The Most Romatic Moments In Sex Education

The Most Romatic Moments In Sex Education

(calm music) – There’s somebody in this
crowd who’s very special to me and no, it’s not you, Mr Groff. (laughing) Hey Maeve, what do you
think Woolf meant by “If the history of men’s opposition “to women’s emancipation
is more interesting perhaps “than the story of that
emancipation itself”? – That men are dicks
and selective castration is our only hope. (Jackson laughing) – This person is pretty damn incredible. She’s one of a kind. But I was an idiot because
I wanted to hide how I felt. – As if you were on fire from within, the moon lives in the lining of your skin. – I’m not gonna a secret anymore. Maeve Wiley? – Hi. – You waited. – Of course. – Will you please be my girlfriend? – You dickhead. – Okay.
(glass rattling) (Jean sniffing) You are a strange woman. (crowd cheering) – Would you like to be my boyfriend? – This one. – I asked you first. – Yes. (laughs) I would like to be your
boyfriend, Rahim. (laughs) – Yeah, I see. Thank you for removing this fluff. – Hi. I’m gonna kiss you, okay? – These men don’t even need
to be remotely attractive– – But the pheromones– – Yes. Just send off powerful
signals of attraction. (kissing) – Ah! – Woo!
– See? You’re basically Beyoncé. (laughs) – Yeah, that was fun. – No, you smashed it honestly, you smashed really– (kissing) – Do you want to kiss me? – Yeah, yes. I do. – Eric Effiong. (audience chattering)
Eric Effiong I have something to say to you. – Stop talking and do it then. – [Adam] Will you hold my hand? (kissing) – Yes. (audience cheering) – Play the next song now! – Go through the vagina,
through the vagina!

100 thoughts on “The Most Romatic Moments In Sex Education

  1. Nothing is more romantic than showing up to an abortion clinic thinking its for a date but still wait for the person.

  2. Maeve facial expressions are everything. They express so much about how she is feeling that no words could. Emma is such a phenomenal actress

  3. Great show with realistic storylines just as otis said love isn't about the moon and the stars, it's just about dumb luck🙌

  4. All these romantic scenes, yet the only one that makes my heart skip a beat is Maeve looking at Otis is his jumper on the bridge… 💕

  5. 11:30 Fantastic 🔥💋
    1 like = God will forget you 😢
    *Yang milih allah like 600🙏💕 like ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja💖

  6. I love this show so much but I also feel like fans are overreacting to the finale. There have been worse cliffhangers on shows like Shameless, HTGAWM, Scandal, Shadowhunters, etc. A guy in wheelchair deleting a voicemail is not even shocking just disappointing. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. sex education couples that have to end up together:
    – otis and maeve (if they don’t what was the show even for)
    – lily and ola
    – yacub and jean (idk how to spell his name i’m just guessing here)
    – steve and amy

    notice how jackson is absent from this list because i don’t think he’s met anyone yet that he should have a romance with. eric is also missing from the list because even after everything i’m still kinda team rahiim because i know that rahiim is the healthier option even if adam and eric are cuter.

    thank you for coming to my ted talk

  8. I'm glad that there will be a third season of the series! beloved couple) the most interesting thing is that in the series the actress is very similar to Margot Roby, but, in an interview, nothing in common)

  9. i don't know if I'm the one but "notes pour trop tard" by Orelsan would be perfect in the season 3. French with a great message !

  10. If Adam said to Eric: will you be my boyfriend?, i would say: i don‘t believe it, so unreal. But he said „will you hold my hand“. It is exactly what Adam could afford at his level of understanding himself. Thanks Netflix for not ruining this moment.

  11. Hi,

    I made a video based on the two main relationships from this show (Adam/Eric and Otis/Maeve). I used the iconic song Baby One More Time. I hope you all like it

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