TWICE Cute Mina Chaeyoung MiChaeng Dating At Baseball Stadium Part 2

TWICE Cute Mina Chaeyoung MiChaeng Dating At Baseball Stadium Part 2

Hello. They are in. – Hello.
– Hello. Hurry and join us. We are at
Jamsil Baseball Stadium. – We are at the Baseball Stadium.
– We are here for pitching and batting. We are at the Baseball Stadium.
That’s right. – We are waiting now.
– We are at Jamsil. – We have the uniform on.
– Me too. – TWICE. TWINS.
– “TT”? – “TT”?
– “TT”? Hello.
Pigtails. Hair… – It grew all of sudden.
– I know. It was short yesterday. Did it grow during
the practice? – “TT”? They want some spoiler.
– Nope. – Nope.
– Nope. Nope. – We gave many spoilers.
– I know. Hungry? Hello. It’s raining a little now. It didn’t rain earlier but
when we left the dorm, – it started to rain.
– I know. That’s a bummer… – Are you nervous?
– Yes. Don’t throw the ball
at me. I don’t want
to aim you… – Oh no.
– I know. I am worried. You will do well. I am not sure. Sit on the floor. We were reading
the fan letter. We got some letters. – This is good.
– Right? Let’s eat some snacks. Jeongyeong is at
“Inkigayo”. – We watched it at our dorm.
– Yes. – We were watching it before we left.
– So cute. – This is good.
– Yes. We didn’t
pitch the ball yet. I think we will go out
there around 2, right? 2. – Nervous.
– I am nervous too. – I know. – Nope, not nervous.
– Nope, very nervous. I am not nervous yet. I don’t want to
hit Chaeyoung. That’s okay. Don’t worry about it
and just pitch the ball. As our managers – watch V, I think the viewers
can hear the sound. – I know. We are at Jamsil. Yes. – The Baseball Stadium?
– Yes. We are. – Yes. – It’s good. You want?
– Nope. I practiced yesterday but I am not sure. You did well. There are only us two. I know.
Last time, we had all the members but this time, it’s only
us two. Hello.
They all want some spoiler. – Spoiler?
– Like what? Can we give them
spoiler? No? There are only a few
days left. – Hello.
– Hello. You tried this before… Should we turn it off? We will be back. Hello.

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  1. The part 3 video get blocked because it have copyright. I'm sorry guys. Here part 3 link

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