Thomas & Friends on Quality Education – Goal #4

Thomas & Friends on Quality Education – Goal #4

All Aboard…for Global Goals! Hello! It’s me! Thomas. I’ve been on a Big World adventure! I learnt what an amazing place the world is, and how important it is that we take care of it. Today I want to talk about… The importance of education. Education means learning something new. You can learn things anywhere. But a school is a special place where children go to, to be taught by grown-ups called teachers. Schools are great because you can learn things… and make new friends. Lots of boys and girls get the chance to get an education, which is great! But unfortunately, not all children are able
to go to school. In some places, families can only afford to send some of their children to school, and sometimes they choose to send boys instead of girls. Other times, children can’t go to school,
because schools are too far away, or because the weather has damaged the roads, or there’s fighting going on where they live. This is very sad because they may not get
the chance to learn the same things as other children. And getting an education can set you and your family and your community on the rails to a brighter future. I’ve been lucky enough to have had some great teachers and I have learnt a lot working on the railway. I’ve also learnt a lot from the engines
I met when I went travelling around the world! See you next time!

7 thoughts on “Thomas & Friends on Quality Education – Goal #4

  1. I subscribed to this channel to do what I can to boost the UN’s coverage. But this time I enjoyed the video. Well done to whoever come up with this series.

  2. Thank you for uploading this!!!!!!! Thomas is basically a celebrity and seeing him go deep into other cultures, morals and global issues gives me hope and happiness!!!!!! Keep it up!!!

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