The Next Massive Bailout: Student Loans

The Next Massive Bailout: Student Loans

so there seems to be some solutions on
the horizon for the student loan debt crisis by the time you watch this video you
would have probably already heard or known centered Elizabeth Warren will be
releasing a bill that will basically allow students to refinance their debt now the student loan debt rate is
growing at a ridiculous really big hands right
its 1.2 trillion dollars it has tripled in the past 10 years and it seven
percent are graduating students have an average
of twenty nine thousand dollars of debt or more according to this Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau arm so there’s two proposals on the
floor alright sort of going down now the White House has sort of put into place this ideal
that we should be great in college is based upon have graduation rates and if folks if the if folks are able to get jobs
after that sooner than deal with the back that right now the status quo students
who have already graduated art suffered with eight-percent 12
percent 15 percent interest rates in theirs to
loan debt and is continuing to sort of slow down
our entire car economy now one plan is to refile allow
them to refinance their debt consolidate the debt and lower ray and then refinance it the
president also pushing you know and the other ideal the present
look at the present pushing to to arm you know rate colleges and the other
idea that we’ve heard is you know also finding a way disorder love position the when we look for here position the debt so like we have income based repayment
that he gonna pay a certain amount of your income but the problem with that
program which present put in a couple years ago that now enrollment in the program with
up forty percent in the past six months are and you know its is just not working right we need your real real real real
solutions arm and they’re you know they’re really
on any there are many out there besides
refinance the debt arm so the refinance the debt or should have
great college is a great colleges and fix the back a tuition is already high so little ones
in a release a bill that will allow you to refinance their
debt at a lower interest rate we’ll see how far goes I can guarantee
you this: people in the house republicans will go outside to the oak
tree setting up from the house they would snap two sticks and they will
take those taken a proper they’ll put them in their years and they will stop listening to the
cries of america’s young people and the only thing we can do Millennials the only thing we can do the only thing that we can do start button and are putting Millennials in washington put Millennials an office
we do that will be ten leagues ahead where we are right now well well home now

10 thoughts on “The Next Massive Bailout: Student Loans

  1. I find it amazing that we can find 7 trillion dollars to pay for the war in Iraq yet we can not find 1 trillion dollars to pay off student loans. Paying off the student loans would lead to economic growth and increased tax revenue for the government.

  2. Students shouldn't be thrown into debt in the first place.
    The USA has the most exploitative, fascistic and destructive policies we've seen in sixty years, at least.

  3. Hey Rich.  I was wondering…can your show compare the amount of money the military is wasting destroying ammo and equipment compared to the U.S. education budget woes?  I think it would be interesting to see GAO cited military waste versus the amount Republicans want to eliminate from the national education budget, or food stamps, or social security etc etc.

  4. Higher education should be available to everyone like it is in other countries without having to take on mountains of debt.  Education should never be locked behind a pay wall. Who knows what kind of potential is lost because certain people can't get that higher education. 

  5. The colleges today are flooding the labor market with graduates earning worthless liberal arts degrees that have little to no value in the private sector. It is also why so many college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. The main source of employment for people with liberal arts degrees is academia, government, and law. Academia and government jobs do not help boost the economy because their main source of revenue is the tax payers. If the the US economy is going to recover and boost its GDP, then it needs growth to take place from small business. Small businesses need people with specialized skills, training, trades, knowledge, and problem solving capabilities.

  6. Supply/demand and budget cuts are driving up tuition costs. The concept of supply/demand does not care about a person's feelings. The supply of seats are limited at colleges and universities because demand for college level education is still high. If enrollment drops significantly for consecutive semesters, then colleges/universities would be forced to cut tuition and reduce administration because demand would drop.

  7. Public Higher Education with taxes from corporation which uses those majors! If the want Mechanical Engineers tax those companies who want them. If they want nurses tax the hospitals.
    Maybe I'm a boomer but I'm 1000% behind millennials and their strangling debt. It makes me want to vomit the abuse the banks and the colleges, especially these for profits make for poor students return on investment.
    The Republicans keep crying we need educated workers but where the rubber meets the road, money, you can hear a pin drop. Not just in college but in primary and secondary schools.Virtually none are Mitt Romney with daddy's million in their back pocket.

  8. How about not refinancing student loans, how about a REAL bailout.

    And not a bailout on the banks who loaned to students, like our last travesty of a corporate bailout (they obviously should have just paid off the mortgages, not paid the banks AND let them steal the houses).

  9. It's ridiculous to think that this country has money to take care of public land, but none to ensure a future for it's citizens. No. 1 my ass. More like No. stupid. smh. 

  10. Don't bail them out !  They took out the loans, make them pay them back!  I did an apprenticeship and learned a trade. Where is my money?  I will only support a bailout if I get some of that money too.   Otherwise it will be me paying for their bad decisions!!!!!!

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