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What are we doing today? We are waiting in line… to go to a festival… where who’s gonna perform? Winner Hey, everyone! And welcome to another episode of San Juan to Seoul: My Journey Across the Globe Hella cheesy, I know. But in this episode, I’m gonna share my experience at the Hanyang Woman’s University festival back in Fall 2018. I studied in Hanyang University
when I was in South Korea, and fortunately there is another university
within Hanyang itself. The all-girls university. So they had a festival and
the headliners for the festival were Winner. So we were lucky enough to be
able to go and… a thing about Korea is that most of the university festivals are free, you can go to almost all the festivals, if you can just get
in, like you can. You don’t have to pay or anything but some universities, like Yonsei for example, they only let their students go and there’s a
lottery or something for the tickets so it depends but Hanyang, Sogang, Korea,
Seoul National (I think) you can go to their festivals so…ayeeeeee A: Come on, so we can see them up close. X: Up close or… A: Relatively close. X: Here? Or where are you going? A: You think here is fine? Or more to the right? X: I don’t know. A: Check to see. A: Yeah, over here, over here, over here. This was such a cool experience for us, because at our university, back in Puerto
Rico, Xiomarie and I really don’t participate much. We didn’t really go
much to their activities or anything so to be able to be a part of this in Korea
was really cool and a unique experience for us, you know, coming from a latin
place like Puerto Rico but it was so much fun and, you know, students put on
dance performances, there was like this dance competition, there were some other artists before Winner came as the headliners so… It was really just a night about appreciating art and music and performance… And…can you guess those
dances? Because I know which dances they’re doing without the music. Those girls could really freakin’ move, okay? so this was one of the performances
before Winner. I think it was a band and this guy called like Sam something. I can’t really remember his name. They were pretty good but like most of us were
there to see Winner, so no shade to them they did a good performance and good
jobs, you know, doing their thing But Xiomarie and I were really just there to go see Winner. We’re just being patient. One thing, if you ever go to
Korea and you ever get involved in something related to Kpop- HAVE A LOT OF PATIENCE. Because being in a crowd full of Korean girls…Korean fangirls is a test. I’m really happy that we got to see them. However, I wanted to murder everyone around us. X: We kinda saw them because…(the crowd) Guys…Mino. They’re all so beautiful in person, but Mino is my bias and Hoony. HOWEVER Mino is so freakin’ handsome in person, I am shook. They were just there. So we didn’t get to go to the GOT7
fansign, but hey! We saw Winner for free~ I love Korea and I love Korean people but
there is a problem when it comes to Kpop fans. I’ve realized it from a firsthand account. Xio: Yep, what a mess. Tragic. A mess. No, it’s…Kpop fans are too much. Korean Kpop fans…too much. So even though the crowd was a little bit, as I said, too much- It was still a really cool and unique experience and I’m so grateful that we got to do that.
It’s just one of the things that- you get to live only when you go to
school in South Korea so I feel like since kpop is such a big part of the
culture, it makes sense- for the universities to pay k-pop artists to
come and perform and they really hype up the students. I feel like it sets the tone
for the semester and just brings like a really good energy on campus so I’m
really happy that we got to be a part of that. After the festival, Xiomarie and I just, you know, were posing there for pictures We went out to dinner at one of our favorite places near Hanyang. It’s called P.I.D. the menus good has
a lot of variety and it’s cheap so- I would recommend you go there if you
study at Hanyang or are near Wangsimni. But yeah till next time, guys. In our next #SanJuanToSeoul.

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