The TRUTH Why So Many Regret University/College

The TRUTH Why So Many Regret University/College

Hey Thoughty2 here. The year is 1096, it will be 203 years until
the Ottoman empire will begin and start decorating many a living room with comfortable foot stools. In 334 years the Aztec empire will be founded
and begin sacrificing 20,000 humans a year, to keep themselves occupied. And it will be 487 years until the British
Empire start taking over the World by sticking flags in things and people. Yet in this year of 1096, what is today the
oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford university, will teach its very
first lesson. One hundred and thirteen years later Cambridge
university will be founded. Between them both these two powerhouses of
education, spanning back almost a millennium, have changed the world in more ways than one
can count and definitely for the better. These two research and education establishments
are responsible for world-altering inventions and discoveries such as the Theory of Evolution,
IVF, artificial intelligence, heart and lung transplants, stem cell research, gravity,
the discovery of electrons and nuclear fission, and last but not least, the internet. And those are just a small selection. So to try and argue that a University education
is a waste of time and money would be futile, wouldn’t it? Well all over the world education has changed
dramatically since the days when the inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners Lee studied
at Oxford University. And it has even changed over the past 15 years,
since Mark Zuckerberg learnt how to ruin the World Wide Web with Facebook at Harvard University. University or college education as our transatlantic
cousins call it, is today less relevant than ever before in history and for many young
people, attending university could be one of the most expensive and biggest mistakes
they ever make. Aside from pre-purchasing No Man’s Sky. All over the developed world we have it drilled
into our heads during our school days that higher education is the path to gold and riches. Get a college diploma they said, get a university
degree they insisted, and you too will be able to afford champagne, hot tubs and unlimited
naked women. We get told that so frequently by our elders
because when they attended university that was mostly true. Thirty years ago if you were lucky enough
to study at university you were pretty much guaranteed a job in your field of study. Engineering graduates would go on to work
for car and aircraft manufacturers, media students could get a job at a broadcasting
house and so on. Provided you got a decent grade your future
in a well-paid job was almost guaranteed. Today things have changed, on average, only
half of university and college graduates get a job in the years following graduation and
I’m not even talking about a job that has anything to do with what they studied. Statistics show that many of those 50% of
employed graduates are working in completely unrelated or menial jobs, because today less
than 30% of all university graduates go on to work in the field of their degree. Unless you took the The Underwater Basket
Weaving Degree, the demand for them things is off the charts. Yes that is a genuine course. The reason behind this has a lot to do with
numbers. In the 50s, 60s and 70s only the middle class
and affluent families could afford to send their little cretins to university. Even in the UK where university tuition fees
have only existed since 1998, it didn’t matter because to support the family, children
would have to go off to work at the age of 18 or younger, higher education was just never
an option. As a result, in 1950 a pitiful 3% of people
in the UK attended university. Today that has risen to 49%. That’s obviously a really good thing, as
a society we are all now more driven and more financially able to attend university and
educate ourselves in any field we choose. But the problem is, the number of jobs available
has hardly risen at all. With so many hundreds of thousands of graduates
each year in the UK and over 4.5 million new graduates each year in the US, the competition
for the specialised, high paying jobs is greater than ever before. And if you graduated in something more general
that isn’t so specialised, such as media or business studies, then good luck to you,
because you’ve a got an extremely tough journey ahead of you. If you currently are or have been in this
situation yourself you will know how horrible it feels, but if not, imagine spending two
to five years at university studying hard, sitting through countless lectures with a
hangover and living off nothing but the two important student food groups, instant noodles
and whatever you just found in the cupboard on toast. But finally, after the seemingly longest and
hardest years of your life so far, you have a moment of glory, you graduate, you throw
your cap into the air and you are filled with optimism for the fruitful career that awaits
you. Then six months later you’re working in
a call centre, still eating your typical student diet. Now imagine all that but you are also joyfully
over £50,000 in debt. And this exact situation is not just befallen
on a fringe group of graduates, the majority of university graduates, over 70% find themselves
in a career they never wanted, and almost 100% will be in debt for the next 30+ years. I’m not here to say whether Universities
should be free or not, because truthfully, there are incredibly strong arguments on both
sides of that fence. On one hand, charging tuition fees makes students
value and appreciate the opportunity more strongly and they tend to put more effort
in. Also, without having to rely on government
handouts universities can also offer a higher quality of education and more resources for
students. But conversely, if university fees are completely
abolished, a greater diversity of people are given an opportunity to better themselves
and in the long-term it actually pays off for the government and society, because a
generally better educated society are going to contribute more to the country’s economy
in the future through increased innovation and business. The Shittin’ Shake Weight didn’t invent
itself you know! University or college graduates are also statistically
far less likely to be involved in crime, reducing policing and prison costs and are less likely
to rely on social welfare during their lifetime. Just think about it, when was the last time
you saw a Doctor of Theoretical Physics having a custody battle with their sister on Jeremy
Kyle? Each year millions of young people graduate
from university but a poll recently conducted in the UK showed that one-third of university
graduates regret going to University in the first place. So what’s the issue here? Do students just regret how much money they
spent on instant noodles and booze? Probably, but that’s not the main issue. Whether you paid for your tuition or not,
the problem is what you’re actually getting in return for your hard spent time and money. When polled 49% of graduates said they could
have gotten the job they are currently doing without ever attending University. The problem isn’t just the sheer number
of university graduates out there and the huge competition. Over the years the true value of a university
degree has been eroded away to become increasingly worthless, just like Windows. Over recent years the percentage of university
graduates achieving a first or 1:1 has risen sharply. In the UK ministers have spoken out about
how they believe Universities are increasingly making it easier in sneaky ways, for their
students to achieve higher marks so that the establishment looks better on paper and they
can better compete in University league tables. And to make things worse, it’s believed
that in many universities across the globe corruption and abuse of funds is rife, if
the reports are to be believed then it’s particularly bad in US higher education. Surely the 50 thousand plus you borrowed to
attend university is put to good use? It’s spent on hiring the best teachers and
purchasing the best facilities for students, is it not? Well yes, a lot of it is, but many journalists
have uncovered a seedy underbelly in many top universities. Many higher up staff, such as University presidents
earn more than many CEOs of big corporations. Apart from day to day management, the primary
role of a University president is fundraising. This involves horrendously arduous tasks,
such as wining and dining international visitors, or even jet setting off to exotic locations
for days at a time for “meetings”. And of course, University funds are used to
pay for all of these activities. Universities have long been viewed as non-profit
establishments, but journalists believe that today many large American universities are
acting more like for-profit corporations. They are increasingly engaging in patenting
and licensing of ideas, concepts and innovations, which only opens up opportunities to profit
from an idea and is directly contradictory to providing open education for all. And this is just scratching the surface, Unesco
released a report called “Corrupt schools, corrupt universities: What can be done?”
after six years of investigation into schools and universities worldwide. The report claims that education at all levels
is corrupted with embezzlement, illegal registration fees and academic fraud, among other shady
practices. I’m not trying to put anyone off higher
education, for so many people it can absolutely be the right choice and the best thing they
will ever do. But if you are turning against the idea, then
what are your alternatives? Well, unfortunately if your dream is to be
a doctor, dentist or engineer I’m afraid you will have to attend university, since
they are strictly regulated, after all, would you want to operated on by a surgeon who got
their diploma from the university of YouTube? But those specific careers aside, the only
thing stopping you from achieving your dream job is your passion. The most important thing you can do in your
professional life is whatever makes you happy, if you’re about to start your career, you
may think that by opting for a well-paid but boring job you will have a happy life, but
I promise you the day will come when you will wish you followed your true passion. And if you’re already 30 years down the
line and you already realised this 20 years ago, then I’m truly sorry my friend, I think
it’s about time for your mid-life crisis, if you like I can just give you a list of
numbers for Porsche dealerships. But today, with the internet, the opportunities
to do what you love are limitless, and literally the only thing stopping you from doing what
you love, is your willingness to try and if you stick around until the end of this video,
I’ll tell you a story that will make you want to stop everything you’re doing and
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it, I have yet to find a self-learning platform out there that rivals the professionalism,
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a lifelong dream or simply start a new side project, Skillshare is a must have tool. And since Skillshare is sponsoring this video,
the first 500 people to use the promo link in the description will get their first 2
months for free. So about that story I promised you. There are hundreds of rags to riches stories,
each one is inspiring in its own way but there is one entrepreneur who has perhaps suffered
more than any other on his journey to success. Californian John Paul DeJoria is today worth
$4 billion, but not so long ago he was homeless. Let me tell you exactly how that happened. DeJoria grew up in a very poor household without
a father, at nine years old he started selling newspapers so his mother and brother could
eat. Eventually DeJoria was sent to a foster home
when his mother could no longer support him and his brother. In school his maths teacher told him “he
would never succeed at anything in life” and DeJoria says that ever since that moment
he was determined to change his life. An interesting side note, my maths teacher
once told me the exact same thing, seriously, what is wrong with maths teachers? Also, if you’re watching haha! But if only things were that simple for DeJoria,
because from here on out things only got worse for him. At 22 DeJoria’s wife abandoned him and their
two-year-old son, but not before she secretly drained every dime from his bank account and
took his only car. It’s not really my place to say, but wow,
what a grade A bitch! DeJoria was subsequently evicted from their
flat and forced to live on the streets with his infant son. He was homeless for some time and resorted
to rummaging through bins to find empty bottles. At this time you could trade in empty bottle
at grocery stores for a couple of cents. He did this for a while to make money to buy
food for his son. Eventually DeJoria got a job as a door to
door salesman. The job requirements must have listed “must
make a good stereotype” because he sold encyclopedias. One day DeJoria decided to start a hair care
company with his friend Paul Mitchell, who was also broke. Incredibly they managed to secure a $500,000
investment from a venture capitalist, but on the day they were supposed to launch the
company the only investor pulled out, leaving them with nothing. This forced DeJoria to become homeless once
again, he began living out of his car. So in one last ditch attempt to make his hair
care company a success, he and his business partner Paul Mitchell pooled all their money
together, and DeJoria asked his mum for a loan of $300. All of this added up to just $700. But it was just enough to produce their first
bottles of shampoo, they even had to print the packaging in black and white because they
couldn’t afford colour. According to DeJoria, during the first two
years they nearly went bankrupt almost every day, but eventually they managed to slowly
build up the business and their customer base of salons. After two years they were able to finally
pay their bills and focus on growing the business. Their brand John Paul Mitchell Systems became
a global success, selling in 150,000 salons all over the globe. John Paul DeJoria had everything taken from
him twice and was homeless twice, today the man is worth $4 billion. Off the back of his success in hair care also
started a premium Tequila company called Patron Spirits, which he just recently sold to Bacardi
for $5.1 billion. Now if DeJoria’s story doesn’t give you
the determination to stick to and pursue your dreams no matter what, then nothing will. At the end of the day, whether you’re university
educated or not, there’s only one person that can make you successful, you. And it won’t be your college or university
diploma that’s responsible, it will be your determination to make it happen. Thanks for watching.

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  1. To another comment I left here, I received a reply which – correctly, I have to admit – made the point that my previous comment lacked information about what Thoughty2 got wrong. Let me correct that here.

    0:21 The Aztec empire undoubtedly did not do this "to keep themselves occupied."
    1:49 I will admit that Facebook has done bad things, but to suggest that it ruined the world wide web is overstating the matter.
    2:15 You're suggesting that No Man's Sky could be prepurchased and that it was a bad game. The prior is doubtful and the latter is both a matter of taste and hardly relevant to the point which I thought this video was supposed to make.
    3:44 Is there even such a degree? Also, assuming it doesn't exist, the demand for this skill can hardly be "off the bloody chart." Yes, you show a video of someone weaving a basket underwater, but surely this was staged!
    8:07 Surely this does not weigh into the decision.
    8:48 This is also a matter of opinion and not related to the point of this video.
    10:13 Are we to believe that "wining and dining international visitors" is a "horrendously arduous" task? Do you really believe that this and the meetings are that hard?
    12:36 How is this list related to the point made in this video?

  2. Employers 30 years ago: Oh, you have a degree? Awesome! We shall pay you well.

    Employers today: So, you have only 1 Ph.D., a mere 10 years’ experience, and 3
    recommendations from several heads of state? Yea, we are looking for someone
    with a bit more for this entry-level job.

  3. I disagree, if you make college free the university will just make it more expense and less effective. Lowering the quality and the worth of the bachelor.

  4. When I was in grade school my mother would threaten that if I didn't go to college, I would end up working a McDonald's.



    I ended up working at McDonald's for 18 months after graduating with my MASTER'S degree in chemistry, funny story 🙂

  5. the most brilliant among us go to university (college), for free, everyone needs to pay. But college sucks, and there is a problem with indoctrination of liberal leftist ideals… so it is a nut to crack

  6. Makes more sense if these institutions worked as an internship like a job where both sides can earn an be freethinkers at the same time

  7. If you want a good paying job learn a trade. Check out the cost of hiring a plumber or an electrician. Back in the eighties I was working as a boilermaker welder pilling in 90 too 100 grand a year. (The fact that I pissed it all away doesn't detract from the fact that the income was well above average.) Nowadays anyone who does what I used to do and who is pulling in less than a hundred and fifty grand a year isn't trying.

  8. Can confirm. Went to college. Got a degree. Found a job that I hadn't planned on getting but realized it paid more then a job I got a degree for. Got that job and now I am looking back and wishing I had just gotten this job sooner. I would have a lot more money than I do now and possibly more well off.

  9. I'm in my first year of college now but I'm trying to decide if I actually need a degree or not. This year I'm actually not paying much out of pocket due to scholarships and such. I'm concerned about the time spent since I do want to get married and start a family young. My majors are Business Management (with a specialization in entrepreneurship) and Fashion Design, and my goal is to start my own business (I like a lot of creative things). Suggestions would be helpful so I can play devil's advocate with myself and see the costs and benefits. Thanks!

  10. I stopped working as a Chef, to study archaeology to follow my dreams. Ive got top grades in my class. From this videos purpose: should i quit university, or follow my dreams (that requires a Uni degree)?

  11. Youtube is sending me form video to video about B.S. marriage, college, religion, etc.
    OK thanks youtube for trying to open my eyes.

  12. You crafted a good video, but you haven't listed ANY SOURCES for any of the claims you made :/
    This is rather dissapointing

  13. The Aztecs sacrificed 20,000 humans a year? That’s 55 people PER day, non-stop.
    Lol they would have killed themselves off before anyone got to them.

  14. I got married right out of High School instead of going to college. It didn't take me long to realize that those returning from a college "Education" weren't educated at all. I have some of the notes left on my door from some of them. They were illiterate. Much misuse of there, their, where wear, you get the picture….but do you? I was always a prolific reader of Non-fiction. I couldn't care less about the romance novels or who Dr. John fell in love with among the always beautiful nurses….I wondered what GOVERNMENT was up to and it WAS and IS plenty of criminal activity to the destruction of this civilization as it could be, without Big GOVERNMENT. Colleges are arms of GOVERNMENT. In fact, ALL social , Educational , banking and organized religious institutions ARE GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS. The rabbit hole goes deeper than most people imagine and it is eating out the soul of this civilization all rationalizations aside…

  15. For a guarantee, trade school is better than the Ivy League, which is ironic becuase kids who went to trade schools when I was a kid were sent there because "academically slow".

  16. You don't know anything. I graduated from the most blood thirsty program on earth. Electrical engineering was hell on earth. I hated all my professors who ruined a truly fun topic.

  17. If you come from a very wealthy, privileged family a degree is worthless because you'll never need to get a 'job'.

    Also with enough money it's now possible to get a degree from some Universities (Oxford for one) without actually attending the place or doing much work.

    The whole system has become a corrupt mess.
    Get a City & Guilds certificate in door opening or an NVQ in under water bagpipe playing. It'll be more practical use than a Bachelors in Media Studies.

  18. 5 years of regret, but it was because it wasn't a course I wanted, and now working part-time on an unrelated field while finally planning to pursue music. Got rejected by companies (and vice versa) back then despite my credentials because I was too choosy and I didn't wanna sacrifice practice time (or my channel). Still it's all about skill and the stuff you learn; nearly half my income is from making music.

  19. pure rubbish, a university degree does not better a person, it just makes another clone of mostly useless non practical knowledge. 42 you neglected to mention that 80 % of This useless college Degree debt belongs to women, so dudes be forewarned if you think about getting into a long term relationship with one of these THOT"S you better check, cause 1/2 of that debt will become yours, not to mention any and all other debt she may be holding if you marry her. oh and yeah she will never tell you until after that fact as well. MGTOW

  20. University is a huge and expensive waste of time. University degrees are actually hindrances to employment. Employers do not like to employ academics. Meritocracy is a myth. The path to most jobs is through nepotism and/or cronyism. Employability depends upon who you know, not what you know

  21. They've moved to require degrees to work in fields that have never required a degree lately. You need a degree to shoe a horse without the courses ever teaching you how to shoe the horse. It's maddness

  22. I feel like I can be way more successful without going to college Lmaoo fuck that shit college is a business they just want money today’s world it’s all about who you know

  23. I regret college. Wasted my time. Would have been better taking mediocre job and staying out of debt.
    America sells lifestyles buying homes you can't really afford, two cars, and all the other bells and whistles. At the end of the day you are no better off than the person working a no college degree necessary job living modestly. A lot of those modest people have great credit scores and not in very much debt.

  24. At 5:10 he said that graduating in media studies and business studies means you’ve got an extremely tough journey ahead of you 🤔 could someone please explain how that’s a bad thing?? I don’t get how that’s bad

  25. I dropped out of high school. I'm 21 years old I was brought into the usa when I was 2 years old from Mexico. My step dad was an asshole and made me work since I was in middle school. Financially I'm better off than 90% of my "friends". I was very academically capable but that's in my blood. My grandfather is a professor in one of the most successful universities in Latin America. Honestly I would've been better off in Mexico. Idk what ima do in life but I make 15$ or more from my experience due to my step dads ideology. I find it extremely surprising how people struggle to find jobs. I can get a job from California to Omaha to anywhere in North Carolina to Florida to Alabama to Texas with ease. You honestly don't need any level of education whatsoever. It's sad tbh

  26. The problem started when college became job mills. The original intent of college was NOT to study a specific field to qualify for work. The original intent was to learn and a diploma meant the student was smart enough to be trained in fields requiring critical thinking. Employers then hired the student and trained them for the entry level job. Once invested in the student, the idea was to keep training and promote for life.
    It all went wrong when businesses started paying colleges to pump ready trained entry level workers so the business could abandon it’s responsibility to train.

  27. If school would teach you the truth about the real world, and not stuff irrelevant to everyday living. My son is learning some of the same regurgitated non sense I learned in school. It's like they deactivate your mind and when you hit the real world you're oblivious to the reality of what it takes to get by.

  28. The reason alot of people regret college is because they go for useless degrees and expect to come out of gate being paid 100k.

  29. I have recently left a job working in a higher education establishment in the UK after working there for nearly 6 years and a lot of the points on this video really hit home.

    The whole system is corrupt and is in essence (in my opinion at least) an enormous money laundering operation. Most Universities have favourable tax rates and register themselves as charities and Non-Profit Organisations under the guise of tax avoidance more or less. The institution I was at was relatively small in comparison to others but still the Vice Chancellor was paid six figures a year as well as getting a 10-20% bonus each year with the rest of his senior management team whilst the majority of other staff (Academics included) either got no rise or rises of 1-2%. A friend who I used to work with went to another institution in the UK and said that their Vice Chancellor was driven around in a Bentley… the one that I was at 'merely' had his own minibus which was driven by University staff…The level of pretense around these figures and how they are treated in my mind is astounding, they have more lucrative jobs than most CEO's and politicians. The VC of the University I was at also lived in a paid for, 3 story house on campus and was free to roam and use whatever facilities he wanted on the campus at any time.

    The studies do not lie – Since there are such large amount of students paying large amounts of money a year to come and study Universities are now primarily run as businesses as opposed to Educational establishments. The reason why International students (particularly post graduate and doctorate level) are encouraged to study in foreign establishments is because they are paying two to three times the fees that undergraduates are paying. Furthermore, targets are put on student satisfaction and retention not so much for the benefit of the students themselves but so that the University can hit certain government targets and qualify for extra funding (it pays to hit these targets and that's all the senior managers care about). There are departments set up in most establishments which in essence go out to Organisations asking for funding for the institution in return for giving them graduates to work in their businesses and the Vice Chancellor would fly the globe meeting with politicians, CEO's of businesses and Vice Chancellor's of other institutions to bring in more money and large, lavish events were held at the campus to celebrate these companies in a rather sickening display of brown nosing…

    I wouldn't even mind if the money was spent wisely but it wasn't – students did not seem top priority when it came to budgets. As I worked in the IT department I would see members of staff who would spend money on expensive laptops, phones, virtual reality headsets, expensive software systems and computers all under the guise that they would be used for research or to improve their jobs but were infact in many cases never used or used at home so they didn't have to spend their own money to buy said item. To give one example each member of one of our departments had a Microsoft Surface (cost of around £1200) as well as a PC in their office and a nearly new iPhone each… including paid mobile phone contracts. Say no more…

    I am lucky that I have no student debt and I was able to fund myself through my degree through working at the same time but I really feel sorry for a whole generation now in their early to late 20's who will be leaving with a worthless degree (particularly if they have not gone to a "top" institution) only to work in a mediocre job and have a debt that they will very likely never be able to pay off. They have in essence been sold a lie right from their infancy and are part of a society where the Government and large, faceless corporations through social engineering make money off their misery and debt.

  30. I skipped college to become an airplane mechanic/welder. School was a little less than 2 years. Im currently earning 82k. I've now started an Etsy business which is growing gradually and doing well. If it does well enough I might give up the mechanic work. Personally, skipping college was the best decision I ever made.

  31. Yeah, everyone can just be an influencer or professional gamer. All of those professions that require a degree are absolute nonsense.

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