Two Videos Show Us Why All Women Need Attitude

Two Videos Show Us Why All Women Need Attitude

women in particular need to be taught to have an attitude to protect themselves from harm welcome to today’s active self-protection lesson I’m your host John Correa today we actually have two videos one out of Romania and one out of Miami in Florida in the United States I warn you on these friends they can be triggering and disturbing to some they do show violence against women so viewer discretion advised today’s video is brought to us in part by the generosity of lucky gunnar calm for the best selection of name-brand offensive ammunition and lightning-fast shipping on bulk target ammo head to lucky gunner dot-com and thank them for being a sponsor of active self-protection last warning for in sac up Alize are not easy to watch you see these guys that are just kind of standing outside this place and the ladies like hey man this guy that’s gonna come up here behind me is going to kidnap me he’s going to take me away he means me harm again you got to go read the news story that’s linked in the description to see that he does come up there and a few minutes later drags her out of the shop against her will and she’s hollering and screaming help me help me someone help me and no one helps her he’s gonna stuff her in the car they did call cops but the cops took forever to get there and they found her several days later according to the news story that I’ve been able to find they found her safe and sound makes me think that this one was probably a domestic now let’s go on to the second one this one here you see this gal is waiting for an elevator to go see a friend she looks back behind her at this guy who then just absolutely smacks her upside the head knocks her head into the pavement and she is completely out she doesn’t remember anything from here according to the news story you gonna see him rifling through her pockets of her jacket and then rifling through her pockets of her pants as well and he is gonna grab her cell phone and her wallet and all that stuff and take everything from her and run off he had just been released from prison as well she’s gonna finally wake up and that’s where this one ends gotta be real videos like these make my blood boil but they are important for us to learn the principles of self-defense if you want to get better in your self-defense we are teaching some blocks on women’s self-defense in particular particularly empty handed skills for women at the ASP National Conference in September outside of Manhattan Kansas link in the description with all the details going to be a fantastic weekend of training empty-handed skills firearms classroom related stuff all a fantastic time get the details and come and join us I promise you’ll learn something out of today’s video I want to think about listening to your creep alarm I also want to think about the importance of women carrying force multipliers and why we talk about enforcing your boundaries early and often so I want to think about this one from a third-party perspective and a first-party perspective so this lady comes in and she says hey man I have a problem this guy who’s coming is probably gonna come and grab me now I want to think from a third-party perspective if you’re one of these two guys do you step in here well you better check that ahead of time you better recognize if you say hey I’m willing to defend you or whatever when you step into the middle of domestics bad things happen all the time you may say in this instance a man that’s not my circus these are not my monkeys and that’s your choice if you choose to step in you better have empty-handed skills you better have less lethal on you like an OC spray or something like that you better have the attitude and the skills and the plan now from her perspective she said hey this guy’s gonna do this thing and and recognize that you’re in charge of your own boundaries and you need to be able to set those own boundaries keep your tools on your person and be able to not just say no I don’t want to go with you put to defend that boundary because nobody else is gonna help you now notice when he’s pulling her out of here this is hers now I don’t know the whole situation and the whole thing however it is her responsibility ladies it is your responsibility to pretend yourself to be able to defend your boundaries and say I’m not getting in that car and you are not able to make me get in that car in this particular instance something like an OC spray that says no get away from me and I’m gonna diminish you and then when you put your hands on me I’m calling the cops and having you arrested for assault and those kind of things are your responsibilities because no one else is probably going to step in and help you you and only you are this primary agent in your own rescue and I need you to absolutely know that so that means you’ve got to have the attitude and then the skills and the plan in order to protect yourself again they did find this woman several days later my guess is this is some significant thing dealing with domestics but that means you got to be willing to get out the average domestic violence victim is abused no fewer than three times before they finally get out can’t tell you enough be the one who gets out now in this next one first of all notice that she’s got on her cell phone and she’s kind of ignoring this guy behind her can’t tell you enough you gotta pay a especially in these kind of spaces you got to see what’s going on around you because this woman as a vulnerable population is showcasing a valuable item she’s showing the fact that she has a thousand dollar pocket supercomputer on her that’s a very valuable thing and showing it off to the world is a great way to get victimized I can’t tell you enough when you’re in these kind of situations you’re in transitional spaces put that phone in your pocket see what’s going on around you now I want you to notice here that as this progresses that she’s gonna look over her shoulder cuz that dudes paying attention to her and she knows it and so I can’t tell you know if you’ve got to pay attention to your creep alarm that that bad feeling inside you that says something’s not right here never ever ever ignore your creep alarm if your creep alarm says that’s a creep you create space and you defend your boundaries you say hey man do me a favor and step away just a little bit so that I can feel a little bit better about that you got to learn to use your voice to have your tools on you to be able to hose this guy down if you need to and and to be able to defend your own boundaries because nobody else is gonna do it for Tia the cops can’t get there enough now she instead just lets this guy stay within her reactionary boundary so he can’t he can get it a sneak attack off and there’s nothing she can do and I’m gonna tell you you get punched in the face like that and when she hits her head on the ground there is literally nothing she’s going to do at that point in order to defend herself she is knocked unconscious by the combination of his punch and her head hitting the ground and when that happens to you I don’t care what else is going on your ability to defend yourself is gone prevention is the way that we defend ourselves against this kind of attack now I know some people are going to think that he is assaulting her body in this case I don’t think so go read the news story that’s linked in the description he’s just out of jail for robbery and for attempted rape but he doesn’t notice any he’s not being facing charges here for another attempted rape or sexual assault which makes me think that wasn’t what he was doing but he was going through her pockets and grabbing all the stuff in them in another robbery attempt which is why I couched it and phrased it that way that said you’ve got to be able to recognize that this was an incredibly difficult situation and that she was absolutely at his mercy so let’s make sure that we learned the lessons here so then that way we don’t get put in these kind of situations either one of them ladies defend your boundaries know what they are and have the tools and the attitude the with you the knowledge in order to use them effectively to defend your boundaries because nobody else can cover your ass [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. I meanI try not to get into things that I have nothing to do with but if a woman ran up to me begging for help saying somebody from kidnapper I think I'd stand my ground and hers for her sometimes they women men excetera do not have the means to fight or protect yourself so I mean if I can do something out of my way which I understand putting myself in it could be the end of my life I don't really think about that when it's time for something to happen time I go off the moment it happens and I'm usually always carrying least 38 special 5 shot if not a Glock 19 and I'm not a big fire so the second I feel like hands are going to be touching it will be guns on scene

  2. I can tell you one thing she never been to prison because personallyeverybody I've met in prison and out of prison will not let nobody get up on their ass like that like it's a sign with somebody on top of your backand when you turn to face them they're putting herself further behind your back that's go time I mean jump out of that get away from hands distance

  3. Both are uncomfortable to say the least, the 2nd is particularly disturbing. What a great example of the need for situational awareness and some personal skills. Thank God he was only after "stuff".

  4. What do you think about that guys? I can't hear you!!! You are always bashing women who don't act bravely like the recent video in the bar, but these were MEN and they did nothing to help her…it's way worse to be a man coward than a woman coward!

  5. Looked to me like he did sexually assault her. Looks like his hand was down her pants. As he gets up to run away you can see the front of of pants snap back down to her waist as if his hand was inside the waistband.

  6. Women have to fight until they can’t fight anymore n never, ever turn your back on a stranger especially as a female, play the wall.

  7. I showed my mom and sisters a video from this channel of a lady getting mugged and they were like “OMG How!?!??!” totally missing the point ??‍♂️

  8. I've seen many women where their 'system' is to literally turn their back on a guy and then look at their phone. Sometimes it's with headphones. I think it's to stop a guy from hitting on her.

    Definitely doesn't help in self-defense though. Hate to see bad people doing bad things.

  9. I sometimes see ladies focus on the phone as a way of blocking the threat emotionally ie if I don’t look at it, it’s not really there, stress reduction.

  10. WOW!!! Truly frightening! Yes, that internal creep alarm IS important; Ladies, listen to it! Avoid situations like this no matter what!

  11. Ahhhh, glad he was released from prison, sure looked like he was rehabilitated and is now an upstanding citizen and follows all laws .

  12. That’s why everyone should have self defence training and it should be part of the education curriculum- K through 12. Kids need to be taught at an early age how to protect themselves.

  13. If the first lady had been me, I would have tried to either lock myself in someone else's car or inside the building's bathroom. Also, since hidding in a garage full of tools, I would have found something to defend myself with. If he successfully got me out of there, without being scathed himself, I would have gone limp. There is no way I would have walked to that car willingly. After going limp, I would have kicked, scratched, and screamed as much as humanly possible. He may have still gotten me, but he surely would have known I was there.

  14. John, you can respond with lethal force to a kidnapping. That's one of the few things that are true in all 50 states. Don't get killed trying to use OC spray, ladies. She's lucky he wasn't a murderer, but nothing good comes out of being stuffed in a car and being taken against your will.

  15. 50 years in prison. Finally gets released and happy he's free. Commits a crime 30 minutes later. Back to prison for another 50 years. Why.

  16. What's absolutely fucking sicker than the crime itself is the fact that most these criminals are multiple offenders having been released from prison allowed to harm innocent people…again! Fuckn disgusts me

  17. I think they were smart not to step into the middle of a domestic. I’d have walked around and knifed the guy’s right rear tire before walking away, to slow him down for the cops.

  18. I had a roommate defend a woman getting beat up and as he was fighting the guy the woman smashed a bottle over his head. But to be fair she didn't ask for help

  19. Western civilisation. Wow.
    Funny how murder rate in America is higher than any country in Africa. ?I wonder who developed animals mantely in last 70 yrs .
    Africans or Americans.

  20. Always pay attention to what and who is around you. Be prepared at all times to react to any and all aggressive actions, in time it becomes second nature to be on guard. I believe every woman and for that matter every man should have good skills in hand to hand.

  21. JOHN and everyone HELP AUSTRALIAN WOMEN.
    Regardless of sex civilians are not allowed to carry any item or improvised weapon (tools etc) without a valid reason. Let alone any kind of defensive spray or force multiplier.
    Boils down to intent.
    If you defend yourself and they think you were carrying that item for the intent to defend yourself by causing another harm
    , even a "kubuton" [keychain 2 Inch pressure point striker] is listed as prohibited in VIC
    If your still reading here are some stats
    Violent female deaths:
    Violent Homicide:
    And our last official Census has no mention of murders or assaults but a brief glance will indicate rising suicide rates, especially in men. Our increasing aging population suffering from elongating life rather than raising quality of life.
    Census:[email protected]/Lookup/by%20Subject/3303.0~2017~Main%20Features~Australia's%20leading%20causes%20of%20death,%202017~2

  22. Would've been nice to be standing behind that dude at the elevator right after he decked that poor woman with a pistol grip 12 guage so I could cut him in half with some 00buckshot

  23. First Lady should’ve ran to a phone to call the police. I mean if you want to get involved with the bad boy then you gotta know the bad is on the way. Second lady should’ve been strapped and aware. Showing fear and having no plan will always result in loosing.

  24. When I see somebody threaten violence to rob someone I think they're an asshole who deserves to be in jail. When I see them skip the threat and sucker punch their victims before even giving a chance to comply, I see a special sort of psychopath and I can't help but picture them being horrifically tortured.

  25. If I feel threatened the way that first girl knew, I’m calling the cops immediately. She casually mentioned it to those guys and waited to be assaulted. Second girl situation is like just what would happen to like any idiot who couldn’t put their phone away for like a few minutes.

  26. Second video question.
    Where? How do we know he just got out of prison?
    I tried for a long time to find information about this video and never did.
    Anyone have a link to a news article?

  27. How can no one help that lady unbelievable. All these lowlifes so weak they need to attack women. They could have closed the garage door and helped

  28. 6:43 Finding classes you could take that teach what you are explaining here as well as hands on on the mat is a very good idea.

  29. Yup that's our wonderful justice system letting that scum come out of prison only to do it again ! All the more our justice system is screwed up and is not looking out for peoples intreast and safety! And they talk about gun control what a joke of the centry !

  30. A gun was not used against either of these female victims. Which means that outlawing firearms would have had no effect in these situations. If the women in these situations were armed, and had the attitude to defend themselves, then perhaps the outcome would have been different.

  31. So we have to give a “trigger warning” if it’s violence against women but nothing if it’s against a man. Come on… be better. How about no “trigger warning” for either. If you can’t handle this, why are you watching?

  32. No way in HELL should anybody insert themselves in a domestic situation. You'll get yourself stabbed and she'll go back to him three days later. Call the cops and stand back.

  33. the first two guys are cowards IMO, i understand that they probably didnt want to get shot or stabbed over and issue that isnt their problem, but still they shouldve taken her away to safety and call the cops, they dont have to confront the guy trying to kidnap her but there is other ways of protecting or helping someone in need.

  34. I don't understand your disclaimer. You say this video may be triggering for those sensitive to violence against women? You never make any such claim on any of your other videos besides "graphic violence". Are you foolishly attempting to assert that a woman's life is worth more than a man's? That violence against women is more heinous than violence against men? That somehow women are these innocent beings? ?

  35. The second guy should be hit with a baseball bat from a professional slugger #BabeRuth #MarkMcGwire #BarryBonds #HankAaron #MickeyMantle #WillieMays #KenGriffeyJr #JoseCanseco #JoeDiMaggio

  36. *trigger warning*
    What the hell is this shit? Not having any of that trigger warning nonsense. A warning of disturbing footage is ok but the words trigger warning TRIGGERS me.

  37. For that second video. I always press the button and put my back against the wall next to the elevator. I’ve always done that I hate having people standing behind. Once inside the elevator same thing, I always go to the corner of the elevator.

  38. that second video with the context needs to be shown to all the women who try to blame all men for the fucked up things that psychos do

    Yes you should be afraid to walk the streets at night male or female because you don’t know who just got out of jail or who is the next charismatic Ted bundy

    Thats just life and if you didn’t plan accordingly or expect the worst then you're just allowing yourself to become the victim and its %99 your fault and 1% the crazy persons

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