100 thoughts on “Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia

  1. "By Their Fruit , Ye Shall Know Them" >> I known Israelis and Malaysians. I have known Iranians and Israelis. I will let you guess which groups have the highest honor and beauty-in-culture. Cheers to Free Speech.

  2. I may not agree with the decision he made sometimes or his words, but in terms of this. He have my full respect. Proud to have him as Malaysia's prime minister!

  3. Nobody should support and give respect to the colonise. When you give worst, you will get the worst. Return back what you took and stop killing. Then the world will be silent and peace. #humanity

  4. Nazib disoal lari… terkencit kincit. Boss apa nama nya tu… Steady Tun menjawab sikit pun tak lari. Bagai mana kalau Zahid Hamidi??? terkencing sy rada dgn english lintang pukang.

  5. Trump shud learn from Premire Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.
    He is down-to -earth with all logics at his disposal..His vision of right and wrong is very clear. He has no hidden agenda and that makes his stance on issues easily argued towards logical and rational justifications ON ANY SOLUTION..
    He is right bcos there shud not be DOUBLE STANDARD..
    You are a living LEGEND TUNDRMAHATHIR, a world leader to be emulated by all leaders..

  6. In US, Tun preaches free speech, in Malaysia, most rakyat don't get to practice it. That's why a shrewd and strategic politician wins the day. Tun could have amended the Federal Constitution so that Malaysian Citizen regardless of bumis or rakyats ( race or religion )can have a chance to become PM like Tun.

  7. Satu dunia kenal Malaysia & ianya terkenal sebab 1MDB. Bibir merah ada komen? Zahid Komedi ada apa apa mahu bilang? Negara corrupt terbesar dalam sejarah bertaraf dunia! Bukan skala biasa bossku, malu apa bossku! Korupsi jenis tsunami besar, malunya!

  8. Mahathir is a Malay/Muslim supremacist. He is a political snake. He suppresses and oppresses the ethnic minorities in Malaysia (the ethnic Chinese and Indians). He is not interested in the interests and welfare of the ethnic minorities. He just wants to ensure Malay/Muslim supremacy in Malaysia.

  9. First of all, I'm a Malaysian and I want to apologize to all Jews regarding Mahathir racist statement at Columbia University.

    Mahathir is very well known with his racist remarks. He called Bugis ethnic as sea pirates; he also claimed Malay race as lazy, easy to forget and idiot race.

    The reason why he is so racist because His character was inculcated during British invasion time in Malaya, he was a young boy at that time. As we know as invader, British people like to look down on other people to make them look powerful and to be respected by other races. Same goes with Mahathir, he want to gain support from Muslim so, he condemns Jews. He want to gain support from Non Malay, thus he makes racist remarks on Malay race.

    Some of us in Malaysia already know his political game. But a few group still indenial mode because racism is part of their game for political posturing.

    He is a father of racism to me as a Bugis ethnic in Malaysia.

  10. Columbia University have ABHORRENT record of treating their host with dignity. It may not be in their culture, but in Eastern Culture, when we invite a guest, we treat him/her with respect.
    1. It was not ok for that Jewish girl to be rude and crude —
    2. It was disgusting to see Vishkha Desai to use CRUDE words….but i was not surprised even her boss Bollinger was very unprofessional, crude and rude towards Ahmedinejad …..and guess what these type of crude and rude teachers expect respect from their pupil

  11. People call him hypocrite for exercising free speech when free speech, some might say is non-existence in Malaysia. Well, what he expose here is that free speech is also non-existence in a country deemed as the beacon of free speech like the US. You are immediately get flagged everytime you question about holocaust, or any bad things the zionist do. So it is the West that are full of hypocracy

  12. Congratulations to Tun. Well delivered and excellently defended. You made palatable what is not readily accceptable; truely an esteemed guest as the host rightly concluded ! By the way, well introduced and moderated too by the respective professors !

  13. Mahathir Mohamad should learn to value and evaluate and appreciate and think beyond his established mind parameter.Otherwise,he never learn anything and repeat all over again and again. Distinct feature of someone who never learned.

  14. I wonder why some people hate the Jew student (woman) and said she's rude. I'm Malaysian and anti-Zionist. But I respect her opinion. She was just asking Tun's perspective and opinion. Plus, we are not even in her shoes. Did you hear she mentioned about her grandmother? Guess you never learned from Tun Dr. Mahathir. We may disagree but try to respect people's right to have an opinion.

  15. Malaysians gave you the mandate to rule to remove the rot. Priority should be given to problems of equality, quality education system , opportunities for all , remove system of negotiated contracts, control wasteful public expenditure and install fair distribution and sharing of wealth, at home. This rot was planted when 'equality, freedom, justice' and the inherent controls that came with it were gradually dismantled since the seventies. Reinstate the original constitutional controls in order to install rule of law and not rule by men. No one should be indispensable.

  16. The girl was paid to be rude . Not surprising as killing innocent people is normal for these evil , don't ask them to behave , as it is not in their blood .

  17. Well done, CU. You invited a self-confessed racist and conspiracy-theorist onto campus who presides over an apartheid governmental regime.
    Not surprising after previously hosting the genocidal Holocaust-denying leader of Iran.
    You know you can use hologram technology to put Hitler and Stalin up on stage right ~

  18. Forum talks are waste of time especially news medias and attendants with their nefarious questions to agitate animosity. What are said or commented aren't taken seriously by political or economic elites. Direct confrontation is the best solution.

  19. 48:23 I truly believe that the girl is being paid to ask such a repetitive question. I don't seem to understand, have you not seen any Q&A sessions with the Prime Minister? This question seems to be asked quite a lot, and yet the Prime Minister calmly answers without any distress. Jews are quite hesitant aren't they? Trying to dismantle the mental health is a crime.

  20. The girl proves that her education doesn't make her smart when she can't even listen to the end..so sad, u r not same level to ask

  21. Malays are still the weakest race in that country, despite 5 decades of constant help and support from the government…all grown lazy and incompetent. Tun M definitely didn't know how to address that one, he totally got owned by that girl, such humiliation….

  22. Tun d sanjung dunia..tpi sbhgian kecil rkyat mlysia masi ada yg buta…wlwpun kita brlainan fahaman politik tpi kita sharusnya ada rsa rsa hormat..sbb ni kenyataan bhwa tun mmg seorg pmimpin yg d segani dunia..

  23. Kaki2 jilat umno bn tk brani nk komen sbb mreka fitnah tun tk d benarkn buat forum d uni clombia..nmpk vdeo ni mreka malu la nk bt ulasan..trnyata umno bn ni kaki prnipu rkyat..mnipu bngsanya sndri demi kpentingan politik mreka..

  24. That silly and ignorant Chinese girl asks question. Many Chinese or Indians in Malaysia are actually poorer than average Malays because Malays are given opportunities and subsidies by Government Fund. Whereas Chinese and Indians have to struggle for income still paying heavy tax. If she so admires him can call him father.

  25. Ya Allah lanjutkan usia tun M dan permudahkan semua urusan memulih negara yang dirosakkan pemerentah sebelumnya in

  26. I love Dr Mahatir. I’m a Pakistani who admires him because of what he did in improving the lives of Malaysians 🇲🇾 I love how he stood up for what he believes in. And now we’re blessed with Imran Khan 🇵🇰 and I can’t help but think he started this, with Erdogan 🇹🇷 following him and then then IK. Thank you Malaysia for electing him.

  27. Yes PM ..you forgot to say, the last PM was 1 of yr apprentice. The country system were in a mess during your previous premiership. Many Malaysian want you fix the many problems you had created now. Hope you will not backtrack and return to your old way of administration

  28. who else from malaysia can stand up to criticise, debate, and speaks his mind without fear ? it's none other than our PM, Tun M

  29. In his country, Muslims gang up to stop non-Muslims and he is the master mind to boil the frogs slowly with sharia-compliance laws with democracy. Don't believe everything he said because he is a forked-tongue politician. I'm afraid that we observe Islam is getting more hands using religious warfare in education at every level. Let's create more networks for political analysis from all level of society. These bullies can do politics by criminalizing others and justifying their own problems by blaming others. It's all twisted.

  30. Cakap cakap ja…sepatut nya tun berfikir bagai mana memberikan kebajikan kepada orang meskin,yg memerlukan ia itu rakyat malaysia..tun senang la ke sana sin semua free…fikirkan rakyat mu yang hidup susah….Dan KEMBALIKAN HAK HAK SABAH MA63….

  31. https://youtu.be/hNYJik11_c4 tun tak sudah2 nak menjatuh kan melayu dr pm 4, dia yg selama ni tak beri oeluang pada melayu, apa yg dia buat sebabnya dia bukan asal usul melayu pun sebab ty dia tak nampak apa2 pun melayu buat.

  32. i like it …after i reading the book of professor "chen da hui "how's the politic and my home town alor setar become the trading place for visiting his past ….and i try to saving it before he leave us ….with something's we call balmoral cigar /…zz

  33. now's a day the future will become exchange place if he 's can't have chance to saving the country again ….he's not smoker at all but i am strong smoker before it's too late ~

  34. https://www.google.com/search?biw=1405&bih=765&tbm=isch&sxsrf=ACYBGNRwYgdVQ1I1SFm55s2KxuaoL_05hw%3A1570605074805&sa=1&ei=EoidXdnjMJa7rQG_qarYCg&q=ELEMEN&oq=ELEMEN&gs_l=img.3..0l10.3256.3935..4497…0.0..……0….1..gws-wiz-img.qpNy3oomQ6o&ved=0ahUKEwjZtMPsz47lAhWWXSsKHb-UCqsQ4dUDCAc&uact=5#imgdii=0xrUJbQ_6wNZAM:&imgrc=pIhgo2QlyyZqKM:

  35. I'm American and I have long been a fan of Dr. Mahathir of Malaysia. He is a great leader for that country. If he was running in our country, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

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