VFS – TEC Scholarship Application JJCM

Hi, my name is Juan Jesus Castillo I graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus where I studied animation and digital art. I am very interested on the film production program because one of my main goals is to develop myself as a full time filmmaker in order to create movies of a very high level, which I’m sure VFS will help me with that In Mexico I’ve been working on Television doing advertising commercials and ads working as an editor, copywriter, director and animator This was a shortfilm for television where I directed the scenes that are shown the whole team wrote the script but as a director I did rehearsals with the actors and created a shooting plan I also create designed the cinematography blocking my scenes both with my cellphone and a 3D program so everybody on the team knew what we were going to do at the end I supervised the editing I’ve also done fully animated commercials and motion graphics work, following the same creative process I appreciate your time and thank you for your consideration.

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