Virginia Credit Union Scholarship Program

When I got the letter that told me I won the scholarship I was really thrilled because Paying for college is hard because I’m doing it on my own I would enjoy going to the bank when I was little Like I would go there You know give them my like $30 dollars I made from chores And I always get a lollipop and you know like It just really taught me how to Manage my money but also to save for the future In my essay, I stated that I learned the importance of managing my money Because in the beginning when I first opened up the account I didn’t realize that like you have to monitor what you’re spending I’ve had a savings account pretty much my entire life And I recently developed a checking account when I got a job Has been really interesting to learn how that works and fill out all the forms To get the money from my job to my account for that Virginia Credit Union played a phenomenal role in helping me manage my money Just because I learned to save and learned to spend but I learned to save more than I spend The VACU scholarship will help me pay for a whole semester at John Tyler Community College You all have helped me decide like to spend money on stuff that I need versus like what I want And just really saved money for things that will happen in the future like Paying for school or if any medical things come up This scholarship was super helpful for me because St. Olaf is a private school out of state, so it is very expensive So I pretty much needed all the help I could get In my father’s line of work he has to Be able to connect with people and although I am not the most extroverted person I do, since the semester I’ve learned that’s something I really want to do I want to be able to connect with people on a deeper level The specific branch I want to get into is Ecological Engineering I want to specifically focus on young kids Especially seeing like my cousin’s getting into trouble and like I want someone to be there who has like a good Who’s looking out for them If if everything goes according to plan I would want to be an Ambassador in the United Nations That’s my end goal The scholarship will help me because it will allow me to Focus more time on my studies instead of working And they’ll also allow me to just take that breather It kind of felt surreal that my high school experience was ending When they called my name and like in the big applause It made it feel like it was all worth it Then actually like physically seeing a diploma with my name in it It made me feel like, oh, all this hard work was worth it

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