The Untold Truth Of Lara Spencer

The Untold Truth Of Lara Spencer

For decades, this veteran newscaster and Good
Morning America personality has been reporting the headlines. But she became one in 2019, when her commentary
on Prince George’s education sparked intense global backlash. But there’s more to her story than a viral
scandal. This is the untold truth of Lara Spencer. Spencer made quite the splash in 2017. According to People magazine, the then 49-year-old
GMA co-host was vacationing with family when she shared a pic of herself on Instagram. The response to her washboard abs was a mixture
of amazement and confusion, but it turns out Spencer has been in great shape for most of
her adult life, thanks to having taken up diving way back in high school. She told Marie Claire, “Looking back, I realize that putting yourself
out there, literally, on the edge of the platform is very similar to doing live TV. It’s taking the plunge and knowing, with lots
of practice, it’ll work out fine.” She went to Penn State on an athletic scholarship,
where she was named an All-American Athlete, graduating in 1991. “And now it’s officially retired. The speedo. “Oh, hang it up, baby.” “Hang it up!” “You did great. Awesome.” When Donald Trump was just a presidential
candidate in 2015, Spencer sparked controversy when she appeared to sit in his lap for a
photo. “I am officially running for president of
the United States.” Trump was at ABC for an interview, and Spencer
had worn a Trump costume for GMA’s Halloween show just a few days earlier, according to
The Daily Beast. When a GMA photographer spotted Spencer and
Trump chatting, they snapped what would become a highly controversial photo. But Spencer claimed it wasn’t what it looked
like. She posted on Instagram: “Let’s clear this up, I’m standing next to
Donald Trump. Said a quick hello and welcomed him to the
GMA studio for [the] first time since he announced his candidacy.” Network sources backed her account up, but
many of Spencer’s Instagram followers still weren’t impressed. One user fumed, “This guy disrespects women, does not apologize,
and you welcome him with open arms. That’s what’s wrong with America.” The Trump controversy was big in the U.S.,
but Spencer caused a ruckus on a global scale in 2019 when she seemingly mocked Prince George
on an episode of Good Morning America. She and her co-hosts were discussing the curriculum
that William and Kate’s son was following, poking fun at his ballet class. She said, “The future King of England will be putting
down the Play-Doh to take on religious studies, computer programming, poetry, and ballet.” After pausing for an audience response, she
added, “Prince William says, ‘George absolutely loves
ballet.’ I have news for you Prince William: We’ll
see how long that lasts.” She admitted that George might be into the
dance classes, but said, “Between the religious studies and the computer
programming, I just want to go back to the Play-Doh!” Unsurprisingly, the backlash was swift. The hashtag “Boys Dance Too” exploded on social
media, according to Town & Country, with numerous male dancers speaking up on behalf of the
prince and criticizing Spencer. So You Think You Can Dance choreographer,
Travis Wall, said on Instagram, “And I found these comments to be very upsetting. Not only did you inspire your audience and
colleagues to participate in the laughter, you have now added fuel to the fire to a massive
problem in this country, which is bullying.” A day later, Spencer apologized via Instagram. Calling her own comments quote, “insensitive,”
she urged her followers to chase their dreams, writing: “From ballet to anything one wants to explore
in life, I say GO FOR IT. I fully believe we should all be free to pursue
our passions. Go climb your mountain and love every minute
of it.” After even more heat for the comments, she
followed up with a sincere, on-air apology a few days later. “I screwed up. I did. The comment I made about dance was insensitive,
it was stupid, and I am deeply sorry.” Spencer may have already been walking on thin
ice at ABC when she made those inflammatory comments about Prince George. In 2018, with the battle between Good Morning
America and NBC’s Today heating up, GMA reduced Spencer’s schedule from five days a week to
just three. Producers wanted to focus on the favored trio
of Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, and Michael Strahan, according to PageSix. A source claimed, “Lara’s good at her job, but it’s not like
the [ratings] are affected when she’s not on [the show.]” According to Fox News, new publicity shots
for ABC’s flagship morning show featuring only Roberts, Stephanopoulos, and Strahan,
were rushed out. In what another insider described as a quote
“heartless” move by the network, one of these new posters was plastered on a bus stop right
outside ABC News’ Upper West Side offices, where Spencer would undoubtedly see it. According to sources for Page Six, the majority
of GMA staffers were quote “thrilled” when they learned that Spencer’s hours had been
reduced. An insider told the outlet, “She treats staff badly, she yells at people
and she makes a lot of extra work for people.” This was confirmed by an ABC source, who spoke
to Fox News about the backstage reaction to Spencer’s new workload, alleging, “The GMA people are thrilled she’s being pushed
out. She’s a bully and a blamer.” Fox News additionally claimed that Spencer
is said to be a hard person to work with. She reportedly quote, “screams at her producers
daily,” and allegedly doesn’t always see eye to eye with her co-hosts. “I am very upset right now. I did not need to learn that on TV.” One particular Good Morning America colleague
that Spencer allegedly doesn’t get along with is Amy Robach. According to reports, Spencer wasn’t at all
pleased when Robach took over from the departing Josh Elliott, as news anchor. Spencer was made a co-host just a few weeks
later, as rumors of a rift between her and Robach ran rife in the press. TMZ offered, “When Amy got promoted to news anchor apparently
GMA felt it needed to up Lara’s title to keep her happy.” One GMA insider claimed via Radar Online, “Among the gripes Amy has with Lara is that
she shamelessly flirts with the male staff and guests. It’s cringe-worthy, according to Amy, and
she hates to see it.” But the alleged beef between Spencer and Robach
is said to be about more than just flirting. “I thought I was doing something philanthropic
for others who might have cancer, never imagining that I was sitting in this room with two malignant
tumors.” Robach was forced to undergo a double mastectomy
after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and she reportedly feels as though Spencer
blew her off during her treatment. A source told Radar Online, “Lara never came to visit Amy in the hospital
or even called her to see how she was doing.” Not only is Spencer a published author, she’s
done something that every writer dreams about, twice. The host released her second book, Flea Market
Fabulous: Designing Gorgeous Rooms with Vintage Treasures, to critical acclaim in 2014, telling
Marie Claire, “The new book made it on the New York Times
bestseller list, as did my first, I Brake for Yard Sales, in 2012. I’m glad, because now I know I’m not crazy
for loving vintage furniture so much. Others are as addicted as I am.” “Everybody that knows me knows I kinda love
taking diamonds in the rough and refurbishing them, whether it’s a great find from a flea
market or a family heirloom.” Spencer has thrifting in her blood. According to HGTV, she spent a good chunk
of her childhood frequenting secondhand shops, yard sales, and auctions with her family. Over the years, she became a pro at spotting
a bargain, though she insists that her ability to find a great deal isn’t the reason she
loves flea markets so much. “It’s like a treasure hunt. Nothing I love more than upcycling and updating
out of fashion furniture.” Spencer told the LA Times, “It’s not about the money. It’s about creating really fun, personal rooms
that have loads of character and make you smile.” When she’s not co-hosting Good Morning America,
Spencer still spends time in front of the camera for her HGTV show, Flea Market Flip. Spencer called the show her “passion project”
during an interview with the New York Daily News, saying of her love for refurbishing, “I’ve been doing this for as long as I can
remember. So it was a natural leap [to do a show] in
which you go to a flea market, find pieces with great potential and fix them up.” A number of past contestants have spilled
the beans on just how Flea Market Flip actually works, and it’s apparently not how it appears
on screen. According to former contestant Charlotte Smith,
each team is given “helpers” to bring their build to life, and sometimes it’s these talented
people that are really doing most of the work. Negotiations between the teams and the sellers
are also not as they seem. Former contestant, Sarah Trop, revealed on
her blog, “They have to stop to have the people selling
at the flea [market] sign waivers saying they would be on TV. [They] stop to film from different angles
and have us explain why we bought what we did.” Spencer may come across a little blunt with
some of her opinions, but she’s far from heavy-handed when it comes to her makeup. According to Good Housekeeping, the GMA co-host
wears quote, “almost-always flawless makeup every time she steps in front of the cameras.” Yet, this fact didn’t go unnoticed by one
savvy online scammer, who decided to use Spencer’s name and image to promote a fake skincare
brand. When the TV presenter caught wind of this,
she took to Instagram to warn her fans about the ads and the bogus products they were peddling,
writing, “I did not give permission for my name or
likeness to be used in any way and I have no affiliation with these products. We are going to work with authorities to identify
the operators of these online fraud sites, but I would love everyone’s help in spreading
the word!” Spencer isn’t the only HGTV star whose image
has been falsely represented, Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines was also exploited by scammers,
who circulated fake information about the designer quitting her super popular show to
start her own beauty line. Spencer was praised for her athletic body
in 2017, but she also knows what it’s like to be targeted by online trolls. In 2018, she posted a picture of her Emmys
outfit on Instagram, and the response was shocking. The HGTV star was cruelly body shamed by bullies
telling her that she shouldn’t expose her legs at her age. One user wrote, “I feel embarrassed for you. Can you not see that you do not have ‘young’
legs? #SaggyKnees.” Another so-called fan even dragged her kids
into it, writing, “Love you, watch you every day, but you’re
a mom. What the hell with that outfit? That would’ve embarrassed my children.” “I was like, ‘No! I’m 27.’ In my head I’m 27.” Age is an especially touchy subject for Spencer,
who needed a hip replacement before she turned 50 due to a hip dysplasia diagnosis, after
years of enjoying sports. “Three weeks, two days, post hip replacement.” She told People magazine, “I felt there was a stigma attached to a hip
replacement, and I didn’t know if I would be the same. I went into this abyss of, ‘What am I going
to say to people and my kids?’…But this isn’t an old person’s problem, it’s an active
person’s problem.” Nobody could deny that Spencer looked stunning
when she married tech entrepreneur Rick McVey in 2018. Judging by Instagram, Spencer and McVey are
absolutely loved up. But what exactly went wrong between Spencer
and her ex husband, David Haffenreffer? The couple said in a joint statement in 2015,
via Page Six, “After a lot of thought, care and consideration,
we have decided to end our marriage. It’s a sad decision that did not come easily,
especially because we respect and love each other and our children.” It all sounded amicable, but sources close
to the couple claim their 15 year relationship was more than strained by the end. An insider told Radar Online, “Even though David comes from old money, Lara
earned significantly more. She wore the pants in the relationship.” The source claimed Spencer never got along
with her ex’s parents, but got along a little too well with other men, adding, “Lara’s flirting just wore on the marriage
as time went by.” “When you see something great, snap it up.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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