800s have vast databanks on human anatomy/psychology, we started seeing it in terminator 2 with the terminator stating, "I know now why you cry." before destroying itself. Now if the rumors are true and Carl killed John, what would happen to a terminator that was sent back in time and completed its mission? Would it just find a hole somewhere and stay put until the war? Or would it wonder aimlessly until finding something else it could do? I do like the concept though. And on an unrelated note, couldn't the resistance capture and reprogram terminators for medical purposes? For complex surgeries, precise medical care and possibly teaching field medics their knowledge.

  28. Possible carl just did a drapery job and stood in stayed as a father figure for a woman who's husband left her….. and built a bond with the boy as uncle Bob did in t2, Sarah discussed him being like a father figure to John. It's possible this family is just him standing in again?

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