Virtual Lesson Reflection

Hello! This is Zach Lively submitting my reflection
video for the virtual lesson project. I’m just going to go down the list of questions
provided on the rubric and address each individually. Sorry if the lighting isn’t great or if
you hear any noises, I’m just working with what I have. 1. What went well in my lesson that I will
continue doing in the future? I think I provided a decent overview of the
subject itself. I tried my best to explain each topic in the clearest way I could, and
I think I succeeded in that regard. Each section of the presentation was visually represented
on the screen without feeling like I was relying too heavily on reading off my slides. I think
my more conversational tone served me well in presenting a more personable lesson as
well. 2. What do I need to work on? While I do believe my conversational tone
was a strength, my use of filler words within the structure was not. I started most of my
sentences with ‘so’ and used ‘um’ quite frequently. There were sections that
I went off script, and those parts seemed to be the most common places for filler words
that I found pretty distracting for the viewer. I also think my slides could have been more
varied in terms of visual formatting. 3. What did my peers do well that I can emulate? Both of my group members, Johanna and Andrea,
had very polished presentations. In the future, I would like to emulate their clear sense
of direction and instruction. Andrea was able to maintain a light tone while remaining clear
and concise, which I would like to copy. Johanna gave a presentation that didn’t even feel
like a slide show because it was so visually appealing. She also had the students working
on their ideas as the presentation was ongoing, and I really liked the idea of students coming
out of the lesson with a product they had applied the lesson’s concepts to. 4. What did I learn about virtual learning
that will help me in the future? This unit actually really helped me better
understand PowerPoint as a program. The visuals are really nice and easy to work with. It
was also much easier than I expected to voice record over the slides. I will likely use
PowerPoint in the future if I ever want to create a flipped lesson. YouTube captioning
was also a lot easier than I would have thought. Before this lesson, I thought a flipped classroom
was something I wasn’t interested in doing, but after creating a presentation like this,
I see a lot of benefit to it. If I were to give students this to do as homework, we would
spend way less time just figuring out the concepts in class and would be able to work
a lot more on application. So, that’s all the questions on the rubric,
and I hope this was helpful!

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