Unique Japanese Notebooks for Students

Unique Japanese Notebooks for Students

Whether you’re taking notes, doing homework, or planning, notebooks are
essential for students. Japan makes some of the most interesting and unique notebooks with features like removable pages and innovative sheet styles. Keep watching to see our favorites and check them all out at JetPens.com. The Lihit Lab Aqua Drops Notebook makes it easy for students to stay organized. With a simple pull, the rings open up to
let you add, remove, and rearrange the pages as you please. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can get a different one for each class. Paper refills are also available in lined, blank, and graph paper. Lihit Lab also carries a durable cover for this notebook made of Cordura fabric. It has a bunch of pockets for holding other items like your phone or pens. Like the Aqua Drops Notebook, the Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring Binder Notebook features rings that open for easy organization. This slim binder-style notebook uses Kokuyo’s sarasara loose leaf paper with 36 lines of dotted rule. The dotted rule pattern is one of our
favorite papers to use for school. It’s great for all subjects as the dots
provide guidelines for charts, diagrams, and more. The Smart Ring Binder Notebook
is available in several muted colors and two sizes. If you’ve avoided using ringed
notebooks because of the uncomfortable hard rings, try the Kokuyo Soft Ring Notebook. The rings are made of soft plastic and squish down when you rest your hand on them, so you can use both sides of the page in the notebook comfortably. This is especially handy for lefties. The pages are also perforated so
you can conveniently tear out notes or homework. It comes in dotted rule, blank,
and graph paper. The notebook that comes with Mark’s Storage.it Notebook With Cover has a unique and versatile layout for students. One side is printed with
lines while the other side has a special light gray grid interlaced with diagonal lines. You can take notes on one side, and sketch out diagrams graphs or other charts on the other side. The cover has a clear plastic zip pocket
that can hold pens, accessories, and even your smartphone. Touchscreens can be used through the clear plastic cover. And a small notch near the bottom edge can be used to thread earphones through. The Storage.it comes in two colors. Refill
notebooks are also available. Students who don’t want to lug around a heavy backpack with all of their books and notebooks will enjoy using the RayMay 3 Way Multi-Use Notebook. It comes with an adjustable detachable strap, so you can carry it as a shoulder or crossbody bag. Like the Storage.it, it has a clear pocket where you can store small essentials like your smartphone, and five more pockets inside for holding other items like your ID card. You can choose from four colored covers. Refill notebooks are also available. Besides RayMay’s notebook refills, Traveler’s Company refills also fit in these covers. What’s your favorite notebook? See all of these notebooks and more at
JetPens.com. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Unique Japanese Notebooks for Students

  1. Does the Kokuyo Campus notebook also have a case for it? Or can it also fit with the Lihit lab notbook case?


  3. It seems i live in a stone age !!! I write on a simple A-4 blank sheets attached with my cardboard…..and for me it was working just fine, but not now !!!

  4. My teacher said bring a binder so I can take it out easily! And I’m like fuck I hate binders and I remember seeing this before school started and boom ordered the Lihit Lab Aqua Drops with some filler paper. Binders take up so much space and all she wanted was for the paper to be loose leaf and removable so BOOOOOM BITHC IN YOUR FACE AP WORLD HISTORY TEACHER

  5. damn!!! I have been looking for something like the first 2 notebooks
    remove & insert pages with ez… I will definitely gonna buy a couple of them..

    BUT which one should I pick?

  6. The soft ring notebooks are available in my local bookstore but I’m used to spending 40-50 Philippine pesos on notebooks that buying one at 300 Philippine pesos feels too much

  7. the notebooks are great and all but it's expensive for me because in my country you can buy a great notebook for 1 dollar

  8. Any Japanese here to tell us if they really have a wonderful things like that and they use it or they poor like our 😔

  9. Well , who is first time seeing such a detailed advertisement of notebook 😂 when my friends watch it they were like oh Japan is really living in 2100 ?

  10. Can you make a tutorial on how to open these notebooks to refill the pages. Im dumb and cant seem to make it open. 😫😫😫

  11. To be honest when ever i watch this video i get really jealous why i can't i go to japan i can visit japan i really want to experience school life of japan sad to say but i already passed that age
    I hope i visit japan once in my life really looking forward to it

  12. My mom had a kokuyo campus binder from 25 years ago. I just finished grad school, and guess what I used to take notes. 😉 All I needed what paper refills, and it worked and fit perfectly!

  13. If I had a choice between Japanese products and U.S. products I will always always pick Japanese product over U.S. I like their languages, culture, art, music, cars, even the food.

  14. meanwhile i take pictures of my friends notes 😀 i never bring anything to school except a pen wallet and a piece of yellow pad

  15. สุร กิจไพบูลย์วัฒน์ says:

    Then… i use ipad

  16. As soon as i saw this video i was like "shit! These are the kind of books i wanted! Where were these when i was in school 😭" i used to waste so many pages for unattended classes..😅

  17. I think..I have to go for stationary shopping to JAPAN but first I will have to apply for bank loan so that I can buy all these beautiful stuff 😉😂😂luv from INDIA 💓😘

  18. man thank god for japans thoughtfulness towards notebooks
    does anyone else hate metal ringed notebooks? ): the pages always get loose if you fumble with them too long
    im just dissapointed i dont have any money or good penmanship to even try taking notes u _ u

  19. “The kokuyo soft ring notebook has soft rings that flatten when you press down, this is especially handy for lefties!”
    Me, a leftie that has had no luck with spiral notebooks: where have you been, all my life

  20. Alright, so you know the Kokuyo notebook? I watched this video a few weeks ago and I was like “Damn, this is really cool,” I wanted one but it was too expensive. I go overseas for a holiday and when I step into the mall and I go to the stationary section guess what I see first? I love the notebook and I only got it for 7 dollars in my countries currency!!

  21. wot?! i want these notebooks!!!! im being hyped by looking at them, thinking about how great and how good notes will look in them!

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