The Criminal History of 21 Savage

The Criminal History of 21 Savage

21 Savage has had one impressive music career
so far. The 26 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia
got his first taste of success when his song “Red Opps” went viral and currently has
over 100,000,000 views on YouTube at the time of this recording. 21 Savage then went on to build a massive
fanbase for himself that brings in solid numbers on just about everything 21 releases. But it wasn’t just his music that had fans
obsessing over 21 Savage, it was also the way he presented himself. 21 Savage gave off the type of vibe that he
really was about the things he rapped about and nobody ever even questioned it for a second. But his latest situation with the law and
immigration had everyone questioning everything they thought they knew about 21 Savage. ICE even came out and said that 21 Savage’s
“whole public persona is false.” But is that really the case? Is 21 Savage actually a savage or is it all
a persona to sell records? Well, we have the answers. Here is an exclusive inside look at the criminal
history of 21 Savage. Now, a lot of 21 Savage’s childhood is unknown
but according to his team, 21 Savage was born in the United Kingdom and migrated over to
the United States when he was just 7 years old despite the claims that 21 was only 12
or 14 years old when he came to America that were circulating around online. When 21 Savage came to America, he settled
in east Atlanta. Growing up, 21 Savage had little to know money
and was surrounded by crime. His first run in with the law happened when
21 Savage was only in the 7th grade. According to 21, he had beef with a few classmates
in school and one day got word that the group of rascals were planning on jumping him. 21 Savage was not going to let that happen
to him so he brought a pistol to school the next day in hopes that they won’t jump him. The group of rascals immediately scrapped
their plans of jumping 21 and instead snitched on him to the principal. This led to 21 Savage getting expelled from
the school he currently attended as well as being banned from every other school in DeKalb
County. After spending a few days at home following
his expulsion, his mom got sick of him just sitting around the house and eventually just
told 21 Savage that it was actually only a 10 day suspension in hopes that 21 would just
go back to school and the teachers would act like nothing happened but this wasn’t the
case. 21 Savage did go back to school but he ended
up just fighting the group of people he had beef with which led to the school calling
the cops on 21 Savage because he wasn’t even supposed to be there. 21 was then sent to a juvenile detention center
where he spent an unknown amount of time there. Once released from the detention center, 21
Savage got accepted into an alternative school where he actually made it through a school
year without any problems and finished the 8th grade. During that summer, 21 Savage got into selling
kush to the Atlanta locals and was making a pretty solid income. He then started high school and completed
only one semester before dropping out to become a full time kush salesmen. This decision led to 21 Savage getting involved
with gangs and soon became affiliated with the bloods. Despite being a kush salesmen, 21 Savage also
did car theft and other robberies through east Atlanta and surprisingly only got arrested
once during this period in his life. That arrest happened in 2014, while 21 Savage
was in the process of meeting up with one of his clients. On the way to the client, 21 was pulled over
by the Fulton County police and was arrested on felony drug charges. This sounds bad but it must not have been
because in early 2019, it was revealed that the felony conviction was vacated and the
charges for that arrest were dismissed back in 2018. After releasing where his life was heading,
21 Savage decided to make a change and focused on rapping rather than crime. A big thing that fueled this change in 21’s
life was not only his felony arrest but rather the fact that he lost his close friend in
a shootout on his 21st birthday. This change eventually resulted in 21 Savage
become a worldwide celebrity and even amassed a $12 million fortune in the process which
is way more then he would have made if he was still a kush salesmen. But despite doing a complete 180 with his
life, the police still managed to find a way to arrest 21 Savage. On February 3, 2019, 21 Savage was riding
around Atlanta with his cousin and fellow rapper, Young Nudy, and two other men when
the vehicle was pulled over by law enforcement. The reason why the vehicle was pulled over
was because Young Nudy and the two other men were targeted in a gang operation involving
charges of aggravated assault and for violations of the Georgia Gang Act. 21 Savage also claimed he was targeted due
to the officers saying “We got Savage” upon arresting him but this is unconfirmed. After they were all detained, they discovered
that 21 Savage is actually a british national who has been living in the United States illegally
ever since his non-immigrant visa expired back in July of 2006. Officers soon got ICE on the case and eventually
arrested and held 21 Savage in a Immigration holding cell in horrible conditions. This all came as a huge shock to the hip hop
community since everyone thought that 21 Savage was born and raised in Atlanta and didn’t
even give off the slightest clue that he was from the U.K. After his arrest, an ICE spokesperson came
out and basically tried ruining 21 Savage’s reputation by saying “his whole public persona
is false.” Which is weird for them to even say in the
first place since it has nothing to do with 21’s situation. After a few days in a ICE holding cell more
details came out from 21 Savage’s team that gave a better explanation of what was going
on. They confirmed that 21 Savage was in fact
born in Newham, London but came to Atlanta at the age of 7. 21 Savage’s visa did expire back in 2006
and he didn’t really have any concerns about it until he wanted to start to tour outside
of the country. 21’s team then went on to say that 21 Savage
has been trying to get a new visa for several years but has been having issues with the
process due to his 2014 conviction that is now overturned. 21 Savage ultimately spent 9 days in an ICE
holding cell and was later released on a $100,000 bond. The case is still pending and will continue
to be pending for a long time but in the meantime, 21 Savage is still going about his business
like nothing happened while his team handles this situation privately. They are confident that 21 won’t get deported. 21 Savage still had some legal troubles upon
his release from ICE custody because days after being released, the Liberty County Sheriff’s
office announced that they had a warrant for 21 Savage. Once 21 got the news about his warrant, he
immediately turned himself into authorities. The charges against 21 Savage was one count
of felony theft by deception. This charge stemmed from a concert booking
back in 2016 where allegedly 21 Savage was booked by a promoter for $17,000 and ended
up not showing up to the concert and kept the money. 21 ended up being released the same day he
turned himself in and is required to show up to a court date in the near future. His lawyers claim they have the situation
under control and will have it taken care of as soon as possible. So in the end, 21 Savage seems to have a few
incidents from his past catching up to him but as of the recent 21 Savage has been keeping
his hands clean of any crimes and plans to keep it that way. He has made it clear that he is a family man
now and is really big into saving money. I also want to note that 21 Savage is one
of the few rappers who owns their own masters to their songs so he clearly is a pretty smart
guy when it comes to business. I hope 21 Savage stays on this path of success
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