The Hole

The Hole

(Swishy Swishy Fist Fist) (Music Sting) Tom, have you seen my copy of the greatest
movie of all time? 17 again? Yeah Pretty sure it fell in the hole What hole? OH MY GOD!! (Dramatic sting) What is that? It’s a hole Yeah, I can see that. What’s it doing there? Well, I woke up this morning… (Slurp) Then there was a hole What are you gonna do about it? Well, I put a rug over it (Dramatic sting) Yeah, it fell in the hole Shall we call the police or something? Oh yeah, I called the police yeah Well, where are they? They’re in the hole (Dramatic sting) Where is your girlfriend? Tom, where is your girlfriend?! She’s at work Oh, where does she work? In the hole (Dramatic sting) God! How deep even is this thing?! That was my favourite mug… (Dog falling noise) Now it’s in the hole (Dramatic sting) Tom, do you even know what this is? Like for
all we know it could be an interdimensional wormhole or a gateway to hell or… Tom? Tom?! TOOOOMMM!!?!? Hey, what’s up I got a snack Tom, will you please take this seriously! (Monster noise) (Intense screaming) (Gun shots) What was that?! Hole person Where did it come from?! Right! The hole! Yeah! Dude, why are you being so calm about this?! I’m more worried about the space octopus… What space octopus?! That one Oh, here it is! (Dramatic sting) Oh shit! (Dramatic sting) (Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share)

100 thoughts on “The Hole

  1. Me being a five year old: Mum where is my doll?
    Mum: idk
    Me: Dad where is my doll?
    Dad: idk
    Me: Sis where is my doll?
    Sis: idk
    Me: Bro where is my doll?
    Bro: idk
    looks down
    Me: oh its in the hole….. 🙁

  2. There are a lot of bottomless hole, but none are more bottomless than the bottomless hole, which you can see here is bottomless

  3. I was gonna fall into the hole but the hole ate it's self
    (Person 2) oh thank god
    (Me) ya but orb came out then changed it's self into air
    (Person 2 again) oh thank God
    (Me) ya but you are getting attacked by the space squid

  4. The orb is in the hole, which made another hole fall into the hole. Since the police fell into the hole, the police died and turned into the hole monster. Tom knew about the hole all along and the orb made the space octopus which killed the whole planet. This was tom's evil plan.. To take over the world.

  5. Mom: Where Is Dad?
    Me: In The Hole
    Mom: Dare Gawd!
    Me: He Fell In The Hole While He Was Sleep Walking….
    Mom: How'd This Hole Get Here?
    Me: Becareful There's A Space Octopus Mom: What Space Octopus?
    Me: There…
    Mom Gets tooken By a Space Octopus Me: That One
    Me: finds The Dad in The hole And takes Him Out
    Me: drops Him
    Me: Shit.

  6. Her: So what color is your soul?
    Me: My what?
    Her: Your soul.
    Me: Oh. I don't have one.
    Her: Well you at least had one. Where is it?
    Me: In the hole.

  7. Teachers: Where are all your pencils? You all got a bunch of pencils at the beginning of the year!
    Students: They fell in the hole.
    *dramatic sound effect
    Teachers: Oh.

  8. how does one climb up the hole, is it infinite, what can fit in it, did you break the laws of physics? where the hell are the physicists when you need them? the hole.

  9. My friend:where's he remote?
    Me:its in the hole
    My friend:jumps to get it
    Me: well…DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry if the s was written before I did not read the comments

  10. Wait… did LittleKuriboh predict you would make this joke?
    Abridged Weevil (imitating Beavis): (throws away five cards) "Exodia go down the hole … hee hee hee."

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