UWS Scholarship Opportunities

I had a really pleasant surprise after
I enrolled in UWS and that was a letter in the mail to say
that I was eligible to apply for one of their
scholarships. It was one of their new scholarships. It was called the Vice Chancellor’s Leadership
Scholarship, which covered my fees it covered my books and it even
allowed me to do extracurricular things
representing university which I thoroughly enjoyed and I got
to go on my first overseas trip through that scholarship, studying
in Ireland. I got a Summer Scholarship to conduct research into an endemic
plant species on the university’s campus that enabled me to do my work
experience but also to earn a little bit of money at the same time, and also to contribute to the cost of the actual
study that I was conducting. I applied for the Academic Excellence Scholarship which is worth twenty thousand dollars. You receive five thousand dollars a year
split up into the two semesters for up to four years. I also applied for the Hawkesbury
Foundation Scholarship which was offered to students studying in the Nutrition course
and in the Food Science course and that with a one-off payment of two
thousand dollars, and then I applied for one before I
started uni which was, if you put UWS in your top preferences
then you go down to receive a Smart Start scholarship and that was also a
one off payment of two thousand dollars. I was fortunate enough to receive the Vice Chancellor’s
Leadership scholarship It’s an amazing scholarship that has
a lot of opportunities behind it and it gives me a to a chance to do different charity work
as well as internships during the school..the summer holidays. The Scholarships have allowed me not to have to work outside of uni. I work part time
time but I don’t have to work as often. Having the money there is good to pay off the start of my HECS fees
and to pay off textbooks, so it has taken a lot of pressure of having to work
outside of uni, to pay for those sort of things. I would say UWS has such a good
variety of scholarships that really look into it and have a look at
what they have to offer because there’s something in there that you can apply for, and really put
your heart into it and apply for as many that are suited to you and you will have
great chance of getting one. If I were to offer advice to anyone who is
younger than me and who is looking to persue Law and also looking for information
on scholarships, I would definitely advise them to just go out
there and apply for every single scholarship that you can. There’s no penalties if you apply for more
than one, you can apply for as many as you like and it’s such a simple process
as well. I mean I found it very easy to apply and now I hear that they are making it
even easier. I had a great UAI and unfortunately
I didn’t know about scholarships at the time. and having, getting my fees each semester whilst, it’s all HECS support
and I don’t have to pay a dollar up front, it would have been nice to have that loan and
I would have definitely gone for a scholarship if I had the opportunity. The
worst they can say is ‘No’, and if you go for it
at least you have done everything in your power to get the money to help you
throughout your studies. Anyone thinking of going to UWS should
apply for every scholarship that’s available to them because you don’t know what you’re going to get in your
HSC results, and you don’t know what they’re looking
for, so apply for everything and see what you get. If you’re thinking
about university but your concerned about the cost, you should just get on the website and
check out what they’ve got because I’ve got other friends who’ve had a helping
hand through scholarships and it’s definitely worth a look at.

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