The SIS Graduate Experience

The SIS Graduate Experience

[MUSIC PLAYING] – Welcome to the School
of International Service at American University. As one of the world’s
top ranked schools for the study of
international relations, SIS offers opportunities
for academic excellence, professional training, and
public service in the nation’s capitol and around the world. – People come to study here
because they look at the world and they see something
that’s wrong with it, and they want to change it. And second, they imagine a role
for themselves in that change. – Washington DC
becomes a platform for major international issues. We’ve got speakers who come to
SIS that you couldn’t imagine. – Thank you. It is a great honor to be back
at American University, which has prepared generations
of young people for service in public life. – And our students
then have opportunities to intern and to work right
alongside policymakers and thought leaders
and practitioners in this field every day, so
there’s truly no other place to study international
relations in Washington DC. – The great thing about
the student body here is the diversity of backgrounds. There’s people from all
over the United States, but also people from all
over the world, people who’ve worked and interned
in the White House and in the State Department
and with different NGOs. And so when you’re
in class, you’re having discussions about the
relevant issues of the day, it really generates a great
and dynamic conversation. – I chose SIS
because the faculty and the staff found out what
I was truly interested in, and were able to
connect me with people within SIS and within
my program of study that could help lead me
forward in my career interests. [MUSIC PLAYING] – I made the best decision
of my life to come here. – What makes SIS faculty special
is that we’re really engaged in the work that we study. We monitor elections. We work with the
policy community on really important
and pressing issues in international relations. And importantly, we engage
with our students and alumni as we do this work. – We have a wide
selection of courses. And there’s some courses
that are more theoretical. There’s some courses that are
more professional and more practical. So one of the key
differences about the program is we understand the
difference between teaching you about things and teaching
you how to do things. – At SIS, we believe the world
needs leaders ready to serve, thoughtful, capable
leaders who will think critically,
build understanding, and wage peace in our world. To help prepare our
students, we provide tremendous
opportunities for them to study abroad
with programs all over the world, including dual
degree programs with partner institutions. Students can enhance their
educational experience and pursue their dreams by
working and studying overseas. – They develop a
vision for what peace would look like in the world. It’s not just an abstract
concept by the time they leave here. Beyond vision,
though, they then get a sense of what
are the practices and tools to build peace. – Service isn’t
just about a moment, service is truly a mindset. – The thing about SIS
that I really appreciated is their willingness
to work with people who have different
work/life balance needs. As someone who is a husband
and a father of two, I found a great willingness
from the faculty and the administration to
allow me the flexibility to do the things I need
to do while also meeting all the varying
responsibilities that I have. – At first when I got here,
I felt a little bit strange because I’d never been in
American culture before. But when I go to classes and
I speak about my experiences from Thailand, what I
perceive about the world, everybody was supportive of me. – Our graduates go
forward to tackle the most pressing
challenges of our time, and they do so with the support
of a global alumni network of more than 20,000 people. [MUSIC PLAYING] We are delighted to welcome you
to the School of International Service.

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  1. Woah, Thanks for the heart! Sorry for the late response. Do you guys have any tips to help me right now during middle school and high school to increase my chances to get into SIS? I'm currently about to take Model United Nations if that helps. Please respond if possible, thank you very much!

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