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  1. Nice. Couple of notes. Wrong pronunciation of names. Bogus fact about Jerry-Cans (Allied forces used German cans designed in 1930 'cos they were far better and stronger, easier to load and unload, more stabile when stacked up).

  2. if british and french atacks germans in first month of war, the war will be over in 1939! but they betrayal poland

  3. meh…totally lacking in the actual drama of the War…let alone the reality…"the National Interest" etc..

  4. You missed why he joined the party to begin with.. Does anyone else know why Hitler joined the party?

  5. Man… yours is such an incredibly well produced channel. Your narration skills and talents are extraordinary and, I am inclined to be complimentary of such efforts. Cheers

  6. Japanese are strong to the week bu be week to the week.
    Be careful.
    Do not go Japan for olimpic.
    They have planes to offer fukushima foods that they never eat.

  7. Peace not War…. i m from Philippines which currently not happy about our neighbor China….hoping this will not lead to a WWW 3 on our beloved Earth…

  8. These videos remind me of the awesome series World at War that my high school history teacher showed us back in the 80’s. Schools became garbage when they stopped using films like these. Thank you for posting these. ❤️😊

  9. Always the half truth. Despite the existance of all these lunatic fascist leaders, questions like..
    -What was the role of Rothchild interests in an upcoming war?
    -what was the role of the English aristocrats and external politics, along with the interests of the other side of the Atlantic?
    -Who's blame was the cituation of the economic desperation caused to the lost of the WWI and to whos interests this happened?
    -Who is responsible for the rising of the fascism in Europe, and offcourse all over up to Japan?
    -Why no-one blaming kapitalism?
    -Why no-one admits the truth of the on purpose maintening of the German industry during war bombing (to gain access to technology and scientists after the war)?
    -Why the west financed the Germany after this tragedy, and manage to maintain poverty to European countries in order to create a massive workers imigration to Germany to make it strong again and capable of doing it again (with economic war rules this time)?
    -Is it truth, the existance of an under the table support to the fascist parties in order to create the situations for a renewal in kapitalism kingdom worldwide under a new rising ruler? (America)
    And finaly…do you see any similarities of the today's economic situations, needs and interests and the European rising of the fascist Ethnisism?

  10. This is such a good video. It's really engaging so you can actually learn about the subject because it's made interesting and explained properly in a detailed timeline.. It was never like this at school.. thank you for making learning interesting!

  11. Should have nuked india instead of Japan…….would have saved the world from those filthy,disgusting,bottom-feeding pile of roadkills

  12. Hugo Boss respect. If WWS had ended otherwise, now the world would have enjoyed prosperity, advanced technology, medicine, order, discipline and true history, not as perverted and false as my old and ancient country would now be on 2 seas with vast territory, not pruned and small by the lousy and false Bolsheviks and brazen Englishmen !!! respect from old BG. Rrespect to greatest: Ahnenerbe, Vrill, Maria Orsich…,Thule, Wawalsburg, Antarktida-baze 211!!!

  13. I came across to this channel..theres a content about death march in BATAAN..it reminds me of my grandfather hes on that battle too he told me everything brutally happened on those years..i salute all the veterans.

  14. Why oh yah . I never speak . Hitler alouded the British to leave Dunkirk. He thought it would make peace! If you only ever listen to it. The Victor's view. You wont'nt ever and never know the Truth of history and you will always be distorted. Facts are all that matters is he let them escape in the hopes it would be over so he could invade Russian lands without a 2 front war….. Come on people. Become, Woke or die in the German peoples way! I'm an addiment American but, cleaning the swamp takes everyone. everyone. 99 percent of the wolrd doesn't even know that America and 2/3 of the world is still under the the British Maritime law! In America the courts here are under Maritime law!!!!!!!!!!! FactI dare you to look it up on YouTube. America is as always has been ruled by Brittain even thought we defeated them twice. I put my self at risk for the first time but, I'm diying anyway so truth it is!!!!!

  15. History will repeat it self. If Nations will do nothing on the current Chinese military program, we will should not be surprised if we woke up some day that the aggressor caught our cities.

  16. ito mangyayari sa pilipinas kung magka ww3 daming pinoy madadamay.. lahat madadamage.. lalo na ang china may nuclear bomb..

  17. One thing the germans had that was cool was their uniforms and helmets etc. They just looked cool af. They looked like what youd think a storm trooper would look like. And their tanks not only looked better but were better in general. But looks dont win you wars but it still something to mention.

  18. Italy showed up late to the party lol. The germans said the Italian soldiers showed up on bicycles the days after they already took France lol. Them mfs were waiting for the Germans to lose then say hey. Were on the allies side. But once they saw Germany surprise everyone and managed the impossible and took France in 6 weeks, they showed up once the coast was clear lol

  19. And the battle of Britain was won because of the new technology called radar. The radar helped the British pinpoint where the fight was and direct the planes there to intercept the German air force.

  20. You forgot about Germany rised to power on American reparation loans,who were never repaid,seems like every history documentary about WW2 forgets it for some reason.

  21. 2:50
    "Its impossible to dissect the causes of the 2nd World War…"
    what, are you joking? How can you not know this? This is freaking common. We learned this in school, the start of WW2 was…
    "Without discussing the rise of the Nazi Party"
    ahhhh you got me

  22. I LOVE This channel! Your One Fault is, you Never put links in the description box!!! We REALLY Need these links to find all your referenced videos & especially in this case, part 2! Thank you! I Truly Adore this content..

  23. -Legion of Nations (League)
    -invasion of Czechoslovakia January 1939 (March)
    – 12:17 – …FOREST MINISTER Joachim von Ribbentrop (Foreign)met with his GERMAN (Soviet) counterpart, Molotov.

    Errors like this in a historical account are inexcusable. Moving on.

  24. Некоторые говорят, что национал-социалистов больше не существует. Как будто они – теперь вымершая группа людей, их геноцид, вызванный в результате Второй мировой войны. Ты знаешь? Как будто "нацист" – это национальность, а не политическая идеология.

  25. World War II (1939-1945) – 80 Years Ago
    – (September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945) –

    Germany Invaded: (11 Countries)

    1. Austria
    2. Poland
    3. Denmark
    4. Norway
    5. Belgium
    6. The Netherlands
    7. France
    8. Czechoslovakia
    9. Britain – the Channel Islands
    10. Soviet Union
    11. Italy

    Empire of Japan Invaded: (30 Countries)

    1. China (Mainland China)
    2. Japan (Empire of Japan)
    3. Korea
    4. Taiwan
    5. Soviet Union
    6. The Philippines
    7. East Timor
    8. Vietnam
    9. Cambodia
    10. Laos
    11. United States
    12. Malaysia (UK)
    13. Singapore
    14. Hong-Kong (UK)
    15. Dutch East Indies (Indonesia)
    16. Australia by Sea
    17. New Zealand by Sea
    18. Burma (Myanmar)
    19. India
    20. British New Guinea (Papua)
    21. Mongolia
    22. Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India)
    23. Straits Settlements (Singapore)
    24. Brunei (UK)
    25. Nauru (Australia)
    26. Guam (USA)
    27. Imphal (India)
    28. Wake Island (USA)
    29. Gilbert and Ellice Islands (UK)
    30. Christmas Island (UK)

    Enemies: (Germany / Empire of Japan)
    Allies: (United States / Soviet Union USSR)

    – "No Sacrifice Too Great" –

  26. I’ve noticed my Dutch friends whom i watch these vids with really enjoy it, sadly the’re also a few who aren’t as fluent in speaking and understanding English, if you happen to want Dutch subs, let me know you deserve the extra subs

  27. This documentary is the best I’ve seen done by an individual. Great work Top 5’s keep it up! In regards to the war itself the Germans had many chances to win the war against Britain and Russia. Of course out of self ego, and Hitlers lack of understanding with his generals led to the inevitable defeat of the Axis powers.

  28. Sino po may alam na history na sa other country na ganap na parang marami silang pinangakuang tao na mayroong magandang trabaho na naghihintay sa kanila. Pero nung nasa "compound?" na sila ee pinaligo silang lahat ng sabay para daw kemeng fresh, pero di nila alam na ung nililigo nila is gas ba yun. Tas pinasabog ung compound na un. Di ko na matandaan ung other details ee hehe pasensya na po. Nahiligan ko lang po manood o magbasa ng history umpisa nung may pinanood samin ung history teacher namin nung college.. Thanks po sa makapagbigay ng ideas.

  29. Errrr correction! Tobruk was held by Australian forces, NOT British during the German siege of over 200 days. Credit where credit due thank you very much!!!!

  30. 2 sides to every story////// the loser's side of the story is censored in its entirety on YT. Even commentary referencing this doc is shadow banned. Search “Europa-The-Last-Battle” at a.r.c.h.i.v.e.o.r.g///////

  31. Talk about self hate. Blonde hair blue eyes strong the complete opposite of a short overweight little man with a funny mustashe . Think of the millions of lives that would have been saved if the world had the guts to stomp this bug when he started crawling.

  32. Just one question why did Poland didn't give back German their land back i.e danzing- that belongs to German and forcefully taken after the war.
    And why didn't Britain declared war on soviet as they invaded Poland too

  33. You cannot put everything of WW2 in 1 docu.
    Nobody can also know everything about it.
    As a WW2 guide if there was a guy saying i know everything. We would send him away..

  34. Mire than 60 million peoples died in. 2nd world war? The younger generation should know about. The war , specially avout hitlers. Character and his, behaviour , so Through out the world , schools and colleges should teach the lession in history. Compulsary

  35. Incredible opportunity to learn this information via this documentary. But u forgot to embrace the Greeks who not only defend the Italians with no tanks but also we push them back to Albania gaining territories, then we had to fight 2 biggest enemies without any help. Germans and Italians. Embrace Greece please, we did our best, we are a small country and Whiston Churchill said an amazing quote for us. Last but not least Greeks helped incredibly on the delayed attacking plan "Barbarosa" against USSR. Also stalin thanked Greeks. That's enough… Great work amazing documentary. All the above info it was just for the record.

  36. If you like my WW2 plane short film, please subscribe to my channel. I am just getting started. Thank you. https://youtu.be/Id8_w3sYmNA

  37. OK, the V treaty, when Germany began to re arm,
    If the allies had stuck to their end of the bargain,
    WW2 could and would've been avoided. And hey,
    Neville Chamberlain, a man in a dream.

  38. maybe in the next next years ww3 will happen …. no one knows but i hope this earth will be on peace lets love each other not fight because in this world we people maybe have different culture or persfective in life but we are all humans we deserve to be leave peacefully

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