UNG scholarship recipient Mathis says thanks

Thank you Brandy Mathis Wife & mother with two kids Works on Oconee Campus, takes classes on Gainesville Campus Has associate degree Brandy Mathis, UNG student/employee, majoring in communications I had to you know really weigh the financials if I could continue my education. So having that help allows me to go after the bachelor’s degree. I’m very fortunate since I’ve been at UNG, I’ve been able to keep a 4.0. But that takes time to read, to research, to do the work. Not having to work full time because I am getting a scholarship allows that to happen. When you give back to our university in the way of scholarships, you’re allowing other people to reach their goals, to be able to dream sometimes even dream bigger and be able to accomplish more than they would’ve without that help. I would love to see more scholarships for us non-traditional students. It’s very hard a lot of times, scholarships out there aren’t geared for us. And we’re the ones a lot of times who really, really need the help because we have so much on our plate. So again, thank you and continue to support us in our dreams. Produced by the Office of University Relations Copyright University of North Georgia 2016

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