Top Velcro Dogs – 10 Dogs That Won’t Leave Your Side

Top Velcro Dogs – 10 Dogs That Won’t Leave Your Side

Dogs are faithful companions but some breeds
stick to you a little closer than others. These so-called Velcro dogs will adhere to
your side like a product by 3M, which by the way is not a sponsor of this video. You’ll never be alone again. Like ever. Let’s check out top 10 clingiest dog breeds. You’re Watching Animal Facts! 10. Doberman Pinscher Often considered a fierce guard dog, in the
home the Doberman is quite a different animal than the Hollywood stereotype might suggest. According to Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue
of Arizona, Dobermans are called Velcro dogs. You’ll never be alone in the bathroom, or
the closet, or the laundry room again. Wherever you are, your Doberman will be there. If you don’t want a constant close companion,
don’t get a Dobie. Their greatest pleasure is to be close to
you. That’s part of their breeding, after all. Dobermans are inside dogs meant to be part
of the family. No Doberman should ever be kept outside or
isolated from his or her human and dog family. All dogs are animals who live in packs and
that goes double for Dobies. You are your Doberman’s pack. Be prepared to assume that role. 9. French Bulldog Little dogs in particular can be clingy. Frenchies are certainly no exception and are
fiercely loyal, and sometimes literally follow their owner to the ends of the earth. French Bulldogs were bred to serve as companion
dogs, so that’s why it’s not surprising why they’re also known as Velcro dogs. Not surprisingly, the Frenchie is a wonderful
companion, loving and sweet. With a Frenchie, you’ll always have someone
waiting for you at the door when you come home. Since they’re so small, they’ll fit beside
you comfortably when it’s nap time. But, If left alone for too long, the Frenchie
may experience separation anxiety. There’s not a lot of reasons to leave your
Frenchie at home though. This is a sociable, friendly dog that gets
along well with everyone. 8. German Shepherd If you have a German Shepherd, you don’t
have to worry about being alone. This dog is stuck to you like velcro, providing
companionship and protection like few other breeds. To the uninitiated, it’s a little known
fact that the German Shepherd is so clingy. Its air of confidence often disguises its
velcro nature. But at home with its favorite people, the
German Shepherd won’t let you be alone for even the shortest amount of time. Expect to be followed everywhere. Even telling your German Shepherd “Out”
will only result in a temporary retreat. From the moment you wake up until the moment
you go to sleep your German Shepherd will always have you in its line of sight. 7. Chihuahua Well, the Chihuahua might not be a big, bad
German Shepherd, but you won’t convince it of that. Though it was never bred to follow their humans
around, like many working breeds, over hundreds of years, the chihuahua has become an extremely
popular choice amongst those who wish to never be without their pup at their side, mostly
due to their size. While they are lightweight and easily portable,
it should be noted that they are also fiercely loyal to their owner, almost to a fault. Chihuahuas are known to defend their owners
despite their small stature. At home, the Chihuahua is happiest lounging
on its person’s lap with the occasional romp around the living room. They tend to pick one favorite person in the
family, but for the most part are friendly to everyone in thehousehold. Chihuahuas are especially territorial and
take a dim view of security breaches. This is one of the reasons they bark so much
and dislike strangers in the house. They are respected for their watch-dog abilities,
although they lack the size to actually do anything about an intrusion. 6. American Pit Bull Terrier Often incorrectly labeled as an aggressive
breed, lovers of the American Pit Bull Terrier know the truth about pit bulls is simple:
They’re sweet, smart, hilarious, loyal companions. Pibbles are among the most lovable dogs in
the world. They love to snuggle, cuddle, roll over for
belly rubs, crawl in your lap if you’ll allow it, and stay as close to you as possible
all day long. Pibbles are the original “velcro dog.” These affectionate dogs will cuddle you, and
cuddle you hard. Get ready to have your lap sat on by a 60+
pound barrel of love. If you’re looking for a guard dog, the American
Pit Bull Terrier is usually a bit to friendly for that duty, often greeting strangers with
a friendly tail wag. But, sometimes that bad reputation can be
enough to get the job done. 5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniels little are
absolutely adorable with their long curly ears and their pretty coloring – and that
could be part of why it’s so easy for Cavie owners to get just as clingy as the dogs themselves. If you want kisses and snuggles from a dog,
this breed is a top contender. It helps that the dog is small enough to take
anywhere and to comfortably fit into your lap, a place your Cavie would just as soon
stay. Despite its royal roots, the Cavie will not
shy away from an undignified romp in the garden or a fun game of chase the squirrel. But, when it’s time to relax, your Cavie
will be quite content snuggled up beside you on
the sofa. 4. Golden Retriever Bred to work closely with hunters, the Golden
Retriever is no stranger to companionship. In fact, you’d have trouble finding a more
loyal dog. They are so loyal in fact that Goldens are
the de facto family dog throughout the world. These velcro dogs are sweet, loving, loyal
and generally make wonderful family pets. They are outgoing “people” dogs. They prefer to be close to their humans whenever
possible. They are generally next to you, on top of
you or lying at (or on) your feet. Most will follow you adoringly from room to
room. Because they love to be with their people,
despite their larger size, Goldens generally do not make good outside dogs; they are indoor
companions. Goldens left as outside dogs may become depressed,
neurotic, and destructive. 3. Italian Greyhound The Italian Greyhound is often described as
being a unique breed among dog breeds. They are true creatures of comfort and they
are well known as a “Velcro dog”. They cannot think of a better place to be
than right there by your side or on your lap. The Iggy, as the breed is often called, was
bred to be a companion and to be by your side, snuggle next to you, and keep you warm. This breed is definitely considered a lap
dog and some say that they are very cat-like. Italian Greyhounds might not be not for everyone,
but if you are looking for a playful dog that also loves to spend time on your lap and by
your side, then this may be the perfect little dog for you. 2. Labrador Retriever The cousin of the Golden Retriever, the Labrador
was also bred to work closely with humans. And, Labradors are faithful companions. They are usually always by your side, many
will follow you from room to room. They will also lie in the kitchen while you
cook and at your feet while you watch TV. If you don’t want that much togetherness,
a Labrador isn’t for you! But, if you want a loyal family companion,
you really can’t go wrong with a Lab. Like the Golden and most of the Velcro dogs
on this list, the Labrador is not well-suited for a backyard existence. They are family dogs and want nothing more
than to be where the family is. If you just throw one of these dogs out in
the backyard, you won’t have a happy dog on your hands. 1. Great Dane There was no better breed to choose to be
Scooby Doo than the stick to your side Great Dane. Many can be found following their owners from
room to room, demonstrating the affectionate and oft-used term “Velcro Dane.” The Great Dane is often described as a “gentle
giant,” and it can be a very sensitive companion. Because of the Dane’s size, many would venture
to think of it as an ideal outdoor pet. This could not be further from the truth. The Dane must be kept as an indoor dog, due
to its sensitive and social nature. Yes, be prepared for a dog that can weigh
between 120 to 200 pounds trying to find a way to fit into your lap. No one told the Dane it wasn’t a Chihuahua,
afterall. Great Danes are great with children and naturally
protective, making it a wonderful family protector. Although you might want to have a large house
for this dog to stretch out in. Does your dog stick to you like glue? Let us know about it in the comments. Hey, thanks for sticking to this video. You liked this one, so here’s a few more
for you to enjoy. If you’re a subscriber, thank you, if not,
what are you waiting for? And as always, catch ya next time.

100 thoughts on “Top Velcro Dogs – 10 Dogs That Won’t Leave Your Side

  1. So tell us about your Velcro Dog.

    Check out BULLYMAKE Box – A Subscription Box For Power Chewing Dogs

  2. This video shows a lab while talking about a golden and goldens while talking about Labs really need to watch what u post and how u put it together.

  3. I have a Belgian Malinois he is a serious Velcro dog. He at least has to be touching me at all times. He isn’t allowed on the furniture so he lays on the rug and on my feet. In the winter I especially don’t mind though. He keeps me warm. Lol

  4. I can confirm the Doberman. My previous one would stand just outside of the shower and poke her nose though the curtain. And would always snuggle. She came to me when the previous “owner “ was yelling at her and she refused to leave my side. I was told to keep her. How bad is it when a dog turns their back on their human? Her ears were bleeding from where the idiot pierced her ears and she tore them out. Also at 4 years she hadn’t had shots.

    My current one will wait outside of the bathroom and wait. She also is snuggly. Sometimes hogs the pillow and bedding. I saw her picture online at the local shelter. She was found running on a busy road with a collar on. Later I heard from someone at the pet store that it was her neighbors dog. An elderly woman who went in the hospital.

  5. Miniature schnauzer needs to be added to this list . I can’t go nowhere without my schnauzer right at my feet . I almost trip over him he is so close .

  6. My German Shepherd is my emotional support dog and she does her job well. Always by my side follows me everywhere. She is my shadow ( I should of named her that lol her name is Roxy) I love her so much!!! ( my chi Luna is the same way so is my Yorkie Jaxson. There my shadows for sure!!! ) Love my fur kids ❤️

  7. #1 German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP)

    Whomever made this list has clearly never known anyone with a German Shorthaired Pointer. That breed is a literal definition of a Velcro dog! ! !

  8. Rat Terriers put the V in Velcro dogs. They are empaths and are family dogs, not one owner dogs. The only place a Rattie wants to be is your lap.

  9. I have a standard poodle who is my velcro dog … Although she is my Diabetic Alert Service Dog, she knows me so well and never leaves me alone! 🐾🐩

  10. In one of the scenes for the Golden Retriever they put a Labrador Retriever and they put multiple golden retriever scenes for the Labrador Retriever

  11. Someone didn’t do much research….. ha know what breed is WAY MORE “Velcro” then a golden to their person a flat coated retriever! The very breed that created the first golden’s!!

  12. Nbf but it was hilarious that the Italian greyhound was just peach and Kermit 😂 I love those dogs tho 💕🐶💕

  13. I have a Staffordshire/ catahoula/ lab mix and a Great Dane, both of them are velcro dogs. I wouldn't have it any other way!

  14. Australian Friggin Velcro and a half Cattle friggin Dog. What a pain in my butt. Can I have 2 minutes alone please???!!!???!!!

  15. I think you forgot to mention Bassett hound. Mine must always have me either in his line of sight or touching me. He has even scooted back to touch my ankle while I was cooking. I left him at my moms this week and for a few days he wouldn’t calm down. He howled for the first 12 hours because I wasn’t there.

  16. Pomeranians. All my Poms want is to snuggle and play with me, and god forbid I go anywhere without the younger one. She will tell me off for about an hour!

  17. My Havanese never leaves my side and gets real upset if I leave him at home by himself, even for a little while. He easily meets all the criteria of a velcro dog.

  18. I used to have to have a chinese crested powder puff called dino may he rest in peace and he would stick to me like velcro .

  19. I can't go anywhere in the house without any pit iv owned without having to move them out of the way lol room to room .

  20. I’m surprised Pomeranian are not featured I have one and he’s the clingiest little thing, I also have a Labrador and she’s not clingy at all she loves staying outside and doing her own thing lol

  21. My miniature poodle is white velcro. She’s smarter than I am and absolutely owns me and all the littles in the neighborhood.

  22. My American bully, follows me everywhere even to the restroom. I fall asleep late in bed, he’s there next to me too . 😊

  23. I love my labrador retriever, and when you talked about them, I was disappointed to see only one in the clip, the rest were golden retrievers. Was it that difficult to find real footage of labradors?

  24. I have a pit. This is so true about them. She was a rescue at that. She loves the whole family, but she is all about me. She's not to keen on strangers tho.

  25. My Iggy is the velcro dog to beat all velcro dogs! But I have also had a velcro Dane & experienced a velcro Dalmatian.

  26. Well, there are several you left off the list. My very first dog was a basset hound I couldn't even take a shower by myself, she would find a way to get into the bathroom and then jump in my shower with me. I had her when I was 16 living with my grandma. Needless to say that when my GM got sick I had to go live with my mom and wasn't allowed to bring my basset with me.

    My next dog was a Chow I never had to put a leash on her because she never left my side or my daughter's side.

    I agree with everyone about the boxer they are velcro dogs too.

    Another one had was my little Yorkie she never left my side no matter what I was doing she was right there and wherever I sat she got in my lap and she slept with me.

    My baby that I have now is a Chinese Crested and she has proven to be a very big but Small velcro dog. This is my first one and now that I'm older I believe this is the breed I'll have until I pass on. They are very easy to take care of, not much hair if any to brush out…you bathe them and keep clothing on them to protect their skin…easy peasy. Although I miss all the fur babies that I was blessed with in my life and wish they were still alive…I know that at my age and disabilities I wouldn't be able to care for them properly.

  27. We went through a lab rescue when our last lab passed. The lab rescue brought over a black lab that we fell in love with and adopted. He was taller than other labs, had amber colored eyes and a wavy coat so we knew he wasn’t all lab.

    My daughter got us a doggy DNA kit for Christmas since she was as curious as we were.

    After a week or two we got our results. Turns out our lab was a designer dog that was half lab and half Chesapeake Bay Retriever; a Chesador. “Buster” sits on the couch with me, sits on my feet while we’re eating and sleeps in our bed. He has to have at least one paw on me at all times.

  28. Every single dog shown in the Labrador Regriver section, barring the very first, was not a lab…they were all golden retrievers. Labs have extremely short hair. Goldens hair is floofy.

  29. I have a Lab and he is 100% velcro! he could be dead asleep and if you tip toe to another room he will be right behind you within 2 seconds. I love it tho <3

  30. I rescued my Chiahauha ( misspelled I know), and she won't leave me, at time she plays with my roommate who adores her, and she's the tiniest guard dog, but also the cutest.

  31. I think we are talking about degrees here. I grew up with dogs, and we have never had less than 6 on our ranch at a time. Our dogs live to 13-16 years old. All loved and spoiled and every one, whether pure bred or mixed breed, because of how we love them, are Velcro dogs. They would rather be with us than outside, but they love each other and outside too. Our youngest is a 14 week old Great Pyrenees and the oldest is an 11 year old Beagle, Dachshund, Mini-pin mix. Most are rescues. We have a 10 month old Doberman Pinscher we got at 6 weeks whose parents are rescues and the couple thought they were so beautiful they would do a litter. I prefer people don’t do that, but I have always dreamed of a Dobie and this is our first and probably only. We have a 9 year old Pit/Border Collie mix. Two Yorkshire terriers…All Velcro. Between 2018 and 2019 lost our 13 year old Bull Mastiff (greatest dog in the world) and our 16 year old Bichon Frise. I’m tellin’ ya – all Velcro. The degree at which the Dobie and Yorkies are Velcro is definitely higher than the others. They would literally go into the toilet room with my husband or me every single time if we let them. If I didn’t have help in the home to keep things washed and clean I would probably have to re-evaluate how much freedom I give them because I love them so much. A dog’s sole purpose is to love and be loved. When I see dogs sitting in yards and unattended – alone – it kills me. They are pack animals. They need us as much as we need them.

  32. I have a rat terrier and she is an absolute joy…very independent, feisty and a little stubborn but she loves to snuggle and be very near me most of the time.

  33. 30 odd years ago, my wife reminded me that "getting flowers, delivered at work, is nice"! She has not received flowers from me, since that day.

    Likewise, no matter how great the video may be, any "like me" hint, Garner's an immediate "DISLIKE"!

  34. Our two German Shepherds and our Basset/pittie mix are always glued to me. Our Great Pyrenees mix? Aloof and cat-like!

  35. My Mom's Rat terrier is always just behind her. If he ventures off he will come running back. We love Ono.

  36. You missed the havanese. Nothing is worse than one singing the song of their people, because you dared to go potty alone or are in the dressing room while shopping. When I am out of the house everything is fine, mopey but fine. As long as she can sniff me in the other room she goes nuts 😀

  37. My Velcro dog is a Cavoodle (cavalier and toy poodle cross). I call him my shadow though and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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