Top 10 Medical Schools in the World

Top 10 Medical Schools in the World

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody, I’m Gus
with Crimson Education, and today we’re gonna be
talking about the Top 10 Medical Schools in the world. Just a quick disclaimer
before we get started. These rankings are based
off of the QS rankings which, are kind of a
mixed of different factors including, employer reputation,
scholarship productivity, and H index, so by no means
are these the definitive, or only ways to rank medical schools. It’s just one of the ways,
so it also might mean that the schools on this list
aren’t necessarily the best fits for you, so if you
are looking for the best school for you, feel
free to click on the link below for free. That’s right. Free! Academic consultation with
one of our academic experts, but lets get started
with our number 10 school on our list. It’s tied for number nine. It is the University
College London located in London in the UK. University College London,
or UCL has been training doctors and scientists
in medicine since 1834. Only schools in the US
undergraduates can begin studying medicine at UCL
from the very beginning. It’s a six year program
to become a doctor if you study starting as an undergrad at UCL. UCL also offers plenty
of Postgraduate medicine education opportunities
for Post-grad students looking to enter the medicine field. The school of medicine is
one of six divisions within the faculty of medicine at UCL. UCL Medical School Alumni
often go on to become high profile figures within
the medical community, so for example, the current
Presidents of the Royal College of Physicians, the
Royal College of Surgeons, and the Chair of the
General Medical Council are Alumni of UCL. Number nine on our list
is sure to get some haters because, they don’t even
have a medical school. It is the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, or MIT. Why are they on this list? Is because, they are aligned
with Harvard Medical School through the Health Scientist
and Technology Program. This prestigious program
is combined MD-PhD Program for students interested
in essentially, they get together Health Science
and Technology not just through a medical degree,
but also through an intensive research degree, or a PhD. Because of the programs
emphasis on research, most of the students
who pursue this program wind up pursuing a career
in Biomedical Research as oppose to being a practicing Physician. Number eight on our list
brings us to New Haven, Connecticut with Yale
University School of Medicine. The Yale School of Medicine
Admissions Committee specifically notes that
students applying to their program do not need to
have majored in a Pre-Med, or a Biology Track, but
as long as they complete the prerequisite requirements,
students from all backgrounds are welcome to apply, and join the program. Yale University has
several graduate schools, and they take advantage
of this in their medical school training, by offering several joint degree programs including an MD/JD, and MD/MBA, and MD,MDiv. That last one is for
Medical and Divinity School if you don’t know. In addition, about 20% of
students at the Yale School of Medicine pursue a
joint MD-PhD as that is also an option. One famous Alum of the
Yale School of Medicine is Dr. Aaron Beck a
famous Psychiatrist who developed Cognitive Therapy. Number seven on our list
takes us to the west coast of the United States to UCLA, or the University of
California Los Angeles. The David Geffen School
of Medicine at UCLA is number four in the US, and
number seven in the world, and a lot of the training
that UCLA Medical School candidates receive is at
the UCLA Medical Center which, has specialties in
virtually every area of medicine. UCLA Medical Center is the
primary teaching hospital for both the UCLA Medical School, and the UCLA Nursing Program. UCLA like Yale has a lot
of graduate programs, and students at the medical
school have the ability to pursue joint degrees in MD-PhD, MD/MBA, and an MD in Masters of Public Affairs. Number six on our list is
the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. The Karolinska Institute
is a huge scientific endeavor in Sweden. It is responsible for 40%
of all medical research within Sweden, and it’s
free for students in the EU, so if you’re from the EU, this could be a good option for you. I just wanna emphasis
that if you don’t speak Swedish, you really
shouldn’t be going here. Like don’t try to fake it. Just like find another school. There are many other medical schools. It’s exactly what our admissions
experts would tell you. Number five on out list brings
us to Baltimore, Maryland with Johns Hopkins University. After a lot of requests from
you our YouTube audience, we went to Johns Hopkins very recently. In fact, you can find
our big QS videos here, and our day in the life video here, so John Hopkins has an
extremely competitive medical school at approximately 3.9% admission. However, Johns Hopkins
notes on their website that competitive atmosphere
disappears once students arrive on campus. Every class is about 120
students in the medical school, and it’s really designed
to be a collaborative environment, rather than competitive. Number four on our list brings
us to Palo Alto, California with Stanford University
School of Medicine. Stanford Medical School
is fantastic for a number of reasons. One of which is that it
offers a wide variety of dual degree programs
including of course an MD-PhD Program for students
interested in getting medical training as well as research experience. In addition, Stanford is
located within Silicon Valley giving students great
access to really a whole bunch of ways you can apply
medicine to technology, and vice versa. Additionally, it’s a rather small program. There’s about 90 to a
100 students per class, or in each cohort, and
Stanford isn’t really located within a big city, so though
a little bit more of an intimate program than others. Number three on our list brings
us to Cambridge University in the UK where medicine
has been taught since 1540. If you are old enough to
remember that, tell us who your doctor is because, you are a miracle. Like many UK schools you
can start studying medicine at the undergraduate level
at Cambridge graduating as a doctor within six
years, which is something you can not really do
unless, you are like some kind of amazing person in the US. You know what? I’m just gonna come out and say it. You can’t do it in the US. In addition to the medical
school, Cambridge University has a long history of
excelling in the Biomedical Sciences. DNA was discovered there. I feel like that kind
of stands on its own. Number two on our list brings
us to Cambridge’s rival Oxford University also in the UK. Like Cambridge, Oxford
offers opportunities for undergraduates to start
studying to become doctors when they arrive on campus. Another thing that you can’t do in the US, but Oxford also offers an
accelerated program for students who all ready have
pursued an undergraduate degree, and are ready for
advanced graduate training. Graduates from Oxford’s
Medical Programs go on to pursue careers in Academia, and Research, and Private Practice, and
really anything else you can imagine doing with any
kind of medical training, and number one on our
list brings us to Harvard Medical School. Harvard Medical School is
widely regarded by basically, everyone as the best medical school, and medical research school in the world. Not only does it have some of
the best faculty in the world. It also has some of the
best teaching hospitals of anywhere including, Mass
General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital. They have a lot of great hospitals. In addition, we have filmed
several Harvard Medical School students. You can click here to watch
a video with Julia Peng. She is getting not only her MD, but also her MBA as
part of a joint program, and you can also check out Bush Chang. Another Harvard Medical School student. Maybe you will be our third
Harvard Medical School video subject. Harvard Medical School
has produced a huge number of notable Alumni including,
Dr. Harvey Cushing. He was a pioneer of brain surgery, and discover of Cushing’s Disease, and Dr. Jill Stein who
is not only an American Physician, but also
political candidate of the Green Party. Okay, and there you have it. QS’s Top 10 medical schools in the world. Again, these are not the
only ways that you can rank medical schools. Let us know in the comment
section below if you think there’s a school that
should of been on this list of medical schools that didn’t make it, and if you wanna free
academic consultation to see which medical school is right for you, and to get some help
on your journey there. Click on the link below for
a free academic consultation. Again, I’m Gus with Crimson Education. We’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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    The medical school is associated with 3 Nobel Prize winners; 2 winners of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and 1 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Graduates of the medical school have founded medical schools and universities all over the world including 5 out of the 7 Ivy League medical schools (Pennsylvania, Yale, Columbia, Harvard and Dartmouth), University of Sydney, Sydney Medical School, University of Melbourne Medical School, McGill University Faculty of Medicine, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Université de Montréal Faculty of Medicine, the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (now part of Imperial College School of Medicine), the University of Cape Town Medical School, Birkbeck, University of London, the Middlesex Hospital Medical School and the London School of Medicine for Women (both now part of UCL Medical School).

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  20. crimson education
    Unfortunately, I am sorry to point out you get things wrong here
    1) Professor Derek Alderson the current president of Royal College of Surgeon has nothing to do with U.C.L He was educated in University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and trained in the

    Northern Region and in the United States of America
    2) Professor Andrew Goddard the current president of Royal College of Physicans He was educated in Cambridge University and trained in Nottingham nothing to do with U.C.L

    In U.K, pretty much all medical schools are decent and pretty much all of them have one or few specialities 

    Imperial College London, Kings College London, Oxford, Edinburgh all amazing medical schools and medical research   

    Please don't give false information and please give information with reference. People who watch this channel will become future scientists and doctors

    Students: just don't be biased by a random ranking table or someone from a commercial company tell you which medical school is better or not. it is simply not true at least in UK

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