The Mercy College  ASPIRE Scholarship

The Mercy College ASPIRE Scholarship

everyone is talking this year about the
Excelsior scholarship just went into effect here in New York and it allows
students whose parents make I think it’s up to is it a hundred, $125,000? It has
graduated steps so it actually began last year and it was a hundred ten
thousand this year I believe it’s a hundred and fifteen and then next year
will be a hundred twenty-five it allows them to go to any state school for free
right the way it works however it’s not really that this you’re going to school
for free it’s applying federal and state aid first and whatever the balance left
will be covered by the Excelsior scholarship okay so it’s cut it’s
covering your SUNY and CUNY tuition at that amount I see but our message as I
understand it is you do not have to go to a public institution in New York a
SUNY or a CUNY to have your tuition fully funded mercy now offers its own
version of the Excelsior called aspire right the Mercy New York aspire award so
to be eligible for the New York aspire award we’re using some of the same
criteria that the Excelsior scholarship is requiring for example you need to be
a New York State resident you need to complete the FAFSA application you need
to maintain positive academic standing for renewal each year but it’s there are
no restrictions to this award as there are with the Excelsior award maybe
restrictions is not the right word there are no conditions upon graduation so
with the Excelsior award you’re required to remain in New York State right right
and you’re required to work within New York as well otherwise it actually
converts to a loan program and you have to actually pay that back our aspire
scholarship is truly that it’s a scholarship for our students as long as
they maintain full-time enrollment we filed a FAFSA application each year and
maintain positive academic standing the scholarship will automatically be
renewed and that also covers incomes of roughly that’s that we’re using we’re
using the same year exactly we’re using the same income brackets as excels here
and it’s in combination as well just to be
perfectly transparent it’s in combination with you know your New York
state tap Awards your federal pell grant your other mercy assistance grant and
then the new york aspire scholarship is on is layered on top of that it’s a
$1,500 per year scholarship for students that fall into that bracket

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