The New Gates Scholarship Program

The New Gates Scholarship Program

Hey there Pam Andrews of The Scholarship Shark
and I just wanted to come and share the new Gate Scholarship that opened
yesterday Friday July the 14th. I want to talk to you a little bit about
the Gates Scholarship program go over some of the differences in the program
from the past and the current program some of the similarities and really how
to move forward what you really should be doing if you’re eligible to apply. So
if you’re not familiar with it the Gates Scholarship is funded by the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation and the first cohort ran for ten years and it funded
1,000 students annually for a total of 10,000 students college students. It
covered unmet need and it was really designed to promote excellence and to
provide opportunities by removing the financial barriers that in college can
give. Most people are have heard of the Gates Millennial Scholarship program.
It took a hiatus last year there was no Gates scholarship program, but it picked
back up again this year starting yesterday. So I want to talk a little bit
about some of the differences some of the similarities and how to move forward
with this scholarship so to get information just go to and I’ll have that link in the post so that’s The old
link for the Millennial scholarship will the old
link for the Millennial scholarship will not work so if you have that old link
you need to make sure you’re using this new scholarship link. So let’s just go
ahead and again I want to cover the three things the differences in the old
program, the similarities, and how to move forward which is key because that’s
embedded in some of the differences is some really huge differences. So #1 and I find that there are five differences from the old program number
one the names. the old program of the Gates Millennium
Scholarship Program GMS (GMSP) or most people called it. The new program is TGS
The Gates Scholarship so they call it TGS so that’s a minor difference nothing
huge just a name change. The second big difference is the timeline starts sooner
it actually starts now in July in the summer. So in the past it would start in
the fall November and you had until January to complete the application to
get those eight essays written, get them uploaded, and get your recommender to do
their part so you had November to January. Now the process starts much
earlier so that’s really key because if you’re not thinking about and this is
for high school seniors so you need to be a high school senior in 2017-2018 and
going to college in the fall full-time. in 2018 that’s one of the requirements. So you have to think sooner and let me tell you why. This new scholarship (this is one of the other differences) the third differences it’s in phases. There are
three phases. Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. That’s different…..very different. So the
first phase is now. It opened July the 14th to September 14th or 15th check
those dates on the web and that first phase is a qualifier for the next phase. Again, that’s another key difference. That there
are multiple rounds you didn’t have that before. There was just one process, one
application you completed it anytime between November and January, submitted
it and that was it. Then you waited. Now, they’re taking student’s applications
until September. Then so many of those students will move on to Phase 2.
So that’s critical! The other thing so let’s take a look at those three phases
because that’s the third thing. Phase 1 is July until September. Then Phase
2 I think that’s November to January where
you write the essays that’s if you make it out of Phase 1. Then Phase 3
is the semi-finalists and down to the finalists where there’s an interview.
That’s new also. There was no interview before with the Gates Scholarship. So
those are three things that you need to really think about. The next thing is
that a nomination this has a nomination process. I’m not sure if later on they are
going to have the recommender and the recommender will complete the form as
well like in the past, but there is a nomination process on the front end. You
can get a parent you get a teacher to nominate you, but you complete the
nominate. They are going to complete and include your email address,
your school information. You know some general information about you and then
you’ll get a link in your email. So you want to click on that link and complete
the application. That’s totally new as well and then one of the other big
newbies in this new scholarship is that there are fewer winner. So in the past
there were 1,000 winners. Now there will only be 300 winners. So the process is
even more selective and even more competitive and my guess… this is just my
guess is that they’re going to really use that first round as a qualifier. A
first round to kick out a lot of applicants before they make it to that
next round which would be writing the essay. So now
those were some of the differences. Again, let’s go through them. There were five
number one the new name. So instead of the Gates Millennial Scholarship Program
it is The Gates Scholars program with a new link. Number two, the timeline starts
sooner. It has started now started yesterday. So it’s no longer November it
has started. Now number three, there are phases okay so now there are three
phases. So that’s the third big change. Number four nominations not recommenders,
but nominations and number five there are going to be fewer winners. So instead of
1,000 winners like in the past there are going to be 300 winners and they are
going to do this again it looks like over ten years. So
they’ll have a total of 3,000 winners… that’ll be 300 winners. Let’s look
take a look at some of the similarities. How is the Gate Millennial Scholarship
program similar to the new Gate Scholarship to the TGF. The Gate
Scholarship which is the new program. Well for one thing it still will cover
unmet need which is great. If you’ve got that difference in your unmet
need it will cover that and then another similarity is that it will have the
mentoring as a scholars program. So it’s not going to just offer money but it
will have the mentoring, the tutoring, the support the leadership training all that
great stuff that comes with being a Gate Scholarship winner. So those are some
differences in some similarities now how are you going to move forward
number one what you’re going to do you’re going to go to the website and again I have the link so just go ahead and click on
that link and you’re going to complete the application and what it will do it
will determine eligibility. Now in the past it didn’t have that didn’t happen
there wasn’t when you would click click click and it would say either yes you’re
eligible you can move forward or no you’re not you can’t move forward so you
can go ahead and do that to move forward. Let me tell you, it little bits reminds me of
the Coca-Cola Scholarship. The Coca-Cola Scholarship that rolls out in the fall
typically around October in that it asks a lot of questions about leadership, your
involvement in and out of school. It asks about your attendance,
awards, and honors. It also asks and this is very new and this is at phase one.
That’s very new. That wasn’t in the old scholars program, but it asks your SAT or
your ACT. So, if you take an either one of those and that’s critical if you’re a
high school senior, again and that’s why I keep saying this over and over and
over and over and over and over again you take your SAT or your ACT and you
max it out your junior year. You know you don’t want to go into your senior year
saying, “Oh, I’m going to take it for the first time (my senior year).” You want to have taken it
before that because a lot of these scholarships are getting more
are competitive and they may begin to follow suit and some of them do require
that score going in. So, if you’ve already had it then great. It’s asking class rank,
it’s asking if you know what you completed on the FAFSA forecaster with
your 2016 data. So it’s asking for a whole lot of information on the front
end and my guess again is that from there people who make it out of that
round and I don’t know if it’s weighted I don’t know if there’s some kind of
algorithm that they’re using or if it’s a manual process, but from that point on.
Then those people will move on to Phase two the actual essay writing portion and
that was kind of the on-ramp for last year the the Phase two was just the
whole process. I hope that makes sense so I am telling my clients to go ahead and
apply and because you know if you’re not eligible you know if you think you’re
eligible and you know you’re not sure if you’re going to meet some of the
eligibility requirements go ahead and start the Phase one process. If it
doesn’t kick you out then just keep going
and let me tell you because I’ve worked through that whole process. It’s not hard,
it’s long. It asks a lot of questions and you can save it and go back which is
really nice, but you’re not having to think. It’s not an essay where you got to
put a lot of thought into it. It’s just stuff about you, you the student you know
what’s your rank what’s your GPA what’s your SAT, your ACT score, what
were your activities, where did you lead, were you an officer of an
organization. It’s all of the stuff and as we’re working through our processes it’s going
to be very easy because you’ve got all that stuff already on your student
profile so you’ll transfer that. I was just talking to my clients. If
you’re not one of my clients yet what I’m going to tell you is the same thing I
would tell them go ahead and complete Phase one and if it doesn’t kick you out
of Phase one and you know go read through it double-check everything
because you’ll have an option before you hit submit and I always recommend going
through it a little bit save it go back through it look at it make sure
everything’s right you didn’t miss anything didn’t make any typos or
anything like that then inadvertently type the wrong test score you don’t want
to get kicked out, but it does ask to verify certain things that I found that
very interesting as well and so “Hey there,” and so go ahead and complete that and if it doesn’t kick you out then go ahead and submit it. That’s
pretty much it for this new program for this new Scholars Program I’m glad it’s
back and you know you’ve got the duration. What this means to you
if you’re a high school freshman, sophomore, or rising junior so now this
scholarship is for rising seniors okay so if your rising senior and
particularly one of my clients or if you’re listening you’re not one of my
clients yet I’m telling you to go ahead and complete it but if you’re a freshman,
sophomore, or junior what I’m telling you to do is take a look at it so you know how
to prepare, how to move forward. Does that make sense ?
That’s pretty much it if I’m still offering free Discovery Calls 20-minute
calls just so I can talk with you and hear a little bit more about you and how
I may help you and your students not only get into (college) but get it
paid for. I’m Pam Andrews with the Scholarship Shark and we help you take
the bite out of college debt.

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for this video. I have a question, so if I got 990 on the SAT on my junior year(I know it's not the best as it could be), do you think I still have a chance?

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